How Facebook Have Made Huge Impact On Peoples Lifestyle

What Social Network Like Twitter, Facebook, Google etc. Have Made Huge Impact on Peoples Lifestyle

For the vast majority of teenagers, social media has had a favorable overall influence. It makes our lives simpler and more efficient. It has become an important component of our communication culture, which cannot be simply taken away since we are so reliant on it. We wouldn't be able to communicate with people the way we do today if it weren't for social media.

There is no question that this increases your social network and engagement with individuals, but their relationship with family members and concentrate on academics has decreased significantly.

I really believe that using social media is not bad, but how it is utilized is my worry. So, people, wake up and see technology as a benefit, not a curse.

social media a blessing or a curse?

 It is both, in my opinion. We acquire a lot of information that we need. Furthermore, we can interact with individuals in faraway regions. Even when we ask a question, we receive the anticipated or unexpected replies. It is also critical to pay attention to what we are surfing through. It is quite dangerous to visit the wrong locations at the wrong time. Furthermore, we will find it tough to break this bad behavior. We should make extensive use of it. We'll be like fish out of water when we try to go back into the old pattern. I agree that we get intriguing information and undiscovered truths. In summary, I'd want to show it as a benefit for those who know their boundaries and a curse for those who don't.

Nowadays, social media is quite significant. Most families now have at least one computer and/or smart phone device. People find it easier to remain in contact with their families in this manner. Because the internet offers numerous free online services, we can stay in touch with our loved ones at all times, lowering our call-rate expenses. As a result, many individuals choose to utilize this social networking platform. As a consequence, our social circle expands. In other words, social media is humanity's greatest gift. As a result, interactions between family members have grown more frequent. Social media differs from previous forms of media in numerous aspects, including quality, reach, frequency, and longevity. In a nutshell, it is the ideal forum for exchanging ideas, opinions, and thoughts.

I believe that social media is a curse since it may have a negative impact on our family and others.

 This may be accomplished by holding news conferences, protesting, posting undesirable images, and providing the most recent information, among other things. Social media is harming our nation and our way of life because it spreads information about our country and its residents, which may lead to discord, tension, and conflicts among the people. As a result, we should avoid using social media for negative purposes. In my view, it should be used for beneficial purposes such as increasing your education, finding useful information, amusement, and so on. You should utilize social media for good and not for evil.

Social media has always attempted to instill a viewpoint in the masses. They give the democratic system of society a run for its money. Furthermore, it is a welcome distraction from the monotony of everyday life. Today, the savage talons of corruption have gripped the cornerstones of our country. And social media is the way to condemning corruption and expelling the jackals that plague our nation. Social media and its network are like a propped-up rifle that can instill fear in the minds of these animals worth little more than the beast discovered in the veld. Many people believe that social media should be outlawed, but I believe they are mistaken. Actually, the one that is closely related to social media spans the whole spectrum of existence.

When we think of social media, the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook or Twitter. However, social media is far larger than that. This vast universe has become more accessible thanks to social media. We may have a level and chance to communicate with people via social media.

Social media, on the other hand, has an impact on our society in some manner. People's privacy and security are jeopardized.

As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to using social media. It all relies on how we see it!

The internet has made people's lives easier and more comfortable.

 However, it also contains some incorrect information. There are virtues and vices in everything. But, in the end, it is up to us to decide what we want. The internet may help us remain connected at times, but it can also link us to the wrong people at other times. I believe that a few internet sites should be banned, but the majority of them are essential. Many sites' age security should be enhanced to prevent wrongdoings against youngsters. I absolutely love the amenities offered. Techno-savvy is a need or need, but it must not become a means of deteriorating ethical principles; it must be oriented toward advancement rather than humiliation.

A lot of the material posted on websites is beneficial to a large number of individuals.

 Many organizations may conduct surveys using social networking platforms. One may express himself/herself via ‘posts' and ‘comments.' Also, social media is the finest platform for showcasing one's skill and being encouraged by ‘shares' and ‘likes'. Through social media, certain invisible circumstances may be given a voice. In fact, these advantages of social media describe it as the “people's voice box.” One may reconnect with old friends, family, coworkers, admirers, classmates, and so on. There are also professionals in a certain subject on social media who can assist individuals in need. Companies may use social media to promote their goods.

Then there are occasions when individuals utilize social media to damage people's feelings, conduct crimes, and disclose personal information. However, social media cannot be blamed since the crimes are the result of a person's terrible intents and morals. As a result, rather than abusing and overrunning it, it should be used.

Social media was created in order for individuals and nations to grow, for commerce between countries to take place, and for the globe to become more connected.

 However, it has several drawbacks. The number of crimes has grown significantly as a result of social media. The number of businesses engaging in illicit activity has skyrocketed. They defraud individuals in a variety of ways. Hacking, robbery, and fraud are all quite widespread on social networking platforms these days. If you ask me, I can't answer if social media is a blessing or a bane since I, too, am very much a part of it like any other adolescent or kid, but I can say that everything in moderation is a boon and anything utilized excessively is a bane.

What exactly is social media? A social media site is a networking site that allows us to interact with individuals and learn about them from all around the nation, and even the globe. I believe that in the future, we will be able to link individuals from all across the universe. Social media sites include Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, and many more. Nowadays, everyone uses social media. It is highly beneficial for exchanging data, messages, and other documents through mail and has shortened distances, but it is dangerous to youngsters.

Nowadays, most youngsters and the elderly are conversing and have little interest in family or outside sports. People are glued to such social networking sites, as was formerly the case.

Social media is the social connection of individuals all over the globe.

 We may express ourselves via social media. This is a contemporary technology that allows us to effortlessly communicate with the rest of the globe. Social networking is a blessing to the globe in certain respects. We can acquire knowledge about what is happening on in and across the globe by using social media. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Hike, Viber, Yahoo, and many more social media platforms are available. We may readily communicate our opinions on political issues through social media. Social media also enables users to connect with individuals from all over the globe, as well as family and friends. We can also use social media to exchange messages, music, movies, emails, and a variety of other things. So, in light of all of this, I believe that social media is a blessing to the current world.


Everyone nowadays is linked to social media. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and many more. People spend a lot of time communicating on these social apps. This behavior has an impact on their academics, work environment, and productivity. Basically, social media is a way for us to stay up to date on what's going on in the globe. It delivers accurate news and information. However, erroneous information may spread over the globe, causing rumors and unrest. The disadvantages of social networking include cyberbullying, account hacking, and accessing people's personal information. Some individuals view explicit material, which has a negative impact on a person's capacity. Social networking may help you communicate with others.

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