How To Check My Gmail Password After Logged In

Gmail user might be thinking the ways and methods to check their Gmail passwords even when being logged in. Well we will  be going through it in a quickest form so that you get it properly.

3 ways to see your Gmail password when you're signed in

Tips: The techniques below apply when you log in to your Gmail account on a Windows computer using Google Chrome or Microsoft Outlook.

Method 1: Look up your Gmail password using your personal information.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and make sure you're signed into your Gmail account. Click Google Account after clicking on your picture in the top right corner of Google Chrome.

Step 2: On the left side, choose Personal information. Click on the row that reads PASSWORD in the Profile section.

Step 3: Chrome will lead you to the sign-in screen for your Google account, where your username and password will be stored. When you click the “Show password” option at the bottom of the password field, your Gmail password will be exposed.

Method 2: Use Chrome settings to see your Gmail password.

When you use your Gmail account to log into a website, Google Chrome will ask whether you want to store your password. If you choose the Save option, your password will be stored in Chrome, and you will be able to see your Gmail password regardless of whether you are signed in or not.

Step 1: Go to chrome:/settings/passwords in Google Chrome and go to the passwords page.

Step 2: Your Gmail account and password may be found in the “Saved Passwords” area. Despite the fact that the password is shown as dots rather than words, you may disclose it by pressing the Show password button, which resembles a human eye.

Step 3: If you select the “Show password” option, Windows will prompt you to enter your Windows password. Click OK after entering your existing Windows password. Then you'll see that your Gmail password has been exposed.

Method 3: Using Microsoft Outlook to see your Gmail password

If you use the Microsoft Outlook program on your Windows computer to access your Gmail account, your Gmail password will be stored in Outlook's password list, and you will be able to see it via Outlook.

All passwords stored in Microsoft Outlook, on the other hand, are shown as asterisk characters, which you can't see. But don't be concerned. Outlook Email Password Refixer is a simple application that may let you see your Gmail password stored in Microsoft Outlook. Simply follow the easy instructions.

Step 1: On your Windows PC, download and install Outlook Email Password Refixer.

Step 2: Run this software, and your Gmail password and any email passwords stored in Microsoft Outlook will appear on the screen right away.


So, that is all. You Must have found the easiest way to check your gmail password.

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