How Can You Check The Call Details of Another Phone Number of Any SIM?

Well, call details of your mobile phone are your personal thing but trying to find call details of another phone number is not something you should be doing. Getting the call details was only for the Police and court for investigation of crimes. But today, because of so much development in technologies, it is not that hard to get access to private information on mobile phones of another person.

In the past, only hackers would do such things and were considered as illegal, it is still illegal though. So, hacking is prohibited by the law for access to private and personal details of others. 

In the present situation, it has somehow become a need to get the call details of others. It is still illegal but people want to get their hands on this personal information of others. It is because of the current situation of the society, the way the society is degrading and taking people to the bad side of the world from very tender and young age and so parents want to keep an eye on their children. Couples want to keep a detail about their partners because cheating has become so normal these days. Guardians want to know about their children’s day to day activity. 

This has all happen for a reason which has made the illegal activity a want, a need for people to stop their loved ones from going into the void, into the darkness of the society.

All they want is good for their loved ones, their near ones, so that they don’t fall somewhere and left behind in the journey of life by falling into the darkness.

Because of the increasing crimes in the society, people harassing others through technologies, children getting threat calls and messages from unknown numbers, women getting threat calls, people cheating each other on the phone. All these reasons have made an illegal thing a need for the people. For the safety of people and to deal with such kinds of harm from others these call details will help prevent it. “Prevention is better than cure” suits perfectly for the situation described here. So, here are some ways to get this information.

Gathering information from the Telecom Service 

Since you can have access to your mobile phone call details along with other information through your telecom service and because of the reason you have access to your children’s mobile phone you can easily get the call details of the mobile phone number, this is perfectly legal. You just need to give the details and information that the company asks you and you can get the required information from them. Also, if you want to know about your partner or spouse you can give the information as you know the details of one another and you can also do it secretly. 

Using third-party apps or tools

There have been developments in various technologies and software today. The new applications in the market can do what you want these days. You just need to install the apps or tools and follow the steps or procedures required and finally use it to get the call details of the phone number by simply entering the phone number and get the required information from the app.

A lot of apps for monitoring kid’s mobiles have been launched for parents to keep an eye on their children. This is a good approach for parents.


In this way, using third-party tools or apps and with the help of the telecom services, you can have access to call details of other mobile phones.

So, for the reasons it is illegal to try to get personal information of other people through their call details or any other data, it has become a need for the people to get this personal information through the help of technologies and applications, hacking for a good cause. 

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