How Do You Get Fake Twitter Followers For Free

How Do You Get fake Twitter Followers For Free

Having a big Twitter following is essential for gaining additional followers. But how can you persuade them to follow you in the first place?

Here are 10 methods forgetting fake Twitter following, ranging from shady and spammy to human and high-touch.

  1. Follow / Favorite automatically

You appear in someone’s alerts when you follow them or like a tweet.

Some of them will notice you, investigate you, and then follow you.

This is the most frequent method for rapidly growing a following. It explains why you may be interacting with a large number of strange individuals on Twitter.

Following and favoriting others will eventually increase your account, but it will be slow…unless you automate it with a robot. Here are two apps that help you automate your Twitter activity so you can do social media without really being sociable!

Please keep in mind that we do not utilize these tools. We do not suggest them. We’re only going over one kind of social media automation.

That final one maintains a healthy follower-to-follower ratio. As a result, your account seems less spammy.

However, these accounts are still simple to identify: they have a large number of followers, and their follower and following numbers are almost identical…

and often, despite the fact that there are relatively few tweets.

You’re searching for spam accounts like these if you’re just seeking to increase your following. If you follow them, they will follow you back.

  1. Your robot and their robot might be pals!

Of course, these techniques will get you a largely irrelevant, unengaged audience. It wasn’t particularly sociable, but hey, it was free, right?

Follow manually, unfollow automatically

You can accomplish it by hand rather than using a robot.

Spend a little time each day on Twitter and just follow a lot of people. Look for the following Twitter users:

Anyone who seems to be likely to follow back (they have a high follower/followed ratio)

Anyone who has the hashtags #followback or #TEAMFOLLOWBACK on their profile

Anyone having 10 or more emojis in their bio, particularly

If the manual method becomes tedious, you may hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you.

  1. “The Yank” is number three.

Here’s a method for obtaining fictitious fame. Make use of your new auto follow/follow back robots to amass a huge following of maybe 100k+ accounts. Then… on a bright morning… unfollow everyone!

It’s referred to as the “mass unfollow,” and this is how it appears. Not just on Twitter, but also on Instagram.

At first sight, you’ll seem to be adored by millions…

However, you are quite careful about who you follow. You have to be a rockstar. Wrap your phone with a velvet rope.

That is the dubious method of gaining 100k followers while only following 10 people. Sure, you’ll irritate some people, but pseudo-celebrity comes at a cost.

Chris Brogan (genuine influencer and thought leader) did this in 2011, partially as an experiment and partly to minimize direct message spam. He talked about his experience on his blog.

  1. Perfect your profile image

You’re making an effort to be more noticeable. To distinguish oneself. They will not follow you if they do not see you.

These are our top recommendations for social networking profile photos. Here’s a short rundown on how to be noticed on Twitter, where competition for attention is fierce:

Colors that are warm stand out.

Warm hues stand out since the Twitter interface is dominated by cold colors (blues in the logo and UX) (red, orange and yellow). So here’s a photo with

Faces are more visible than logos.

If at all possible, be a human. Show your face and make a huge grin for the camera.

Rectangular logos seem small.

The aspect ratio of uploaded logos should be square (11). Uploading a large logo may be readable on your profile page, but it may be too tiny to view in streams, where it will be squashed down to 50 x 50 pixels or even 20 x 20 pixels in certain locations.

Put them together, and you’ve got a visual hierarchy in Twitter profile photos. Don’t the profile pictures at the top stand out more?

Work on your header image once you’ve adjusted your profile photo for visual prominence. Make it interesting. That is, it should be intriguing, smart, surprising, useful, or humorous. Also, make certain that it seems professional.

  1. Create a detailed Twitter bio.

Many Twitter biographies are just “About Us” material. That’s all right. But it might be dull. Here are three approaches to writing a bio that can increase your following:

Make a call to action in your bio.

Some Twitter biographies really provide a reason for others to follow you. It specifies exactly what they will get. Names the subjects while providing some legitimacy. A Twitter profile may serve as a little call to action.

Consider the following two examples:

Optimize your bio so that it appears in Twitter searches.

