How Can You Delete Messenger Account From Your Device

How Do You Delete Messenger Account

You've been getting a slew of messages on Messenger in recent weeks, and after giving it some thought, you've made a dramatic decision: you just want to deactivate your account to prevent being harassed again. There's only one little issue. You have no idea how to delete a Messenger account. Have I guessed correctly? If that's the case, you don't have to worry since I'll be the one to walk you through the steps necessary to delete your account on Facebook's famous messaging program.

If you are reconsidering deleting your Messenger account as a result of reading this post, you may consider the following alternatives to avoid being bothered: appear offline, turn off notifications for short/long periods of time, or, if you prefer, disconnect from the active sessions on your devices. You can rely on my assistance with any option you decide to pursue, so don't worry about it.

You're excited to get started? Good! Let's not spend any more time: make yourself at ease, take as much time as you need to go through this guide, and put all of the directions in the following paragraphs into action. In the meanwhile, I wish you a pleasant reading experience!

If you don't know how to Delete a Messenger Account, you'll find all the information you need in the following paragraphs, whether you use this service on Android or iOS. To deactivate your Messenger Account, first delete your Facebook account, and then deactivate Messenger from the app of the same name (available for tablets and smartphones). At the time of writing, it is actually not feasible to disable Messenger from a PC.

Please keep in mind that deleting your Messenger account will not delete your whole record of sent messages. For example, the receivers may retain these details by taking a simple snapshot.

How to Delete an Android Messenger Account

Let's begin with Android. As previously stated, in order to cancel your Messenger account, you must first deactivate your Facebook account. To do so, launch the popular social network's app (with the white “F” on a blue background symbol), get access to its settings by tapping on (=) top-left, and then click on “Account settings” (in the “Support and Settings” section) on the screen that appears.

Following “Account Settings,” select “General,” then “Manage Account.” Following that, choose the “Deactivate” option (near the heading “Account”), enter your account password in the relevant area, click the blue button “Continue,” and follow the steps to deactivate your account.

If you encounter any difficulties during the deactivation process, please read my guide, in which I explain in detail how to deactivate a Facebook account: you'll find all necessary information and data.

After you've finished the deactivation process, you may delete your Messenger account. To do so, launch the Messenger App, tap your picture in the upper right corner, and then tap App Terms and Privacy at the bottom of the page that appears. On the following page, select “Delete a Messenger Account,” and then enter your password and click “Continue” to deactivate your account. Did you notice? Deactivating your Messenger Account on Android was not difficult.

If you want to reactivate your account, just log in with your credentials again, and your Facebook account will be reinstated immediately.

Delete a Messenger Account on iOS

Do you want to cancel your iOS Messenger Account? The method to be followed in this instance is quite similar to the one described in the preceding paragraph. Even on iOS, the personal Facebook account must be deactivated before the Messenger Account of the associated app may be deactivated. Let me clarify what I mean by “move.”

The first step is to launch the Facebook app on your iPhone/iPad and then go to the social networks' settings by tapping on (=) and then Settings>Account settings on the screen that appears.

On the next page, go to General>Manage Account and then click on “Deactivate” under the heading “Account.” At this point, enter your account password and click “Continue” to finish the process by following the directions on the screen.

After you've finished deactivating your Facebook account, delete your Messenger account by opening the app and tapping on your picture in the upper left corner. To finish the process, click on “App Terms and Policy,” then “Delete a Messenger Account,” put in your password, and then click “Continue” on the page in front of you.

You can easily retrace your steps and reactivate your Messenger account: all you have to do is log back into Facebook using your credentials. The reactivation of your Messenger account will be automatic.

How to Delete a Messenger Account – Additional Options to Consider

If deactivating your Messenger account seems to be too extreme, but you still want some peace of mind from all your conversation alerts, you may always try one of the alternatives listed below.

How to Delete a Messenger Account – Make Yourself Unavailable

One of the earliest methods used to avoid being harassed on Messenger is to seem offline. You may deter the typical “bores” from contacting you at all hours of the day and night by blocking people from seeing when you have access to Messenger or not.

To look offline, and therefore prevent people from seeing the tiny green ball next to your name, open the Messenger app on your smartphone and click on the bullet points at the bottom of the screen (this option is called “People” on iOS). In the resulting page, select the “Active” tab and turn off the button next to your name.

As you can see, the tiny green ball that shows your online status has vanished under your name, and as a result, other users will be unable to see you while you are online. In the interest of fairness, you will not be able to see when other people are online until you restore the option you just changed by turning on the button beside your name (always in the “Active” tab).

The method for appearing offline from a PC is equally easy. To seem offline, first login to the Facebook Messenger website, log in with your credentials, and then select the “Login” button. Once signed in, select the gear icon in the upper left corner, then Settings, then turn off the button beside your name, and finally click “End.”

Even in this instance, the effect is the same: other people won't be able to see when you're online, and neither will you, until you restore the option you just changed by turning on the button beside your name (always in Settings).

How to Remove a Messenger Account – Disable Notifications

Turning off Messenger notifications is a much more effective approach than the preceding stated.

Start the Messenger app, click on your picture, then on “Notifications and Sounds,” and turn off the button under the heading Yes to temporarily deactivate notifications on your Android smartphone. Choose how long you want to keep the alerts turned off in the box that comes on the screen and complete the operation by clicking the OK button.

To temporarily deactivate notifications on your iOS device, launch the Messenger app, click on your picture, then on “Notifications and sound,” then on “Notifications,” and finally on “Notifications,” and switch on the option under the heading “Do not disturb.” Select one of the suggested choices in the box that comes on screen, depending on how long you want your notifications to be turned off for.

If you wish to permanently off your notifications, you must go into your Android/iOS device's settings. Go to Settings>Notifications (or Audio and Notifications)>Apps (or Notifications>App Notifications) to do so. In the new window, click on the Messenger icon and then on the button next to the headline “Block All.” To restore the notifications, just turn off the button from the same screen.

On iOS, go to Settings and then Alerts>Messenger to permanently disable Messenger notifications. Simply deactivate the button next to the headline “Allow notifications.” In the event of a take-back, you may reactivate your alerts by pressing the button on the same screen.

Disconnect from Messenger – How to Delete a Messenger Account

Disconnecting from Messenger is another option you should explore. Because the program for the eponymous instant messaging service does not offer this option, you will need to “go via” the Facebook app or, if you have an Android smartphone, erase all data from your app's settings.

To disconnect from Messenger on Android, launch the Facebook app, click the symbol (=), and then choose Account Settings> Security and Login (at the bottom of the screen). Next, go to the “Devices” section from which you logged in, click on the active session on the Android device from which you logged in (or, alternatively, click on “Log out of all sessions” to close all open sessions on all your devices at once), click on the symbol (…), and then click on “Exit” in the menu that appears.

Final Words

So, hope you understood everything relating the ways to delete messenger account.





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