How Can User On Twitter Be Suspended

What Does This Mean On Twitter User Not Found

We may sometimes post a note to an account or Tweet to provide you with more context for the actions our systems or teams may take. In certain cases, this is due to the conduct violating the Twitter Rules. It may also be in response to a legitimate and appropriately scoped request from an authorized organization in a particular country. The notifications listed below are examples of what you may see when visiting an account or Tweet.

Tweet Notifications

Before you click through, our systems and employees may add notifications to Tweets to provide you with additional information or notice. Among the occasions because we may put notifications on Tweets are:

Placing a Tweet Behind an Interstitial:

 We may place certain kinds of sensitive media, such as adult material or graphic violence, behind an interstitial, warning users that if they click through, they will see sensitive media. (Please keep in mind that you cannot click through on Twitter for iOS.) This enables us to detect potentially sensitive material that some users may not want to view. Learn more about ways to limit your exposure to sensitive media.

Placing an infringing Tweet behind an interstitial:

 Because we think there is a genuine public interest in its availability, we may allow controversial material or conduct that would otherwise violate our rules to remain on our site. When this occurs, we restrict interaction with the Tweet and add a warning to explain that it violates our rules, but we think it should be kept up to serve this function. More information on how we evaluate Tweets that may be in the genuine public interest may be found here.

Notice for a removed Tweet that broke If the rules:

 a Tweet was discovered to be in violation of our rules and has not yet been erased by the person who Tweeted it, we will conceal it behind a notice. Until the Tweet is deleted, the account will be locked.

Labeling a Tweet with disputed or misleading information:

 If we decide that a Tweet includes disputed or misleading information that may cause damage, we may add a label to the tweet to offer context. We may apply a “Manipulated media” mark to Tweets that include material that has been substantially and fraudulently changed or created.

Tapping on these labels may take you to a Twitter Moment or another reliable source for further information. Learn more about our stance against fabricated and manipulated media, as well as our strategy to dealing with false information.

Hide an infringing Tweet while waiting for it to be removed:

If Twitter takes an enforcement action and the individual removes their Tweet, another notification will be accessible for 14 days to recognize the removal.

Where to find this notice:

The details page of the infringing Tweet on Twitter for iOS and Android, as well as

The profile page of the infringing account on Twitter for iOS and Android, as well as

In the absence of this notice:

Areas other than the profile and Tweet information pages, such as the home timeline, alerts, and search of any Twitter client.

Notice for a suspended account’s Tweet:

 If an account is determined to be in violation of our rules, any Tweets from that account will be concealed behind a notice.

Withholding a Tweet or account in a nation: If we receive a legitimate and properly scoped request from an authorized body in that country, we may restrict access to specific material in that country. We also explicitly identify when material has been omitted inside the product. Learn more about country-restricted content.

Hide a reported Tweet:

 If you report a Tweet, we will hide it behind a notification and offer you the option of seeing the content again.

Conceal a Tweet from a muted or banned account: If you’ve muted or blocked an account(s), and one of their Tweets is posted by someone else, we’ll hide the content behind an interstitial and offer you the opportunity to click through and see it. In addition, if you’ve muted terms, we’ll hide Tweets that include them behind a notice. More information about muting and banning accounts may be found here.

Tweets with restricted visibility:

 A Tweet may be inaccessible to see if it is from an account, you do not follow that has protected Tweets, if the account has blocked you, the Tweet was deleted, or it is from a defunct account.

We may post warnings to accounts in certain instances due to their account settings, while we wait for the account owner to change their account so it is in accordance with our rules, or if we discover odd behavior from it. Also, if we decide that a person has broken the rules in a particularly severe manner, or has repeatedly violated them despite getting warnings from us, we take action at the account level.

Requiring media or profile edits:

If an account’s profile or media material violates our standards, we may temporarily disable it and compel the offender to change the media or information in their profile to conform with our guidelines. In addition, we clarify which guideline their profile or media material violates.

Verifying account ownership:

 In order to prevent offenders from abusing the anonymity we provide and harassing others on the site, we may ask the account owner to provide a phone number or email address. This also assists us in identifying offenders who operate numerous accounts for abusive reasons and taking action against such accounts. It is important to note that when an account is locked awaiting fulfillment of a challenge (for example, being asked to give a phone number), it is deleted from follower counts, Retweets, and likes until a phone number is supplied.

Accounts that have been deactivated:

 Account owners have the option to deactivate their account at any time. When an account owner deactivates their account, the page becomes inaccessible.

Permanent suspension is our most severe disciplinary punishment. When an account is permanently suspended, it is removed from view, and the offender is not permitted to establish new accounts. When we permanently suspend an account, we inform the user that their account has been suspended due to abuse violations and explain which regulation or rules they violated as well as whatever material was in violation.


If they think we made a mistake, violators may appeal permanent bans. They may do so through the platform interface or by submitting a report. If we determine that a suspension is justified after an appeal, we reply to the appeal with information on the policy that the account violated.