SEO is another incentive to create a detailed bio. By include relevant keywords in your bio, you may increase the likelihood that it will show in Twitter searches. Make sure to include a few important words. Also, if at all possible, provide your city.

Many people still use Twitter as a research tool. Consider yourself a prospect or journalist on the lookout for you. How do you do your search? What do you discover?

Use hashtags sparingly in your bio.

I have no proof or study to back this up. But I have some common sense. Hashtags in bios are unlikely to help your bio get discovered. They are essentially little chances for people to leave your bio page. They are in fact competing with the follow button.

I’m all for using a hashtag (or two) in a tweet. However, this is not a social post; it is your bio. Please refrain from using hashtags.

  1. Revisit your best-performing tweets and repost them.

Some of your social media postings are 10x or 100x more engaging than others. They get tenfold more likes, shares, and comments, making these posts 100x more successful in increasing the visibility of your account.

If you’re actively monitoring the broadcasts, you’ll see which postings get the most attention.

Check the statistics if you schedule your tweets using a service like Hootsuite or Buffer.

We don’t care about clicks or traffic over here. We’re simply seeking for more exposure and followers.

You’ll notice that many of the most interesting pieces don’t even contain links. They may be as simple as helpful hints or inspiring quotations.

Continue to tweet these. Maintain a steady rotation of them. And then, at the top of your stream, pin the finest one.

  1. Send out more tweets

Now that you’re utilizing data to choose what to publish, this following suggestion will be very beneficial: increase your frequency.

Double whatever frequency you were using.

There is no upper limit to how often you can tweet (that I am aware of). One marketer I know tweets every 15 minutes. I know who he is. I questioned him about frequency since he has a large following (500K+). He informed me that his aim is to increase website traffic and that after testing, he discovered that more is better.

Of course, you can’t tweet manually all day. To automate these social network postings, you’ll need a tool. Simply crank up the volume and schedule more articles for more often.

That doesn’t mean you can leave it alone. You must still be present to interact with others who interact with your material. You must still magnify.

Convince & Convert, Jay Baer

“You must have it open. You can’t just dive in and out. Being conversational and adding value to engaging, real-time discussions is the best approach to build a following. You won’t be able to accomplish that if you just publish once a day at noon.”

In addition to utilizing Twitter for short postings, here’s a suggestion for increased engagement via longer material, directly on the Twitter platform:

us ERP’s Jeremy Moser

“Begin producing stuff on Twitter.” Use tweet-storming techniques to create a stream of tweets on a particular subject. Tag other active accounts, give source quotations, and create a cohesive stream of thought on the topic inside the thread. Because each threaded Tweet pushes the original to the top of a user’s timeline, they are very successful at generating compounding shares. Mentioning people inside these Tweet-storms exploits Twitter’s algorithm, which now displays what those users have liked (to their followers) straight on the timeline.”

  1. Find super-relevant individuals to discuss your ideas with.

If you’re going to share anything, whether you authored it or not, make sure it’s with individuals who will appreciate it. Twitter is a wonderful place to discover others who share your interests.

Mention individuals that have “personal branding” in their profile if you published an article on it. They’ll probably appreciate it! They’ll almost certainly share it and follow you back.

  1. Add a link to your Twitter profile from anywhere.

Let folks know you’re active on Twitter by linking to your Twitter profile wherever possible. Here’s a list of sites you may connect to your Twitter account.

Your internet sites

Your electronic signature

Your additional social media accounts

Your biography appears at the conclusion of each article.

Your demonstrations

Your physical advertising

  1. Make contact with your pals from other social networks.

Twitter is most likely not your only social network. You spend time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Reddit, and Slack. You share, you interact, you make friends, and… you can find these same individuals on Twitter.

Keep Twitter open and in mind while you utilize other social networks. Are you having a good time on another social networking platform? Take a moment to follow them on Twitter. There’s a high possibility they’ll be delighted to speak with you.

Because these are individuals you already engage with, they are likely to be high-quality relationships.

Wrap Up

If they shared anything of yours on another network, post it on Twitter while thanking them for doing so previously. They’ll be informed of the mention, and if they see it on Twitter, they’re likely to share it again (and follow you).

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