How Can You Make Comments On Someone Profile Picture

What Aer the Best Comments on A Guy Profile Picture

Now that the number of active members on social networking sites is so large, most people choose to submit made posts or upload pictures here, and their favorite job is to leave comments on photos.

Everyone loves to spend time on Instagram and Facebook, where they may share unforgettable events with gorgeous pictures. If you want to read or give FB comments on pictures, then this post will be very fascinating for you. Here you will read some FB photo comments on social networking site photos, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Boys and girls leave a variety of comments on one other’s profiles. When I remark on a photo of a male friend, I always make a point to say anything from the image. Those remarks will be differentiated as follows: –

So, have a look at these Best Facebook or Instagram Comments and let me know what you think…

Best comments for a photo of lads

Looking Damn Attractive Brother

Brother, the Billion Dollar Film

Bro, those are some amazing photos.

Boy who is both sizzling and astute.

Wufoo, you’re a beautiful guy.

Wow, you didn’t lie when you said you’d go to the gym!

Bro, that’s a great photo…

Your pictures are usually fantastic.

Woohoo, you’re looking dashing, friend!

If you have just signed into your Facebook account and your closest friend’s image shows on your screen, which is really lovely and appreciated, you will use the remark box on that photo to express your feelings. Then you definitely say these things in the remark box,” Woohoo, looking gorgeous buddy.”

Rockstar-like appearance

You are a Facebook celebrity.

For your picture, you have a thousand likes.

Bro, that’s a fantastic photo.

Your picture is going viral on Facebook.


Handsome! Show me how to snap a Selfie like you do.

Dude, you’re cool.

Always on the ball!

If you’re searching for your closest friend’s picture on a social networking site after a long time and it’s newly posted, you should go into the photo comment box and say something like, “Always clever!” You already know how clever your buddy is, but this is simply one of the greatest compliments you can give him.

Smart Trick: There are several Facebook comment bots that convert commenters into leads using a Facebook autoresponder. However, in this article, you will find a manual remark that will draw people to your post; you can use this comment in your autoresponder as well.

Wow, you’re the greatest driver I’ve ever seen!

That’s a great photo!

You’re the epitome of a gentleman.

How much I adore you!

My strong, self-assured, and powerful self!


Girls will give their lives for you!

If your buddy just went some romantic and lovely locations, where he took some very stunning photos and then shared them on Facebook, your first response may be, “Girls will die for you!”

The best remark on a boy’s photo

Superb appearance.

Continue to shine like a star.

The best profile picture I’ve ever seen.

Bro, you look like a pro.

Exceptional, Brother

Reacts excessively

The most amazing Facebook computer I’ve ever seen.

Amazing grin

As usual, you are stunning.

The greatest part of the day is always seeing your beautiful face in the morning!

Sometimes your buddy is the fortunate man for you; if you keep him by your side for any job, it will be completed successfully. As an example, if you see his picture on Facebook early in the morning, you could write in the comment box, “Morning with the view of your beautiful face is always the best!”

remark on a Facebook picture

Look sassy!!

There are no words… Bro, wow huh

Bro, you’re looking pretty good.

Dude, that is a fantastic photo.

Picture worth a million dollars

It’s as if you’re a movie star.

Bro, you have a killer attitude…


It’s as if you’re a celebrity…

Brother Has the Appearance Of A Movie Star

Bro, that’s a killer photo… a huge success

Bro, that’s a fantastic picture.

Boy, you’re a genius.

You’re the only one, buddy…

Stunning young man

Stunning image Bro

Best Facebook remark on a friend’s photo

First and foremost!

Yes, my brother!


You’re the only one, dude.

Always be on the ball!

Look at how innocent you are!

Evergreen Appealing

seem to be a Rockstar

Wow… Bro, that is a fantastic photo.


My wish was granted!


It’s as though you’ve returned home!

Wow, your smile!


The greatest at all times

You’re constantly dressed to impress.

You’re a rock star.

Final Words

So, I have listed all the best comments on a guy profile picture. Hope you liked it.