How Can You Add Impressed On facebook Account

What Is Impressed On Facebook

Although the impressed is a foreign notion in North America, it is a legal necessity for companies operating in German-speaking nations. Many website owners all around the globe are required by law to reveal their names and contact information in an impressed.


Continue reading to learn what an impressed is, if you need one, and how to make one for Facebook.



What Exactly Is an Impressed?


In German-speaking nations, an impressed is a declaration of ownership and authorship of material that is legally required to be included on published online and print media. An impressed is a document that discloses the contact details of the website or business owner, as well as basic information about the firm, for companies that have an online presence.

“Impressed” is a German term with Latin roots that means “to impress or engrave.” The following are the closest English counterparts to “impressed”:

“Notice to the public”



“About Us” section


Is an Impressed Required?

If you run a commercial website (including company social media sites) in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, you must have an impressed, regardless of whether you have domain or not.

An impressed is comparable to a company’s privacy policies. Privacy policies, on the other hand, are more comprehensive and needed in more nations.

Remember that an impressed is not needed for private sites, such as a personal blog that does not earn revenue.

What Should I Include in My Impressed?

The following should be included in an impressed, according to the Telemedia Act:

  1. Name of the owner or manager of your company/page
  2. Registered office address
  3. Information about how to contact us (e.g., phone number, email address)
  4. Information about business registration (including register name and registration number)


  1. If appropriate, a VAT ID number or a trade registration number.


Facebook & Impressed

Many companies have their own websites in addition to social media accounts. Facebook now enables users to establish their own impressed on a public page, making it easier for companies in German-speaking nations to comply with the legislation.

What Is a Facebook Impressed?

On Facebook, an impressed is a section on the “About” page that shows a company’s contact information and legal identity numbers. Users may enter up to 2,000 characters for their impressed on Facebook, after which the content is truncated and a link to the full impressed is included.

Page admins are required under Facebook’s Pages, Groups, and Event Policies to follow all relevant laws and regulations. This implies that if you are subject to the Telemedia Act, you must put an impressed on your page.

Examples of Facebook Impressed

There are many approaches to writing and presenting an impressed for your Facebook profile. The language and structure of the following Facebook impressed samples differ while still fulfilling the criteria for an impressed.


Audi’s Facebook About page contains their impressed, which includes the names of board members, contact information, the name and number of their company registration, and their VAT ID. They offer consumers with extra contact information and tools if they wish to learn more about their fuel usage statistics.

As long as you provide the necessary components, an impressed may incorporate extra information about your company. As shown in the example, Audi’s impressed includes a warning about dispute settlement between the company’s VAT ID and postal address.


Birkenstock’s About Page on Facebook includes a company description and impressed. Despite the fact that they have a brief impressed, they offer the necessary company and contact information.

You may change the length and arrangement of your impressed as long as the necessary information is included.


Allianz’s Facebook About page contains a company description as well as an impressed. They offer information on their employees and their company, as well as links to their complete impressed, privacy policy, and Instagram page (not pictured).

Impresses are sometimes known as “imprints” or “credits” on websites, as seen in the example. Consider connecting your Facebook impressed to your website’s complete imprint or impressed page for the convenience of your users.

How to Insert an Impressed into Your Facebook Page

Here’s how to include an impressed into your Facebook page:

  1. Pages may be found in the left menu of your News Feed.
  2. Navigate to your Page and choose Edit Page Info.
  3. Scroll down to the More section and fill out the Impressed box with your company details.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.


Examples of Impresses

Impresses on websites are also available in a variety of designs to suit the needs of various companies. Check out the impressed examples below for inspiration on how to format your own.

Impressed Swarovski — Online Shop

Swarovski’s impression includes all of the necessary components of an impressed, such as company and contact information for their Switzerland headquarters. For US users, they also offer contact information for their US office.

If a global company has an English website and also operates in German-speaking nations, it is a good practice to display their impressed.

Even though impresses are not required in English-speaking nations, Swarovski included one on their worldwide English website since they also operate in Switzerland, as seen in the example.

ABB Group — Impressed Website

The impressed for engineering firm ABB indicates that their website is owned by the ABB corporation and includes corporate information such as the CEO’s name, business address, contact information, and business registration information.

As an example, determine who maintains or owns your website. Include contact details for any third-party organizations that manage your website.

Disclaimer Impressed 7132 Silver Restaurant

In addition to their impressed, 7132 Silver Restaurant’s impressed and disclaimer website includes liability and privacy disclaimers. They also offer details on the third-party company that created their website.

You may include your impressed in your disclaimer, as shown in the example, or just give a link to the impressed page if it is too lengthy.

Following Steps

Now that we’ve gone over what an impressed is and how to make one, let’s go over what else you need to know about impressed:

  1. An impressed is a formal declaration of ownership and authorship.
  2. By making authors accountable for their material, an impressed aids in the fight against spam and misinformation.
  3. Commercial premises in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are obliged by law to have an impressed.
  4. The names of the company/website owners, business contact information, and any government-issued identity or registration numbers are all typical impressed text.
  5. Consult other impressed sites or the Telemedia Act for full explanations of the criteria before developing your own.
  6. You may get ideas for your impressed by looking at samples of impresses.

One Last Thought

Finally, to comply with German regulations, post your impressed prominently on your website or Facebook profile.

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