How Can You Watch Videos On Twitter

Why Can’t You Watch Videos On Twitter

When you browse through your Twitter profile, videos you’ve posted are intended to autopay.

It’s also aggravating when your Twitter videos don’t play since you’re missing out on a lot of great material and your feed seems to be incomplete.

There may be a number of simple or complex reasons why your Twitter videos aren’t playing on your computer or mobile browser.

In this post, we’ll go through all of the possibilities and provide some simple solutions for your Twitter videos that aren’t playing.

Make sure your Twitter videos aren’t failing to load due to a poor network connection before proceeding with the instructions below.

Twitter videos may not be able to be played due to a low network connection. If this seems to be the case, just switch to a different network and try again.

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The video format used by Twitter is incompatible:

On the web, Twitter supports MP4 video in H264 format and A64 audio. Twitter’s mobile applications support MP4 and MOV video formats.

If you can’t play a particular video on Twitter but can play all other videos, it’s possible that the video format isn’t compatible with your device.

In this case, copying the URL and downloading the video using a free and trustworthy video downloader like Circle boom Twitter video downloader is the best option.

Chrome doesn’t play Twitter videos:

If your Twitter videos play on your mobile app but not on Chrome, it’s possible that certain Chrome settings are interfering with the video.

Consider the following options for solving this issue:

  1. To play videos on Twitter, enable Flash:
  2. If you don’t have flash enabled in your browser, your videos may not play in Chrome.
  3. To double-check, hover your mouse over the lock shape symbol in your address bar and make sure flash isn’t disabled.

Cookies and cache should be cleared:

This is most likely the most practical answer for 99 percent of browser-related issues. This should get your Twitter videos launched in the majority of instances.

To remove cookies and cache, go to Chrome’s settings and look for Cookie -> Clear Cache. Select surfing data, cookies, and other site data, as well as pictures and files that have been cached.

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Disable Chrome extensions and plugins:

If none of the previous methods have worked and your Twitter videos are playing in browsers other than Chrome, you’ll need to adjust your extensions.

To see whether Twitter videos are functioning, disable each Chrome extension and refresh the page.

To manage your Chrome extensions, choose “More Tools”-> “Extensions” from the three dots to the right of your address bar.

You’ll get a list of all your Chrome extensions, which you can control simply.

Install the latest version of your browser:

Is it possible that you haven’t updated your browser in a while?

It’s also possible that your browser doesn’t support Twitter’s video formats.

Update your Chrome to make sure you don’t have any compatibility issues.

Click the three dots on the left of the browser to see whether you’re using the most recent version of Chrome.

If you don’t see an update option, it indicates your browser isn’t up to date. If you don’t, you’re already using the most up-to-date browser.

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You won’t be able to modify your tweet after it’s gone live. There is no “edit Tweets” option in Twitter Blue.

Final Thoughts:

The methods mentioned above are some of the most effective ways to repair Twitter videos not playing on Chrome and fast get them up and running.

All of the techniques are easy to implement, and anybody should be able to do so.