How Do You Make A Tweet Appear To Have Been Posted In The Past

How Do You Make A Tweet Appear To Have Been Posted In The Past

You may have been on Twitter for a while and wish to delete some old tweets.

This may be because you discovered tweets with broken links, or because you regret and wish to remove certain Twitter postings… But you can’t seem to locate them.

To be clear, if you want to scroll, you’ll be doing it for quite some time. That’s why we’ve written this post to show you three methods for finding previous tweets.

How to Find Old Tweets

Your tweets will stay on the network until you remove them, and unless your account is private, anybody may see and republish them.

So, if you wish to remove one, you must first locate the offending tweet.

We’ll go through three alternative methods for searching historical tweets.

Twitter Lookup

This is the most common technique for searching for tweets, as well as the easiest way to locate historical tweets.

This is the Twitter search engine par excellence, and it’s situated in the upper right corner of your profile’s home page: ‘Search Twitter.’

The issue with this approach is that it is not very precise since you must enter your username as well as the phrase that you believe is relevant to the particular tweet.

Most of the time, you’ll get surprising results, and you’ll need to use the second option, Twitter Advanced Search.

Twitter Extensive Search

Twitter Advanced Search provides a number of filters to help you find your “lost” tweet.

The first section is for keywords, which can be anything you recall:

All of these terms: if you type ‘hi Metricon,’ you’ll get tweets with both words.

This exact phrase: if you search for ‘welcome to Metricon,’ you’ll find tweets with this exact phrase.

Any of these words: if you enter ‘Metricon’ and ‘planner,’ it will look for either ‘Metricon’ or ‘planner,’ or both.

None of these words: similarly, to the previous option, if you enter ‘Metricon’ and ‘planner,’ the results will not include ‘Metricon’ or ‘planner.’

Hashtags: If you want to look up a tweet with a specific hashtag, use this option. Entering #MetricoolRules will bring up old tweets with this tag.

Language: You can choose the language in which you want to find the tweet.

The second section is for Twitter accounts that you’d like to look into. This could be due to the fact that it is not your own tweet, but one from an old account you had or one from someone else’s account.

From these accounts: enter the profile that posted the tweet in this section.

To these accounts: enter the recipient and ‘sent in reply to @profile’ to find a tweet sent as a response in this section.

Mentioning these accounts: to find old tweets mentioning one or more accounts.

Choose the filters you want to use to find the tweet in question:

Responses: enable this option to discover tweets that contain both replies and original tweets, or to just display replies.

Links: You may include or exclude tweets that include hyperlinks.

In the interaction box, type:

To locate the tweet, you may add a minimal number of characters in the reply tweets, tweets with ‘Likes,’ or tweets with ‘Retweets.’

Finally, the dates section is critical for locating the relevant tweet or, at the very least, saving time while looking through your Timeline.

You may choose a date from the month, day, and year drop-down menus, as well as other choices.

Don’t panic if you still can’t locate the tweet, you’re searching for using these techniques. There are still more choices.

Using Twitter Commands to Search for Old Tweets

This technique is similar to the advanced search in that you may choose the dates, but it also includes the account from which you wish to retrieve previous tweets.

To search for tweets using this technique, use the following command:

(Through the Twitter account) until: YY-MM-DD since: YY-MM-DD

Perhaps the following example can help to clarify things:

since:2020-09-01 from: Metricon es until:2021-09-01

After ‘from,’ add the Twitter username without the @ symbol, as well as the end date ’till’ and the start date ‘since.’

When you press the Enter key, Twitter will display the search results with the dates and profile you chose for your search.

Download your Twitter Archive to look for old tweets.

The last method for looking for past tweets is to obtain your Twitter Archive.

In ‘Settings and Privacy,’ look for the choice. But how do you go about requesting it?

  1. Access your Twitter account.

Log in with the account you wish to download the Twitter Archive from.

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings and Privacy.’

This may be found in the ‘More’ section.

3.Select ‘Your Account’ from the drop-down menu.

In the following window, you’ll discover all of the information you need regarding your Twitter account. ‘Your account’ is the part we need right now.

  1. Select ‘Download an archive of your data’ from the drop-down menu.

There is just one more step to go. Click on ‘Request Archive’ and input the information requested by Twitter: your password and the code sent to the email address you provided when you joined up.

When Twitter has finished creating your archive, it will give you a notice with a link to download it. It will take time to build depending on how many tweets you’ve posted.

Let’s assume you have your archive ready to download in a few of days or weeks. This package includes file that must be unzipped and contains a.csv and a.html file.

These are the two methods for seeing historical tweets.

HTML: This.html file will open in your preferred browser and display your tweets in chronological order, with or without responses, as well as a very handy link: “view on Twitter.”

This link will take you to the Tweet you sent, where you may remove it or retweet it if you believe it was a significant statement.

CSV: In this format, Twitter displays your network activity together with your Twitter ID, the source, and the publishing date.

If you select this option, finding the tweet will be more difficult since there is no link; you can only use the tweet’s content as a guide.

This is how you may search for past tweets on your account. We suggest the latter choice if you want to get a summary of everything you’ve written.

Last Words

However, keep in mind that the option to download the archive is only accessible if you are the owner of the account or have access to it.

You now have everything you need to search for past tweets: retrieve them, delete them, or re-share them