How Does Wifi Extender Work

Ever since wifi became a staple means of connecting to the internet, its availability and reliability have been a constant concern among many tech-savvy users. Fortunately, the technology to improve the range and strength of wireless signals, known as wifi extenders, is now available. This article will explain what wifi extenders are, how they work, and the benefits they offer to users who need better coverage and connection speed.

1. What is a Wifi Extender?

A WiFi extender is an electronic device used to extend the range of a wifi network. It essentially amplifies an existing WiFi signal allowing for an increase in coverage area.

A WiFi network can be extended in two major ways. The first is through the use of additional access points. This involves adding a new access point to the existing network and connecting it to the primary router or access point. The second is through the use of a WiFi extender.

Advantages of a Wifi Extender:

  • It is easier to set up and requires less hardware than adding additional access points.
  • It is more cost effective than other options.
  • It allows for an increase in the range of a WiFi network without the need for a complete reworking of existing structure.

A WiFi extender has become an essential device to ensure optimum WiFi coverage at home and in the office.

2. How Does a Wifi Extender Work?

A wifi extender, also known as a wifi repeater, is a device that extends the range of a wifi network. It strengthens the existing connection by picking up the wifi signal and amplifying it, then sending the boosted signal on to the receiver.

Typically, wifi extenders are designed to boost a weak signal rather than amplify it, so to benefit from it one should place the repeater somewhere in the middle of two wireless networks. This would minimize any potential loss in signal as much as possible. Setting up a wifi extender usually requires little effort, as they mostly employ plug-and-play methods.

In general, wifi extenders are used to:

  • Increase the range of a wifi network: Wifi extenders can improve the coverage in the dead zones of a wifi network, allowing for a better audio and video streaming experience.
  • Boost the speed of wireless connections: By amplifying the wifi signal, wifi extenders can increase the speed of the wireless connection.
  • Improve a device’s wifi performance: Wifi extenders can provide a better connection for a device that would have otherwise have poorer performance with a weaker signal.

3. Benefits of a Wifi Extender

A wifi extender is a small device that optimizes your wireless home network. Without it, signal strengths can vary from room to room and your wifi network performance in general may suffer.

1. Improved signal strength: Adding a wifi extender to your home network can make your signal coverage significantly better. This is achieved by bringing the existing signal to those areas in your home that the wifi router’s signal does not reach. This way, you won’t have any weak signal spots in your house.

2. Greater coverage area: With an extendable wifi network, you can have as much coverage as you need. This is highly advantageous if you have a large living space or more than one floor in your home. By adding a wifi extender, you’ll be able to cover your entire space with wifi signals.

3. Faster speeds and more efficient network: By having a wifi extender in your home network, you’ll be able to experience much faster speeds and more efficient networks. This is because the extender picks up the signal from the router and broadcasts it to all the devices in the home, resulting in better overall performance.

  • The extender can be easily set up and does not require any technical skills.
  • It offers secure connection, preventing hackers from eavesdropping on your network.
  • It improves network traffic by allowing simultaneous access to multiple users.

4. Things to Consider When Buying a Wifi Extender

When deciding to buy a wifi extender, there are several factors to consider. It is important to consider the range of the extender, the network connection speed, the size of the home, and special features.

The range of the wifi extender must be sufficient to cover the entire area to be serviced. This means checking the distance requirements of the extender and comparing it to the space to be covered. Some extenders may be able to cover a wide space, while others may not.

Network Connection Speed
Network connection speed is important because it determines how quickly pages, photographs, and other files are able to load. The faster the wifi connection, the faster pages will load, as well as photographs and downloads.

  • Basic single-band wifi will usually work for browsing pages, but will have trouble with streaming and gaming.
  • Dual-band wifi extenders will offer more reliability and faster speeds for streaming and gaming.
  • Tri-band wifi extenders provide the highest network speeds, so this is the best option for streaming 4K content.

Size of Home
When choosing a wifi extender, it should be noted that the size of the home will also determine the needs of the wifi extender. A large home may need a more powerful extender to cover the entire space, while a smaller home may require a less powerful extender.

5. Tips for Installing a Wifi Extender

Installing a wifi extender is a convenient way to maximize the coverage of your wireless network. With following these tips, you will enjoy a smooth installation.

Check Network Credentials

  • Identify the ssid, password, encryption type and key of your existing wireless network
  • Make sure your device is connected to the network with the credentials before beginning the installation process

Choose Wifi Extender Based on Requirements

  • Choose a suitable wifi extender for your requirments based on range, speed, bandwidth and compatibility.
  • Plug the wifi extender into a power adapter before connecting to your network.
  • Check that your device is within the range of the wireless network.

Follow Instructions of Installation Wizard

  • Open a browser and type the website address of the installation wizard of the wifi extender.
  • Follow step-by-step instructions to complete the process. It will require information such as the ssid, password, encryption type and network key.
  • Once complete, you should have updated information and settings of your existing network to access the wifi extender.

As we have seen, a wifi extender is an effective and affordable way to extend your existing wifi coverage. With this tool, you can connect all your devices with strong wifi signals in no time. With the advances in technology, using a wifi extender is easier than ever. So, if you want to improve your wifi connection, a wifi extender is definitely worth considering.

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