How Can You Find An Ip Adress Of A Facebook User.

How To Find  An Ip Adress Of A Facebook User

 Facebook,  the most popular social networking platform on the Internet, never makes its users’ IP addresses public. If you want to find out the IP address of someone on Facebook, you will have to search for it yourself— Facebook will not give it for you.

Fortunately, there are ways available for obtaining one’s IP address from Facebook without the person knowing, particularly if the individual is not technically savvy. Surprisingly, several of these techniques are very easy and do not require any technical expertise. In this tutorial, you will learn how to utilize the Facebook IP tracker and finder to determine a Facebook user’s IP address.

Why would I want to look up someone’s IP address on Facebook?

It may be of interest to you to know that there are many frauds on Facebook. Someone may be talking from an African nation while claiming to be chatting from the United States or Europe. Users may set up their Facebook profiles with whatever location they choose – but their IP address (if not faked) does not lie.

You may determine the user’s true location by obtaining their IP address and the location associated with it. You will also need to get someone’s IP address if they have behaved improperly towards you or your company on Facebook and you want to report them or learn more about their online activity. Whatever the situation may be, keep in mind that you can simply find out someone’s IP address on Facebook.

Before we go into the techniques, I want you to know that we are not teaching you this to use for harmful Internet activities; rather, it is to assist you double-check who you are talking with.

There are three ways to discover someone’s IP address on Facebook. These include the use of a pre-made Facebook IP logger, the creation of a bespoke Facebook IP puller, and the use of the command prompt.

Using a Pre-Created Facebook IP Logger

An IP logger is a tool that may help you discover Internet users’ IP addresses when they click on a URL you give. The Grabify URL logger and shortener is one of the most popular and effective IP loggers. This IP logger has been intended to be difficult to detect. All you need to do is persuade the user to click on a link, and his IP address will be extracted from his request and recorded into a website you can access using a tracking code. The application also serves as a URL shortener and may assist you in determining the URL hidden behind any shortened link. To learn how to utilize the Grabify IP logger, follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. Obtain a URL for a page that you believe the individual will be interested in. The more a person is engaged in a site content, the more effectively you will be able to persuade him to click on the page.
  2. Enter the URL on the Grabify website’s homepage. Click on the generate URL button to get a shortened URL; additionally, copy the tracking code since you’ll be utilizing it to access the recorded IPs.
  3. Send the URL to the individual while you’re chatting on Facebook, and when he clicks on it, his information will be recorded before he’s sent to the URL containing the material he’s interested in. This is done to reduce suspicion. Directing visitors to empty pages will raise suspicion, but doing so will eliminate it.
  4. Return to the same Grabify site and input the tracking code that you copied previously. Instead of selecting the create URL, choose the tracking code.
  5. The logs linked with the tracking code will be made available. For each record, you receive more than just the IP address; you also get country, ISP, user agent (browser), device, OS, device orientation, and, if relevant, battery level.

Make Your Own IP Logger

You will need to build a bespoke IP logger depending on your target, how attentive and aware the target is when browsing the Internet, and your site development abilities. A custom IP logger is just a website that logs user IP addresses and other browser information as you visit it. Some users will not utilize shortened links directly; instead, they will use tools that will reveal the URLs underlying the abbreviated links and use it instead in order to avoid IP logging and other unknown actions. As a result, some programmers would prefer that a visitor visit their own website.

If you often need to record Facebook users’ IP addresses, you may create a custom website to assist you. One thing you should know is that in order to be more convincing, you should utilize a custom domain name and create an application or produce content that will appeal to the user. Follow the instructions below to build a more believable custom IP logger.

Create a function in your chosen programming language that will query an IP address from a request and map a URL to this function so that the function will be activated whenever the URL is accessed.

Make certain that the URL includes information that your target will find interesting.

There are free hosting options available for this purpose. Indeed, you may be interested to discover that several prominent hosting providers offer free plans. You may read this post to learn about various free hosting providers that you can use to host your IP logging website and script.

Purchase a custom domain and host the website. You will need to purchase a custom domain since, unlike hosting, just a few providers will provide you with free domains. Domains, on the other hand, may be purchased for a little cost.

Get the individual to click your link using social engineering, then once he has visited the website, you may check where you have set the IPs to be recorded and look for that person’s IP.

You may configure the tool to do as many tasks as you like.

Finding Someone’s IP Address on Facebook Using the Command Line

All of the techniques listed above require the use of social engineering abilities. Unfortunately, not everyone falls for it — and you may lack the necessary ability. As a result, some individuals rely only on technicalities to get it.

Surprisingly, no sophisticated technical expertise is required. All you need to know is how to utilize the command line, also known as the command prompt tool for Windows and the utility tool for Mac. To find out who you’re talking with’s IP address, follow the procedures outlined below.

  1. To make this technique work, you must first create a connection with the individual, which is accomplished by starting a conversation with the person through the Facebook messenger app or chat function. Close all other tabs and ensure the Facebook user is online.
  2. Enter “netstat-an” into the command-line tool and hit enter. If the user is online and you are engaged in a conversation, the person’s IP address will be shown on the screen.
  3. You’ll want to have other tabs open so you don’t have any other IP addresses recorded that may confuse you.

What exactly is IP logging/grabbing?

This is the method of determining one’s IP address utilizing a web tool. The tool is often a web application that monitors people that visit a certain URL. When a user hits the URL, a function is started that examines the requests and extracts the IP address and other client information. Grabify is one of the most popular IP grabbers on the Internet, and it’s completely free. If you know how to code, you can also make your own IP logging or grabbing tool.

Is it illegal to discover someone’s IP address?

Make no mistake about it – at this point, you should be aware that your IP address is public, since it is accessible to any websites and online services you visit. It is not unlawful to use a command tool or an IP logger to learn one’s IP address. However, the purpose for which you do so may render it unlawful. For example, if you’re using it to do a harmful conduct, that makes it unlawful.


Facebook respects its users’ privacy, and unless you work for the government, you cannot request a user’s IP address and expect them to provide it.

However, determining a Facebook user’s IP address is simple, either by utilizing an IP logger (created by you or purchased) or by using the command line. All of them are covered in the article, and you can also find out how to keep yours concealed from inquisitive eyes.