How Do You Make Use Of HMU On Social Media

What Does HMU Mean In A Text Chat Message

HMU is another of those abbreviations you’ve undoubtedly seen online and had to look up the meaning of. HMU and other famous online acronyms such as NSFW or SMH are used to indicate something that is beyond the reach of contemporary language. Using these acronyms is a wonderful method to swiftly and efficiently express your feelings online.

Are you still perplexed by it all? Learn what HMU stands for, where it originated, and how to properly utilize this acronym to avoid becoming a social media faux pas.

What Does HMU Stand For?

HMU is an abbreviation for hit me up and is used to encourage someone to contact you later. HMU is equivalent with words like “contact me,” “message me,” “call me,” or any other variation of “get in touch to follow up and discuss this more later.”

HMU is an abbreviation that you can use to persuade someone to contact you, but not right now. It’s excellent for leaving a discreet reminder for the other person, or if you don’t want to lose touch but don’t have time to address things right now.

Unlike “text me” or “phone me,” HMU is very general and covers any methods of communication accessible to the other person. When you use this acronym, you give people the option of how they want to follow up with you: whether they want to DM you on Instagram or video call you on WhatsApp.

HMU is internet lingo, therefore you’ll hear it in online conversations, social networks, messaging, and famous internet memes. Email is one area you’re unlikely to see it, unless it’s a short (and casual) communication from someone close to you.

While it is customary to use HMU to request that the other person contact you, there are other times when this acronym is used.

When online courting, people often utilize HMU. Profile descriptions on dating apps like Tinder may include things like “hmu if you enjoy pina coladas and being caught in the rain.”

Another method to utilize HMU is to solicit ideas or recommendations from others. For example, if you want restaurant suggestions in a new location, you may ask on social media, “Where should I go for supper in X city?” “Hmu with some ideas.”

The History of HMU

Some users associate the origins of Hit Me Up with pagers, which were popular in the 1990s. Pagers couldn’t accept text messages, but they could beep and display the phone number of whomever was attempting to contact you or “hit you up.”

The reality is that the abbreviation’s true origin is uncertain. HMU, like many other acronyms, emerged on Urban Dictionary one day. HMU soon became a popular online fad and spread across the internet.

When HMU became an online joke, people gave it a new meaning: “Hold my unicorn.” Despite the fact that it is only ever used online as a joke or as a meme.

Because HMU is often used for flirting, it was only natural for the abbreviation to become a part of the online dating scene. When you enter HMU into Google, one of the top results is a cringey dating site that offers a lot of evaluations for other dating apps like Tinder or OkCupid, as well as a number of female-only profiles that don’t seem anything like actual people.

If you decide to use this or a similar service for online dating, be sure to read our advice on how to identify and avoid online dating fraudsters.

How to Make Use of HMU

While you may say hit me up out loud without getting stares, the abbreviation HMU is exclusively used online. Depending on the occasion and context, you may use this abbreviation in a variety of ways in your everyday conversation.

When texting, use HMU.

Instant messaging applications are the most frequent location where you’ll find other individuals utilizing HMU and other related acronyms. There are no hard and fast guidelines for correctly spelling the acronym. The following are the most common online variations:

HMU. Used alone and in all capital letters to emphasize the importance of a message or contact request.

HMU . If you wish to join the increasing trend of writing things in lowercase letters to seem more casual or laid-back, choose this version.


HMU at the start or end of the message. If you don’t want to risk another person misinterpreting you, it’s usually better to include the acronym within your message.

HMU may be used to contact people back.

HMU is not usually utilized in its whole. One variant of this abbreviation is HYU, which stands for hit you up — the inverse of HMU. If you wish to be the one who contacts them back, you may use it in a text reply.

HMU may be used as a GIF or Meme.

You may use GIFs or memes to express the same idea as HMU on social media or while trading conversations with pals. Because tools like GIPHY are now incorporated into most social networking applications, all you need to do is open the appropriate discussion, locate the option to share GIFs in the chat box, and enter HMU into the search bar.

If you want to inject some levity into your discussion, look for HMU memes online and post them in a chat. You may also make your own HMU memes by utilizing one of the unique web tools.


Talking to someone online is frequently not the same as talking to someone in person. So why not have some fun with it and include some unique acronyms, emojis, GIFs, and other ways of communicating your message?

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