How Do You Tell Someone That You Are Leaving Facebook

What Is The Best Way To Announce On Facebook That You Are Leaving Facebook

If you’ve chosen to leave Facebook, whether temporarily or permanently, you should do it graciously so that your friends and family aren’t concerned and you don’t come off as arrogant. If you’re taking a break, creating a post that explains your absence or provides prior warning before deleting your account is polite and enables you to collect contact information from individuals so you can remain in touch. Before you go, make sure you’ve taken care of any applications, sites, or accounts that may be connected to your Facebook.

Taking a Social Media Break

here are some useful ways to annonce on facebook that you are leaving it:

  1. Make a post on your Facebook page saying that you will not be monitoring it

Make a short post explaining why you’re taking a break from updating your Facebook profile. When your relatives and friends look at your profile, they’ll notice your post and won’t be concerned or concerned about why you haven’t replied to their Facebook messages. X Source of Information

A lengthy, multi-paragraph post outlining all of the reasons why you’re leaving Facebook may come off as pompous. Keep it brief and straightforward.

For instance, you might remark, “Recently, I’ve been spending much too much time on social media.” I’m going to take a break and won’t be monitoring my page for a long. Give me a call if you need to contact me!”

Tip: Create a picture with your message and put it on your wall so it’s big and prominently displayed at the top of your timeline so no one misses it.

  1. Quit-Facebook-Gracefully-

So that your profile doesn’t alter, turn off access to your Facebook wall. Change your privacy settings to keep your timeline basically frozen, with your good-bye-for-now message at the top and visible. Change your timeline settings so that all posts must be authorized first by selecting the “Account settings” option. That way, your timeline won’t be cluttered with photos and posts in which you’ve been tagged. X Source of Information.

There will also be no “Where are you?” postings from family or friends on your timeline, which may cause concern among others.

If they can’t tell that you’re simply taking a break, they may be worried. It will be simpler to transfer if you keep your profile frozen and your good-bye-for-now message at the top.

  1. Change your account settings to get email notifications.

 In a web browser, go to Facebook and choose “Account settings” in the upper right corner of the page. Select “Notifications” from the drop-down menu, then check the box next to “Yes, send me an email about this” for any things you still wish to be informed about. Then, at the bottom of the list, click “Save changes.” X Source of Information

You may tick the box next to that option if you want to be informed about events you’ve been invited to through Facebook so you don’t miss out.

You may wish to be alerted when someone sends you a message through email. You may opt to ignore the message, but if a family or an old acquaintance has no other means to reach you, receiving an email when someone sends you a message may be worthwhile.

  1. Remove the Facebook app from your phone and don’t check it again.

 If you say you’re going to take a vacation from Facebook, going back and forth to check a few posts will make you seem shallow and theatrical. Remove the temptation to check your account by uninstalling the app from your smartphone or tablet to take a clean, elegant break. X Source of Information

Forcing oneself to use a web browser to check Facebook adds a few layers to the process, giving you time to evaluate if you really want to check it.

By pressing and holding an iPhone app until it wiggles, you can delete it. Then, in the upper right corner, choose the “x” to delete it.

On your Android, delete an app by going to settings, finding the program, and choosing the option to remove it.

  1. So that others may contact you, download the Messenger app.

 Even if you don’t have your phone number, email address, or postal address, you may still want to be accessible. You may interact with individuals via Facebook Messenger without needing to check your profile. X Source of Information

Install Facebook Messenger on your phone or tablet to connect with friends and family.

Change the app’s settings so you don’t get a notification every time someone sends you a message. That way, you may check it on a regular basis to see if there’s anything significant that needs to be reviewed.

People may contact you by sending you a note, which you might include in your goodbye-for-now post.

  1. Deactivate your Facebook account so that you may reactivate it later.

 Deactivating your account will conceal all of your information but will not erase it. Select the option to “Manage Account” from the options menu. Select the option to deactivate your account from there. X Source of Information

You may feel compelled to return to Facebook after taking a break from it. If you wish to return, deactivating your account rather than deleting it enables you to start up where you left off.

You have the option of deactivating your account for as long as you wish.

Even if your Facebook account is deleted, you may still receive messages via the Facebook Messenger app.

Forever Leaving Facebook

  1. Make a post to let your friends know you’re quitting Facebook.

 You don’t have to go into great detail about why you’ve decided to leave Facebook, but informing your friends and family is a polite and gracious approach to go. Make a brief, straightforward post informing your friends that you intend to deactivate your Facebook account and that they should give you their contact information if they want to remain in touch outside of the social media site. X Source of Information

Give folks at least a week’s notice so they can view your announcement.

“Hello everyone!” is a good starting point. I simply wanted to let you know that I want to deactivate this account in the next seven days. I’m going to reduce the amount of time I spend on social media. Please give me your contact information so that I can keep in touch with you. Thanks!”

Avoid making grandiose excuses for why you’re quitting Facebook. You’ll be able to gracefully go with a genuine yet concise post.

  1. Take a copy of your Facebook account’s personal information.

 Select “Your Facebook Information” from the “Settings” menu. Select “Download Your Information” from the drop-down menu. Then, to confirm the request, click “Create File.” Facebook will then send you an email with a file containing all of your account’s information. You’ll be able to quit Facebook while still having access to all of your data and conversations. X Source of Information

Your pictures, videos, posts, messages, and account information are all included.

In the “Download Your Information” section, click the “Download” button.


These are all the best ways to make an announcement on facebook that you are leaving it. Hope you got what you wanted from this article.