How To Create Double Facebook Accounts

Is It Possible To Create Second Facebook Account Without Getting Into Trouble

Facebook is a social networking site that enables users to add friends, send messages, share pictures and videos, update their status, and publish links and other content. Any device, including mobile phones, Smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, and iPads, may access Facebook. The sole requirement for using Facebook is that you have a device that can connect to the internet and that you have internet access. You can even play games with your pals via the internet.

A valid email address is required to join up for Facebook. By2006, it was open to anybody who was 13 years old or older. To join up, all you need is an email address, which you can get for free from services like Gmail, Hotmail, and Outlook.

What’s the point of having two Facebook accounts?

Many individuals use Facebook for business reasons, but the issue arises when they require privacy with family and friends. In such scenario, creating a second Facebook account for family and friends and a third Facebook account for official usage is recommended. The greatest thing is that both profiles retain their uniqueness. There is no sharing of contact information, pictures, or any other information.

Let’s look at how to create a second Facebook account. To create a second Facebook account, go through the procedures below:

Step1: Create an email address using any of the free mail online service providers, such as Gmail (, Yahoo (, Hotmail (, and others. If you already have an email address that hasn’t been used to create another Facebook account, you may use it.

Step 2: Go to, which is Facebook’s main page. Fill in the information for a new Facebook account, beginning with your name (first and last), then your email address, date of birth, and a password that you believe is appropriate for you. You may also use a unique phone number to register. The phone number should not have been used to create a Facebook account before. You will be prompted to re-enter the password after entering it to ensure that you entered the right (desired) password. Click the sign-up buttons whenever you’re ready to have two Facebook accounts. This confirms that you agree to Facebook’s rules and that the information you provided is accurate.

Step 3: Double-check your account information, such as your email address and phone number. If you signed up using a mobile phone number, confirm your registration by entering the code you got through SMS on the same phone number. If you register via email, you will get a verification link to the the address you used to register.

Step 4: Now that your account has been verified, you may use all of Facebook’s services. You may now simply add information to your profile. Add your profile photo, job, and other hobbies, for example. Using the “people you may know” function, you may add pals.

In a word, you may create a second Facebook account and enjoy the privacy and family time by following these simple steps. Without being interrupted by official interactions, you may talk to your friends and family.

How To Use Google Chrome To Manage Two Or More Facebook Accounts

For personal or professional reasons, many individuals maintain several Facebook accounts. Although Facebook does not enable users to have two accounts on the same device. However, if you have two Facebook accounts and wish to utilize them both at the same time. Then this information will be beneficial to you. Run Multiple Facebook Accounts on Google Chrome by following these easy steps.

1st step You’ll need software to manage numerous accounts. You may use the program “Session Box” to utilize several accounts in the same Google Chrome window by downloading it.

2nd Step To utilize the “Session Box,” just search for it in Google, open it, and install the extension on your machine.

Step 3 After you’ve installed the extension, just click the “+” button to start a new active session, and you may use this program to manage two or more Facebook accounts.

Using The Same Computer, Create A Second Facebook Account

Facebook does not allow users to create several Facebook accounts on the same computer. On each machine, just one account is permitted. This makes it difficult for users to establish accounts for other members of their family using the same laptop or computer. If you’re having the same issue and wish to establish a second Facebook account on the same computer, keep reading.

Then, using the same computer, just follow these easy steps to establish a second Facebook account.

1st step You’ll need to install a second browser first. You may use whatever browser you choose, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

step 2:   Open the new browser and go to Facebook’s home page after it’s been installed. Even if your prior account is signed in from a different browser, this page will allow you to create a second Facebook account.

Step 3 Fill in all of the required information, including your name, email address, phone number, and birth date, as well as a password.

Step 4: Once you’ve entered all of your information properly, click “Sign Up.”

Step 5: Verify your email address in your inbox, and your Facebook account will be established successfully.

How to Log Into Two Facebook Accounts on a Single Phone

On the same Android phone, you may use two Facebook accounts. Although it is possible, it will need some work. To utilize two Facebook profiles on the same phone, you’ll need to establish a parallel space. The instructions for creating a parallel space and using two Facebook accounts on one mobile are simple and may be found below.

Step 1: Download “parallel space” from the Google Play Store and install it on your phone.

Step 2 After you’ve downloaded and installed the app, open it to see a list of applications you may add to your area.

3rd step To add Facebook to your parallel space, click on the icon.

Step4: Log in to your second Facebook account using the app.

5th step Voila! On your phone, you’ve successfully activated the second account.

For personal reasons, people often utilize several accounts. Perhaps you like to keep your personal and work life apart. Despite the fact that there are no limits on how many accounts a person may have, Facebook does not enable users to utilize several accounts on the same device. However, you may use the techniques outlined above to manage two Facebook accounts at the same time. To operate two or more accounts at the same time, you just need to use third-party applications. Your Facebook account allows you to share posts, photos, and even chat with family and friends. You can move between two accounts effortlessly and keep your profile updated on both platforms at the same time.

Final Words

 We hope this tutorial has been helpful in setting up and maintaining two Facebook accounts on the same device.

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