How Can You Open Double Facebook Accounts On Computer

How To Open Two Facebook Accounts In One Computer

Facebook is regarded as one of the major networks, and you might argue that it is one of the forefathers of what we now refer to as social networks. As a result, if you’re a frequent user and need to create two Facebook accounts on your computer but don’t know how, keep reading to find out!

This is why, since its inception in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, it has amassed one of the most users. Nowadays, it is utilized for more than just sharing pictures and mentions.

You may establish these two Facebook profiles using the same email address.

Learn how to create two Facebook profiles on your computer at the same time.

Many members of this network, as well as others such as Instagram and Twitter, have two profiles, with no written content. Many times, it is for business or for pleasure. To move from one Facebook session to another, you must first end one.

When it comes to convenience, though, having the ability to create two Facebook accounts on your computer is always the best option. There are many methods to create two Facebook accounts on your computer at the same time, which may surprise you. And they’re all quite easy to put into action.

Don’t simply create two Facebook accounts from your computer. Nowadays, Android phones enable you to clone apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram and have two accounts on the same phone.

Use two web browsers.

Many people have at least two browsers installed on their computers as part of the operating system. By establishing separate sessions, one on each distinct computer, you guarantee that Facebook will not be able to identify the other session since it originates from a different page.

You may use Chrome or Mozilla, both of which are highly recommended. Try these methods if you want to have these two sessions in the same browser but don’t want to download that additional weight to your machine.

Chrome has two windows open.

Open the Chrome page and choose “Properties” using the right mouse button. A window should appear with several boxes such as “Location” and “Destination,” in which you may find out where the application is installed. By right-clicking and selecting “To copy,” you may copy it to the clipboard.

Make a shortcut wherever you wish. After that, right-click and choose “Target” or “Location” as before. Copy the information from the clipboard and paste it at the end “–Chrome-data-dir= c: chrome-2 When it’s finished, double-click to test it.

A second Chrome folder with a separate profile will be generated immediately, allowing you to have two concurrent sessions in this browser.

Firefox has two windows open.

Follow these instructions to create two Facebook profiles on your computer using just Firefox. Locate the Firefox icon and right-click it to access the “Properties” section. Add the at the bottom of this window “-P Firefox –no-remote nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn You may use this command to accomplish the same thing as Chrome and have two sessions on the same page.

After you’ve successfully established your two Facebook accounts, you’ll want to know how to export and move friends from one account to the other.

Other approaches to kicking off two sessions

If you don’t want to utilize the preceding methods for creating two Facebook accounts on your computer and want something easier, you may always use the private browsing mode.

Using this method, the previously open session has no effect on the other. As a result, you may have one next to the other without issue. Keep in mind that every time you create an account using this window, it will prompt you for the data, even anything that deletes the history automatically.


There are also third-party tools and network extensions available to assist you. If you have Google Chrome, you may install SessionBox, which enables you to open two sessions at the same time. Not only is it useful for Facebook. In Mozilla’s instance, the extension is known as Firefox Multi Account Containers.

Close all open sessions on all devices if you wish to safeguard your Facebook Messenger chat chats.