How To Create A New WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp is an excellent chat channel to utilize for your company to experience better delivery, open, and conversion rates since it is one of the most widely used chat apps in the world.

To communicate with your clients through WhatsApp, you’ll need a WhatsApp Business Account that has been confirmed by WhatsApp. Clickatell will help you in applying for your own WhatsApp Business account and number through the user interface as an approved WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.

To add a new WhatsApp account, make sure the WhatsApp channel on your Clickatell account is turned on. Go to the My Workspace page and click on the WhatsApp card.

Select ‘+Create New WhatsApp Account’ from the drop-down menu. This will walk you through the setup process step by step, providing more information and helpful hints as you go.

You may add as many WhatsApp business accounts as you like, but you’ll have to go through the application procedure for each one individually.


Give details about your business and the industry you work in. The information you provide will determine whether or not WhatsApp will authorize your business account.

In terms of the WhatsApp Commerce Policy, some sectors are not supported. A summary of sectors that will not satisfy the WhatsApp eligibility criteria may be seen in our Help Center.

As part of this application, you’ll need a Facebook Business Manager ID. If this ID is not supplied or is wrong, WhatsApp will not accept your application. For additional information on how to find yours or create a new one, see here.

Click ‘Next’ after you’ve accepted the Terms and Conditions. This sends your application to WhatsApp, and you’ll get an email with instructions on how to proceed. Make sure you follow these procedures to avoid slowing down the approval process (which may take anything between 48 hours and two weeks).

You will be informed if your WhatsApp business account has been authorized or denied after it has been processed. If your application is turned down, you will have to start again. You are unable to resubmit the application that was rejected. If you are accepted, you will get an email with instructions on how to proceed.

STEP 2: Configure the API for the Test Profile

After you’ve submitted your application (in Step 1), Clickatell will provide you a test profile and a temporary demo number to use for testing while your WhatsApp Business account application is being reviewed.

Set up the API for your test profile in this phase.

This test integration is accessible on your account for 90 days, or until your authorized business account is activated, whichever comes first. You will be able to add and verify your personal phone number after your WhatsApp application has been authorized.

You will automatically utilize Clickatell’s One API to leverage WhatsApp as a communication channel. There are many options you can change, as shown below, but you won’t be able to change the name, number, or setup type at this time since this is a test profile and number.

To go to Step 3, click ‘Next.’

STEP 3: API Specifications & Phones to Test

The test profile’s specifics One of the APIs you’ve developed is now visible. You may add up to three test phone numbers in total. Messages sent to test phone numbers are completely free.

Select ‘Next’ to send a template message as part of a brief lesson on business-initiated discussions, or ‘Go’ to skip to the conclusion.

STEP 4: Tutorial on One-Way Messages (Optional)

To test how this procedure works, start a business-initiated call with the demo phone number in this step. You have the option of skipping this step (see Step 3).

Make a contact on your test phone using the demo number you were given.

Pre-approved WhatsApp template messages are required for business-related discussions. Select from the list of pre-approved template messages below.

For each parameter, enter test data (e.g., 2 must be changed with ‘account’) and choose the test phone to which you wish to send this template.

Select ‘Send Template Message’ from the drop-down menu.

On your test phone, you will get the WhatsApp template as a WhatsApp message from this company. To respond to a message, press and hold it on your phone, then touch reply (backward arrow icon). You may also respond by swiping right on the message. As seen below, this starts a 24-hour two-way chat window.

To proceed, click ‘Next.’

The ‘Pending’ status of the WhatsApp account you applied for will show under ‘My Accounts.’ You will be informed of the result of your WhatsApp account application as soon as it has been processed.

In the meanwhile, go to My Workspace –> WhatsApp and pick the test profile from the table to access your WhatsApp Test Account. There are a few of pre-approved templates you may utilize for testing reasons as well.

Your application’s status will change from ‘Pending’ to ‘Active’ once it has been approved.

Final Words

You may now add one or more Business Profiles to your WhatsApp account, as well as create your own unique Business Profile.