How Do You Know If Someone Likes Your Post On Facebook

What Does it Mean When A Guy Likes Your Posts On Facebook

When you encounter someone in person, there are numerous indicators that may tell you whether they have a crush on you or if they like you. But what if it’s through the internet, or more specifically, Facebook? With Facebook being a popular medium for friendships and affairs, it is critical for a lady to know whether a man likes her through Facebook. This LoveBondings article will explain how.

Different Guy With Different Approach

If the guy is timid, he will not make his activities public, so you may anticipate to get a lot of private inbox messages in which he tries to strike up a discussion. While the brave may post on your wall or tag you in their posts on a regular basis.

If you’re a regular Facebook user, we don’t need to go into the things that men do to attract your attention. From flashy profile photos to irritating messages in your inbox requesting your phone number because they need to say something “important,” it’s simple to tell the genuine men from the unscrupulous ones.

You may be wondering why you would add these sleazy individuals in the first place. That’s the thing with Facebook, you know. You receive a friend request from a guy you knew in middle school, and after a while, you realize he’s turned into a complete cheap nutcase! Or it might be a high school buddy who has now added you and is kind enough to follow your activities in a positive manner. When you think about it, you should focus on his personality rather than what he does. This Facebook man might be a shy buddy, an acquaintance wanting to get to know you better, or an old friend who has turned into a weirdo-cum-stalker. Depending on the category, the issue is whether all types of ‘likings’ weigh the same. Nonetheless, the part that follows will inform you what this person could do on Facebook to offer you clues.

How to Tell if He Likes You: What He Would Do

He would do a number of ways to communicate that you are one of the reasons he checks in to this site. He won’t miss an opportunity to make you aware of his existence, and he will go to any length to remind you of him. However, before you start fantasizing, keep in mind that not all men are the same. While some may make it clear to the public by continually posting on your page, others may just send private inbox messages or comments to you offline. These and a few more topics are covered in depth in the following list.

Likes Your Photos, Even if You Posted Them Years Ago!

Though Facebook is readily available even via our smartphones, making an effort to look through your old albums and photos, and really like or remark on them, says a lot about you as a man! Assume, for argument’s sake, that he was bored and randomly looked through all of your photos. Think about it: does this seem to be the greatest thing he could do when bored? Expect some nice remarks in the comments area, in addition to continuous likes on your photos (not on every single one, since that would seem too desperate).

Attempts to Start a Conversation Whenever You’re Online

When you get online, he is the first to start a discussion, and if you reply, he ensures that the conversation continues. Most men despise typing and, when asked why they are taking so long to respond, they claim they prefer chatting instead. However, if this man is bashful and secretly loves you, he will respond to your answer right away.

Sends You Messages While You Are Not Connected

If this man is the timid kind, chances are you’ll see his ‘hello,’ ‘how are you,’ ‘how have you been,’ and similar messages in your inbox on a regular basis. They may not be offensive, and may be quite ordinary messages, but they will be there nearly all of the time.

Comments and Likes on Your Statuses

Is his ‘like’ one of the first to appear when you upload a new image or status? Is it true that his remarks are nice and flattering? Does he add additional smileys when you write something amusing, even if others find it difficult to understand your sense of humour? If the answer to these questions is yes, we don’t need to say anything else. There is one more thing you should be aware of. His remarks will always be favorable to you, and even if he doesn’t agree with anything you’ve written, he will enjoy it and may or may not comment on it. But he will, at the very least, do something. If you want, you may give it a go and see for yourself.

Tags You Frequently If You Have Something in Common

Facebook is a great method to learn about other people’s likes and hobbies. You can tell whether you have anything in common with someone just by looking at their profile. If you and this man have a few comparable hobbies, he may not miss any opportunity to tag you in his statuses, posts, shares, and so on that are related to those interests. For example, if you and your friend are both huge fans of the same actor, writer, or athlete, you may expect to get tagged in similar postings.

Posts Thoughtful Messages on Your Wall

Girls, for the most part, are extremely expressive when it comes to their emotions through frequent status updates! For example, if you comment on your wall that you missed the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, you’ll see him post a YouTube link to it. Alternatively, if you put a sad smiley as your status message, he may respond with a humorous image or video. Bottom line: A decent man who really likes you would notice your emotions and try to make you happy.

Every now and again, he makes use of the ‘Poke Feature.’

We don’t need to go into detail about this. The line is self-explanatory!

It is important to note that not all men are the same. It’s possible that he won’t do any of these things, or that he’ll just make a remark or two every now and again. In fact, some men believe that expressing their emotions over the internet is impersonal and inconsiderate. But you know what? No matter what he does, he will find a way to make you think about him, and eventually, he will make it very clear. If you like him, simply go along with it; if he seems to be too weird, block him; if he appears harmless and you know him well, just avoid him.


Be cautious if you have never met this man in person. Perhaps you added him as a result of an online game or something, or perhaps you have a lot of mutual friends. You never know when this nice-looking man may turn out to be a crazy freak. As a result, keep your guard up.

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