How To Change Your Facebook Setting To Make Your Friend List Private

How To Change Your Facebook Setting to Make Your Friend List Private

It’s all about establishing friends on Facebook. People used to showcase their pals on their Myspace pages almost like trophies. However, in today’s world, things are a little different. There’s also the plain old issue of keeping your things to yourself, in addition to the increasing privacy concerns.

By default, Facebook makes your complete list of friends visible to everyone. But how can you limit the list to a smaller group? Here’s how to keep your Facebook friends list secret, as well as some other helpful friend-making advice.

How to Make a Private Friends List

Configuring who may access your Facebook friends list is pretty easy, but it does need some research. It isn’t as easy as going to your friends list and making the necessary changes there. You’ll have to fiddle about with the privacy settings.

From your phone/tablet as well as the Facebook browser version, you may restrict who sees your friends list. Let’s have a look at the browser choice first.

Using a browser to control the privacy of your friends list

Open your chosen browser and log in to your Facebook account to conceal your friends list on your computer. Go to the upper-right corner of the screen now. An arrow pointing downward may be seen here. A dropdown menu will display when you click it. Select Settings & Privacy, then Settings from this menu.

On the following screen, on the left-hand screen side, you’ll notice a pane with different links. Select Privacy from the drop-down menu in this window. The How People Find and Contact You section may be found on the Privacy page. Choose Who can view your friends list from the drop-down menu. This entry should be clicked. You’ll notice the public option after a body of text (default). When you click here, a dropdown menu will display.

You have a few of choices here. Only your friends will be able to view your friends list if you choose Friends. If you choose Friends except…, you’ll be asked to specify which friends you don’t want to see on your list. Selecting Specific Friends allows you to choose which friends to provide access to your friends list. By selecting Only, me, all Facebook users will be unable to access your friend list.

You may also choose Custom if you want more sophisticated options. You may allow friends, friends of friends, and specific friends in the Share with area. You may input the names of individuals you don’t want to view your friends list in the Don’t share with area.

Using a mobile app to manage the privacy of your friends list

You’ll need the Facebook for Mobile app if you want to set things up on your phone or tablet. Open the app and choose “hamburger menu.” Go to Settings & Privacy on the following screen. Select Settings from the Settings & Privacy menu.

Then, under the Privacy section, scroll down and select Privacy Settings. Then go to the section under How People Can Find and Contact You, and then Who Can See Your Friends List? You’ll see comparable choices here as you would on a PC. The choices Public, Friends, Friends except…, Specific friends, and only me are all available. The Custom option isn’t accessible, unfortunately.

Alternatives to a Private Friends List

Even if you choose Only me in the privacy settings, others may still be able to see whether you’re friends with someone. Anyone may browse to your friend’s profile and discover your profile on the list if their friends list is public.

They can get this information via the News Feed, Search, and many other Facebook choices if they can see that your friends with someone through their profile. Yes, the Mutual Friends view is included.

Choosing an Audience for Posts using Audience Selector

You may select the audience for each post in addition to keeping your friends list private. You can always choose the audience for your posts before publishing them, whether you’re using a desktop browser or a mobile Facebook app. Simply select who sees the post in question by clicking or tapping Public on the post sharing box.

You may wish to alter the audience of a post or a series of posts you’ve already published on Facebook. It’s also a possibility. To begin, look for your post on your timeline. Next to the date and time of publishing, you’ll discover the privacy settings for your posts. You may also locate them in each one’s three-dot menu. You may choose whether or not specific individuals can view it from here.

Privacy on Facebook Live

When using Facebook Live, you may wish to limit the number of people who can see what you’re doing. It’s also extremely easy to do. You may make live videos for everyone or just a few individuals on Facebook. Even if you’re just doing Facebook Live for yourself, you can do it. You may also live broadcast on sites that you administer and groups that you’re a part of.

The rules are straightforward. These choices are available on the Facebook Live screen you’re using. It’s all fairly self-explanatory, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding your ideal Facebook Live privacy settings. Keep in mind, though, that you can’t broadcast live to a Facebook page you control from the Facebook for Mobile app. You’ll need to utilize the Facebook Page app for this.


The privacy settings on Facebook are almost universal. Accessing the privacy settings for friends lists, on the other hand, may not be as straightforward as it might be. Hopefully, you found this post useful, and you’ve adjusted the privacy settings for your friends list to your liking.