How Can You Pay For Likes And Shares On Facebook Pages

Does Facebook Pay for Likes and Share on Pages

I often see postings on Facebook claiming that a kid is unwell and that his treatment will cost a lot of money. The ad then goes on to imply that if you share or like the post, Facebook would contribute money to the child's treatment.

I've seen a number of my innocent and naive friends share similar things. Scams and hoaxes targeting Facebook users are common. People who are unfamiliar with the workings and subtleties of the Internet are attracted to “assist” the ill kid. Those who have minor concerns about the validity of such postings may nevertheless share them, assuming that like or sharing a post isn't such a huge issue. Who knows, it may really be of use to someone!

Is there a fee for Facebook Likes and Shares?

Let me state unequivocally that Facebook does not pay for post likes or shares. Mark Zuckerberg is a wealthy guy who would donate to a charity if he wanted to assist someone. There is no system in place for a large corporation like Facebook to directly pay for the care of a kid in a small community. Corporations contribute to such causes, but they do so via charities.

To prevent Facebook frauds, be vigilant and prudent.

So, are such Facebook postings just a means of playing with people's emotions or making a mockery of them?

No! These Facebook postings often have a particular and hidden agenda. People establish Facebook pages with the intention of making them popular. Some people use filthy Internet tactics to do this, such as creating phony Facebook postings. People begin to like their page out of emotion, believing that they are assisting a sick child or an elderly person who is near death.

Posts requesting that you like or share in order for Facebook to help to the expense of the child's treatment are just scams.

There are many ethical ways to promote your Facebook profile. All you need is a little bit of patience. It takes time for a Facebook page to gain popularity. You should resist the urge to use black hat tactics to increase your following. Remember that gaining Facebook page followers is pointless if they don't appreciate your page's idea. You may get a large number of followers if you deceive people and fool them into following your page, but these false followers will not interact with your page. I hope you realize that having a large number of followers who don't care about what you publish is pointless.

Overall, neither Facebook, Google, Microsoft, WhatsApp, nor Yahoo! pay for people to share or like their content. Do not share or like such posts if you stumble across them. If you do, you may be unwittingly aiding in the spread of a hoax or a fraud. Please do not aid the propagation of these hoaxes on Facebook (for example, the Facebook Color Changer and Graphic app scams).

Final Words

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