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How To Create A Carousel Post On Facebook Page

You would not be able to locate the carousel post on Facebook since there is no option to make a carousel post with your pictures and videos on your Facebook account, but there is a method.

You may create a carousel post on a Facebook page, and this kind of post is really utilized for its engagement rate, which is why you should use the carousel post on a Facebook for advertising or anything that requires interaction.

So, if you can't locate the carousel post option on Facebook, the causes may be as follows:

Perhaps you are not utilizing a Facebook business page but rather a regular Facebook account.

You will not be able to make a carousel post directly from your Facebook page; instead, you must utilize your Facebook Ads Manager account to build a carousel and place it on your Facebook page.

If you can't locate the ‘Page posts' option, you may discover it by scrolling to the bottom of the list.

If you have a business Ad Manager account, you may use it to generate carousel posts that you can then publish on your Facebook page. You may remove the campaign from your Facebook Ads account later, but the post will remain on your page.

I hope this clarified how to make a carousel post on Facebook. On your Facebook profile, you will see the opportunity to create carousel ads, which you can then post. However, with the Facebook Ads account manager, you may make such a post with up to 3-6 pictures or videos in the same carousel.

Carousel video and photo optimization:

There are certain dimensions or quality requirements for the pictures or videos that you will use for the carousel on your Facebook page. It must be 1080p video or pictures with a resolution of 1080*1080 pixels.

This is the usual resolution for the carousel post for Ads on Facebook pages, and this kind of post generates higher interaction to the posts, so that's all you have to do.

If you attempt to choose a lesser resolution for the carousel, it may not be supported or approved. Alternatively, you may attempt to convert the lower resolution to high resolution using any kind of program on your PC or mobile device.

How to Make a Facebook Carousel Post

If you want to produce a carousel post for your Facebook page, you must first complete certain specific procedures, including taking pictures and videos at the quality I mentioned above. If you have these items ready, you are ready to begin and may follow the easy steps to build your first carousel on your Facebook page if you have never done so before.

This procedure is divided into two steps: first, enter the Facebook Ads Manager account and establish an ad campaign, and then, from the Business Manager, make a carousel post. Let's take a step-by-step look at the technique.

Make a Carousel post for your Facebook profile.

To make a carousel post on your Facebook page, follow the instructions below:

  1. To begin, sign in to Facebook and open the Facebook Ads Manager, then choose ‘Create a campaign' from the ‘Campaigns' menu.
  2. Name the campaign, then go to ‘New ad set' and choose the page where you want the carousel post to show, and then finish the ad campaign setup.
  3. Now, under the ‘ad' menu, you will find many choices such as Single or Carousel post. To make a carousel post for your Facebook page, choose the carousel option.

You will see that there are more than three slides to add your carousel pictures or videos to a single carousel post. You must choose pictures of 1080*1080 pixels before moving on to the next slide and adding your next images or videos, since you can only select up to 6 slides/cards (currently3) on the carousel post.

This will now prompt you to enter the website address for each slide you add, as well as the destination URL where you want visitors to be sent.

Once the article has been saved as a draft, you must go to the Business Manager option. Simply choose the ‘Page Posts' option from the top column.

On the post tab, you will notice the option ‘Ads,' and from there you will see the drafted carousel post that you just saved from your Ads Manager account, and after choosing that post, you must click on the ‘Publish' option from the dropdown button to publish it on your Facebook page.

Finally, if you do not want to run advertisements on that campaign, go to the Ads Manager account and remove it. Remember that even if you terminate the Ads campaign, it will remain on the Facebook Page.

That is all you need to do to make a carousel post on a Facebook page and publish it on your page without spending any money on advertising.

Is it possible to upload a video carousel on Facebook?

You may certainly use videos in your Facebook carousel post, however the video resolution may be 1080p. Simply attach movies to each card, along with a link to the website you want them to visit.

To include a video in a Facebook carousel post, follow these steps.

Go to Facebook Ads Manager and, under the Ads tab, create a campaign with the post ad type ‘carousel.'

You will now be given several cards to which you may add your movies or pictures. To submit a video, just touch on the video option and then upload your HD movie (1080p) one by one to that carousel post on each card (if it's a video carousel).

Bottom Lines:

If you want to obtain the carousel post for your Facebook page, you may go to the Facebook business manager and build the carousel post from there, which you can then publish on your Facebook page. You may remove the advertising campaign later or leave it running if you just want to run short-term ads with it. I hope this helped you understand how to begin and finish.

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