How Can You Trace A Facebook User’s Location?

Facebook has launched a lot of features allowing users to perform various kinds of activities that they didn’t even know of. Like people only knew about GPS that could track someone’s location and other gadgets they needed to track someone’s location but now they can trace a Facebook user’s location using Facebook itself.

Use this application :

They don’t need gadgets or bugs or anything else to know the whereabouts of other people.

You can use Facebook Messenger App to find someone’s location easily because the App lets you use its feature to pinpoint others’ locations. Now, this might help in a lot of ways but at the same time tracking someone’s location can be a mischievous act. Someone might be tracking your location and you won’t even know. This could be somewhat of a problem if they want to hurt you or do something to you so you need to be alert about these features and take care of your privacy as well.

Tracking the location of Facebook User using Facebook Messenger

You can use Messenger to find someone’s location and for this, you don’t need to be some type of expert or any hacker of some kind. Messenger has developed features that allow you to keep track of other users’ locations. For this feature to work, you need to be friends with the person on Facebook. 

If you are friends with this person whose location you want to track then simply follow the below steps.

  1. First, open up your chat dialogue on your Facebook Messenger.
  2. Once you open your chat box, tap on the “four dots” found at the bottom left corner of your chatbox.
  3. After tapping on it, another icon will show up that says “Location” select this icon.
  4. From there, you will have to select the option that says “Share Live Location”. By doing this your friend will be able to see your location.
  5. You need to tell your friend to turn on the “Share live location” so that you can see their location as well.

This way you can trace another users’ location through Facebook Messenger using the chatbox. 

Using Location Tags or Hashtags

You can search for location tags or hashtags on your friends’ Facebook stories. These location tags and hashtags allow you to know where your friends are at the moment. But these tags have been put in the story at the time when they posted it on Facebook so it is not necessarily true if it is their current location. Once you tap on the “tag text” it redirects you to Google Maps, which displays the location of your friend. And sometimes location tags are set on images so you simply tap on it. Then select the “Show location” option and it shows the location set on the image.

This way of tracing a location is not always reliable because users can select any location on Location tags and hashtags.

Nearby Friends Feature on Facebook App

This feature from the Facebook app allows you to know the location of Facebook friends. You need to turn on this feature from the settings. From the settings, you need to select the “More Options” menu and then tap on “Nearby Friends”. Turn on this option and after that, you will be able to see the location of friends but only those who have turned this feature on. The one who hasn’t turned this feature on will not be able to see the location of others and others will not be able to their location as well.

Using Third-Party Tools

You can also use third-party apps to track the location of Facebook users. You can find third-party tools on Playstore. So, you can install any app and follow the instructions on the app and finally track the location of Facebook users. You will get the link here:


Using the above features of Facebook and Facebook Messenger Apps you can easily track someone’s location. You can only trace the location of friends on Facebook from the above ways. You don’t need to be an expert or use any other devices to track someone’s location.

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