How Do You Get Auto Likes On Facebook Page

How To Get A Auto Likes On Facebook Page

Everyone wants as many likes as they can get on their Facebook pictures, videos, and status updates. However, earning a lot of likes may need more than simply uploading a beautiful picture or an inspirational status. This explains why many Facebook users utilize the auto like generator to gain a lot of likes on their posts. This post is for you if you've ever wanted to learn how to give or get auto likes on Facebook.

How to Get Facebook Auto Likes

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up Facebook auto-likes. Follow the steps below step by step to acquire auto likes, but be wary of any possible dangers.

The first step

All you have to do is go to your Facebook page's account settings and allow everyone follow you!

You may also go to this website:

Step two:

Scroll down to your privacy settings and check the box next to Who can view my stuff? and choose everyone who may send you a friend request?

You may also go to this website:

NB: Make certain that you complete the procedures given above; they are very necessary!


Choose between uploading an image/video and updating your Facebook status.

NB: This information should be made available to the general audience.

4th step:

Go to any of the sites listed below and click the Get Token button! Here's an example from the website

The process is the same for each location. To get the token, choose the Get Token Icon.

They will then be asked for permission to use our website, after which they will click on accept and then on obtain token. You just need to copy the token found between #access token= and & expires.

Get the token indicated above copied, pasted, and then click the Submit button.

5th step:

Remember the Facebook status post you made in step 3? Return to that state in order to get its ID.

When you like, comment on, or share a status, a single ID is often created. Click on the time to find that ID.

For example, when I had such a problem, I clicked on 4 minutes and my status ID was given.

ID on Facebook:

Facebook: ref=1

So, the bold number is the Facebook status ID for which I wanted the most likes possible.

Simply copy it and paste it on the website once you've submitted the Token and the Autolike button.

That is all that is required for the hacking to take effect. Take a peek at your Facebook status; you'll be surprised at how many likes you already have.

NB: Using just one site for this technique will earn you between 50 and 100 likes, but doing it with all of them would bring you thousands of likes.

Precautions for Creating Auto Likes on Facebook

There are always certain warnings and considerations to be aware of while learning how to create auto like on Facebook. Let me provide you many instances of sites where you can obtain auto-like services and explain why you should never use them. Inasmuch as everyone wants to increase their fame, it is always preferable to do things the traditional way or, at the at least, to engage in marketing efforts. But who wants to spend money on a marketing effort for a Facebook profile?

It is not safe for one reason. Every program that assists you in gaining likes has full access to your Facebook account. This allows them to publish anything they want on your timeline anytime they want without your permission. These applications can also send text messages and make posts to your Facebook pals.

As a result, you wind up harming your reputation. Even if you are one of those individuals who does not care about their online reputations, you would not want your own friends to stop associating with your posts and material since they are getting more spammy with the constant auto-generated likes, comments, and posts. So, in essence, boosting your likes using apps deprives you of the reputation you have among your friends and coworkers.

While it may seem great to have around 1000 likes on your profile, the individuals on your friends list will think it absurd given that you only have 400 friends. This will also make you seem to all of your pals to be a liar.

Another risk of using these applications is that you will be spammed not just by your friends, but also by individuals from other areas of the globe, even if you are not linked to them in any way. This spammy reputation will grow when your Facebook rating drops to the point where Facebook is compelled to ban your account.

You may want to know how to dislike someone now that you've learned how to create an auto like on Facebook. When you like many Facebook sites, your news feed becomes clogged with postings, making it harder to read your friends' status updates. The Facebook dislike feature allows you to tidy up your news feed and enhance your overall news feed experience.

Final Thoughts

There is a limit to how many Facebook profiles you may like with a single account. The limit is 5000 pages per account, and after you've reached it, you won't be able to like new pages unless you like some old ones first. The Facebook dislike function is excellent for removing those liked pages from your Facebook account.

It is simple to use the Facebook dislike feature. Simply follow the instructions below:

To begin, you must first download and install the Facebook social toolkit from the Chrome web store, and then login in to your Facebook account.

 To launch the app, click the Facebook Social Toolkit button.

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