How Do I Unblock Myself on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a platform for people to share information via texting or calling or by uploading their status.

Blocking and unblocking is a normal action of people using social media. For protection against threats or any mischievous behavior and privacy, many users block other users.

Use this tool to unblock on WhatsApp:

Now, even blocking takes place by accident from many users without knowing it or just because they are angry and don’t want to chat with you because of your behaviors. 

Many users want to know how they can unblock themselves on WhatsApp.

Well, many don’t like this idea of unblocking yourself because it had been done to avoid any mishappenings from the users. They want privacy and don’t want to stay in touch with the person or any personal reasons for privacy issues.

But, don’t worry if you want to apologize and make things right between the two of you and want to unblock yourself for a better reason then this action is legal. Doing the right thing is better for you like trying to make things right.

Here are some ways to Unblock yourself On WhatsApp.

  1. Third-Party Applications or tools

There are many third-party tools designed for this purpose. There is software designed to Unblock oneself from another account that has blocked you. Other software can be used for iPhones and Android phones separately; what this app does is, create another WhatsApp so you can create another account with a different number. You need to install this software and follow the instructions and give the required information and finally use it. Follow the link given here:

2. Deleting your account

If you can delete your account then it will help you unblock yourself from the other account. You need to go to the settings and search for the account settings option where you will find the delete account option. You need to simply tap on the delete account option and give reasons that the app asks. Finally, when the account is deleted you need to reinstall the app and create another account with a different account so you can add the number of the person who blocked you and then has a good chat with them.

3. Adding the number to a group

If you have any mutual friends then you can ask them to create a group or even you can create a group and then add your friend and ask them to add the person who blocked you. This method will help you chat with the person who blocked you. You can use this group chat to try and convince the other person to unblock you from their account. This group chat will allow you two to chat as there is no restriction in chatting with the person who blocked you in there.


In this way, following the above methods, you can chat with the person who blocked you. And, use various third-party applications to unblock you from their accounts. Also, certain applications create or clone WhatsApp and allow you to access it with a different number so you can chat with the person who blocked you.

If you want to unblock yourself for the wrong reason then this is certainly not a good thing and if you want to make things right and apologize for the mistake then you can unblock yourself using the above methods. But unblocking for the wrong reason is considered a crime.

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