How Can You Ask Someone To Like Your Facebook Page

How Do You Reinvite Already Invited Friends To Like Facebook Page

Do you want to increase the number of likes on your company's Facebook page? Sometimes all it takes is a simple question. Although organic reach on Facebook is considerably more challenging these days, asking close friends to like your Facebook Page is still a fantastic approach to begin growing your following. But what if you're having difficulty finding individuals to invite? What if the individuals you wish to invite aren't really Facebook friends? I'll go through everything you need to know to ask people to like your Facebook Page in this article.

If your Facebook Business Page is already set up and ready to go, continue reading!

  1. Inviting Friends to Like a Page

Instructions for the Desktop

Step 1: Visit your company's Facebook profile and look at the choices immediately under your cover picture. Do you see the three dots? Click on them! A selection of choices will then appear.

Step 2: Scroll down the choices list and choose “Invite Friends.” Another screen will appear, this time with a plethora of choices for you to choose from. (Please keep in mind that various pages may display different choices in this list.)

Step 3: Begin searching for the people you want to invite. There are many approaches you may take. If you have a particular person in mind, enter their name into the search box. If you wish to go through your Facebook friends, you'll find a large list of them just beneath the search box.

You'll notice some choices for filtering your friends by groups you're a member of to the left of the search box.

Step 4: Select the person whose name you wish to invite. Consider carefully how you utilize the Select All option – are all of your friends and acquaintances really interested in your page, or will they be irritated by being asked to something that is irrelevant to them?

Step 5: Furthermore, at the bottom of the invite pop up, you have the option to send invitations via Messenger as well. This option may be a smart alternative if you want to ensure that your invitations are viewed and not simply lost on the invites page forever.

Step 6: After you've chosen all of the people you wish to invite, click “Send Invites.” You've successfully asked your friends to like your Facebook page!

Instructions for the Mobile App

Step 1: Navigate to your company's Facebook page and browse through the menu choices until you find “more,” then click on it.

Step2: Scroll down the list of choices until you find one that says Grow Your Audience. The “Invite Friends” button is just below that!

Step 3: When you touch the “Invite friends” button, a list of your friends will appear. Then, just search for friends or browse through the list, and touch “Add” next to any friends you'd want to invite. When you do this, the words “Invitation Sent” will display under their name. That's all there is to it!

It's not only easy, but it's also fast, usually very successful, and it won't cost you anything but a few minutes of your time. So, if you haven't done this for your company page yet, do it now — and if you haven't done it recently, consider doing it again, this time bringing your newest Facebook friends into the fold.

  1. Follow Up Via Direct Message with Friends Who Haven't Liked Your Page

Many of the comments I've received on this subject have asked how to re-invite friends who did not accept an original invitation. You can't re-invite them until they cancel the existing request, according to Facebook. Even yet, based on our testing, the request may not appear. “There's more than one way to skin a cat,” as my Southern mother would say. What you can do is as follows:

Check in with your pals individually through message (don't spam the whole list) to check whether they received your request and beg for some page love. Your request for a like may be buried in the flood of other requests they get on a regular basis.

Check the sidebar of your own profile to see your own list of requests from pals. Facebook maintains a continuous list of “Invites” under “Pages.” These are your own unanswered requests. You have to give to receive in networking, both online and offline.

  1. Having a Hard Time Inviting Friends to Like a Page?

Let's work together to solve it.

First, ensure that you are an admin on the page. Is your personal account linked to the business page? If you created the page, this is generally not a problem, but if it was made by someone else, you may need to ask that person to add you as an administrator.

You must be signed in as a page admin to ask friends to like a business page. Previously, users could log in to business pages directly, but now they can only be accessed via a page admin's personal account.

When it comes to asking others to like the page, this makes sense: after all, you're attempting to attract your own friends, not the business's friends.

Can't seem to locate a particular buddy to invite? Perhaps you've already extended an invitation to them.

When you click the“…” and choose Invite Friends, you may notice that some individuals aren't on the list—this might be because you've previously invited them and they haven't replied.

To find out, just enter the person's name into the search box. If they've already liked the page, their name should appear in a drop-down menu that's somewhat grayed out.

Alternatively, if you browse through your list of friends, you will see a green tick and the phrase “loved.”

If they do not appear at either location, you should check that the individual is still your buddy.

But what if I want to invite them again in the future?

Before we get into your choices, please take a minute to ensure that you are not upsetting anybody by asking them again. If it's been a while (for example, more than a few months) and they haven't replied, you may ask them again directly, either on Facebook or through text or email. Just remember to be courteous! Irritating others will not help you promote your page.

  1. Inviting Unknown People to Like a Page

Option 1: Make use of Facebook's “Share” function.

Facebook has a “share” function that enables you to share your Page in a variety of ways. The majority of the available choices will enable you to contact individuals who aren't already directly linked to you. Here's how to locate the “share” option on your Facebook Page on desktop and mobile:

Desktop Instructions for Sharing a Facebook Page

Step 1: Navigate to your Page and search for the bar immediately under your cover picture. Locate the “Share” button.

Note: If you see a message like this at the top of your Page…

That is, your Page is controlled through the Facebook Business Manager. You'll need to go to the Business Manager and complete the remaining steps by clicking the link given in Facebook's notification.

Step2: When you select “Share,” you'll be presented with a new set of choices. The majority of the choices will enable you to contact individuals who are not friends with you.

To increase page likes, experiment with various choices and add a nice remark, but keep it non-spammy. Consider informing them why you decided to share the page with them and why you believe they would find it useful.

If you want to share on your personal Timeline, make sure the post is set to “Public” so that everyone can view it.

Instructions for Sharing a Facebook Page on a Mobile Device

The procedure is somewhat different if you're using the Facebook mobile app.

Step 1: Open the mobile app to your Page and touch the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Select “Share” from the drop-down menu.

Step3: The default starting point in the mobile app will be sharing to your own timeline, but you may easily alter this. Simply touch “Tap to Change” under “Your Timeline” and choose where you want to share it. Also, make sure that the privacy option beneath your name is set to “Public.”

The majority of the choices given will enable you to contact individuals who are not friends with you. Experiment with several choices and add a nice message to encourage people to like your Page while without becoming spammy. If you're sharing your page with individuals, you don't know or who aren't your friends, attempt to explain why you believe they would benefit as well.

Option2: Make use of Facebook's “Promote Your Page” function.

Facebook provides a broad range of low-cost advertising alternatives, including the ability to promote your Page in order to gain “likes.” If you want to grow your audience rapidly, this is a quick and simple choice, and here is where you'll find it in the Facebook Business Manager:

If you choose this option, bear in mind that Facebook is now mostly a “pay to play” platform for companies. Organic reach for Facebook Pages has declined over the years, with just an estimated 2% of people linked to your page now receiving organic reach.


So, if you want to get your Page postings in front of more prospects (how's that for a tongue twister? ), consider your overall marketing aim. If your true objective is to increase website conversions or attract more visits to your website, spend your money to those alternatives rather than concentrating on likes.

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