Does United Airlines Have Wifi

The advent of the internet has revolutionized numerous aspects of travel, among them the ability to stay connected while in transit. In recent years, an increasing number of airlines have begun to offer WiFi services onboard their planes as a way to provide travelers with a more enjoyable experience. United Airlines is one such provider offering WiFi services during certain flights. This article will examine the availability and cost of United Airlines’ WiFi services, as well as other relevant information.

I. Introduction to United Airlines Wifi

United Airlines recently introduced its high-speed WiFi service, providing passengers with an enhanced level of in-flight internet connectivity. This high-speed service promises to provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps while airborne, as well as high-quality streaming of live video, music and other content. With this upgrade, passengers can now enjoy a more seamless and reliable connection while they travel.

The process of connecting to the WiFi is simple. After your plane reaches a certain height, the WiFi button will appear on the United Airlines app. Pressing the button will activate the internet connection after a few seconds. Passengers can use their own device to connect seamlessly to a secure network, allowing for uninterrupted streaming, web browsing, and more.

In addition to streaming and browsing, United Airlines passengers are also able to access their in-flight entertainment options without interruption. From movies and shows on the United Private Screening channel to music from their streaming app provided by the airline, passengers can enjoy the latest entertainment available without having to worry about the WiFi connection.

  • High-speed data with speeds up to 20 Mbps
  • Easy and secure connection process
  • Uninterrupted access to in-flight entertainment options

II. Benefits of United Airlines Wifi

United Airlines offers wifi to its customers to make their journeys more enjoyable and productive. The service is fast and convenient, allowing users to stay connected while on the go.

Faster Internet: United Airlines wifi is up to three times faster than regular airline wifi, with speeds of up to 2GB per second. This allows customers to easily stream videos, download and upload large documents, and access their favorite websites.

Convenient Connection: United Airlines wifi is easy to connect to. Simply turn on your device’s Wi-Fi, select the United Airlines network, and enter your flight details. After a one-time login, customers can enjoy a constant, secure connection for the duration of their flight.

Premium Features:

  • United Airlines also offers premium services, such as managed access and a personal VPN, to help keep travelers safe.
  • Business travelers can take advantage of managed access to prioritize business activity over personal use.
  • For personal use, a personal VPN encrypts traffic and ensures users’ data is secure.

III. Cost of United Airlines Wifi

1. Types of Wifi Access

United Airlines offers Wifi access on select flights for passengers wishing to connect during their flight. The access provided depends on the type of plane and the flight duration. Onboard GoGo Wifi is available on most planes, while the less common Setential is offered on some Boeing 777 aircraft.

2. Access Fees

Passengers have the choice of purchasing an access pass from 1 hour up to 24 hours. Prices vary by region, but 1 hour of access usually costs $16. For passengers on flights 6 hours or more, full day access can be purchased for $19.

3. Additional Service Bundle

For those looking to get more than just Wifi access, United Airlines offers a premium package bundle. This includes a cache of downloadable movies, full access to Apple Music and a suite of news and entertainment options. The bundle price varies by flight duration, but is typically priced around $18.

  • For 1 hour: usually costs $16
  • For 6 hours or more: full day access for $19
  • Premium package bundle: typically priced around $18

IV. Is United Airlines Wifi Reliable?

In this section, we will address the question of how reliable United Airlines’ Wi-Fi is for passengers. The airline offers its customers the option of flying with WiFi for a fee, and it is therefore important to establish whether its quality is good enough to make it worth paying for.


  • United Airlines offers a high-speed satellite WiFi service which is 25MBps, which is fast enough to stream video.
  • The Wi-Fi services are available in over 200 planes on domestic flights, and continuously expanding.
  • They offer multiple packages, depending on the flyer’s needs.


  • One limitation is the limited range of their satellite service, which only works at an altitude of 10,000 feet or higher.
  • If the aircraft is flying lower than 10,000 feet, the service will not be available.
  • Another limitation is that the WiFi access can be intermittent during flight, as the satellite connection is not always reliable.

Overall, taking into account both the advantages and the limitations, United Airlines WiFi is a decent option for passengers seeking internet access while flying, though there may be inconveniences with connection and speed drops. It is important to evaluate the various packages they offer and make an informed decision.

V. Conclusion on United Airlines Wifi

This brings us to the conclusion regarding United Airlines wifi. In many respects, United Airlines offers a secure and reliable wifi connection that meets all essential needs. Its access network and coverage are both reliable, and its speeds are up to industry standard. Additionally, the system is secure and even more secure to use when utilising the two-factor authentication, which is highly recommended.

In addition, although the pricing plans are somewhat steep, they do come with some of the best-valued packages found among airlines. In particular, the MileagePlus members will definitely appreciate the benefit of receiving 1 hour of complimentary wifi, plus other packages that offer discounts. Furthermore, their support page, which is a helpful tool for troubleshooting, is quite comprehensive, making it an invaluable resource for when wifi troubles arise.

To summarise, United Airlines wifi is a secure and reliable option that comes with respectable speeds, a decent coverage network and some very useful value-added packages. Not only are all their safety protocols up to the latest industry standards, but their customer support team is also ready to help customers with any troubles that come up. All in all, having United Airlines wifi is a worthwhile experience.

In conclusion, United Airlines does indeed offer wifi options for passengers, depending on the aircraft. United Airlines customers can stay connected during their travels and make the necessary onboard arrangements. But even if wifi isn’t available, there are plenty of onboard entertainment options to make their flight enjoyable.

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