How Can You Prevent Someone From Tagging You On Facebook

How Do You Hide Tagged Photos On Facebook

Are you annoyed by friends’ uninvited tagging on Facebook? Tagging is great, but when your friends begin tagging your name in too many irrelevant pictures and videos, or just to get their photos or messages onto your Wall for your ring of friends to view, it becomes quite irritating.

Of course, you can untap yourself from Facebook pictures, but in situations like this, prevention is always preferable than continuous unbagging. Unfortunately, there is no way to disable tagging on Facebook; however, there are methods to manage how your tagged pictures and videos show on your Facebook Timeline.

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  1. Remove photos’ tags

To begin with, you may already have a lot of irrelevant pictures linked to your Facebook page. Simply open the picture from the album, hover the cursor over your name, and click Remove tag to remove this tag.

If the link does not show, search for the link Options, which is located at the bottom right of the picture, and then choose Remove Tag.

Then, pick the reason for removing the tag and click Continue.

  1. Unfollow updates from pictures that have been tagged.

If you don’t mind the tag but don’t want to be notified of new comments or ‘Likes,’ open the picture and click the Unfollow Post option right above the comment box.

  1. Before publishing, go through your friends’ tags.

As previously stated, there is no way to prevent your friends from tagging you on Facebook, but you may choose how tagged pictures and videos show on your Facebook Timeline. To change this, go to the Facebook Privacy Settings option in the upper right corner of your Facebook page.

  1. Scroll down to the Timeline and Tagging section on the Privacy Settings page and select Edit Settings.
  2. A popup window will open; click on the section Review postings friends tag you.
  3. Select Enable from the drop-down option.

After you choose this option, any picture or video in which you are tagged will be held for your inspection and permission before being posted to your Timeline. Take notice that if you choose this option, your friends may still tag you, and the tags may show elsewhere on Facebook, but not on your Timeline, unless you decide to accept it.

  1. Control who sees the pictures in which you were tagged.

You can’t stop the tagging, but you can restrict who sees the posts you’re tagged in on Facebook, even if they’re already on your Timeline. Again, go to the Privacy Settings page, scroll down to Timeline and Tagging, and then choose Who can view posts… to restrict who may see your tagged pictures and videos.

Choose who can view the posts you’ve been tagged in from the selection menu in the next popup window. Make this clear to everyone. You may also Hide posts from certain individuals or lists that you have previously established on Facebook.

Once you’ve made your selection, click Save Changes to have the change take effect right away.


There is yet to be a method to completely prevent friends from tagging you. At best, you get to examine the tags and control who sees what you’re tagged in. So, how have you managed to keep control over your picture tagging story? Do you have a better solution? Please share.