How To Deactivate Facebook Account and Still Use Messenger?

These days most of the users are quite busy in their day to day life. Working a lot but then they have been addicted to using Facebook. Checking on others, new posts, searching for latest status updates on Facebook, wasting too much time on Facebook. Because of this, most users want to delete the App or just deactivate it. But they also want to keep in touch with their friends, family, and colleagues. So, they have a question if they can just deactivate their Facebook account but still use Messenger to text their friends and colleagues.

Well, good news for them and for those users who just want to use Messenger but not Facebook. Many users just want an App for texting, so wonder if they can have a Messenger without a Facebook account. There are lots of demands from the users. Here we might be able to help them get some of their demand to be fulfilled.

Users can deactivate their Facebook account and still use Messenger. There is a way to keep off in one of the Apps while remaining active on the other. Also if they have already deactivated their Facebook account, they can still use Messenger. And, using Messenger won't reactivate your Facebook.

Steps to Deactivate Facebook account and still use Messenger:

  1. First, open your Facebook account by entering your username and password on your device or the web.
  2. Then, go to “Settings” by clicking the icon on the top right corner of your screen.
  3. In settings, search for the “Manage account” option and select it.
  4. After opening the “Manage account” section, scroll down to find “Deactivate your account” which is at the bottom.
  5. Select it and tap on it.
  6. Once you tap on, a new page opens where you are asked to enter your password for security reasons.
  7. Enter your current password.
  8. Facebook will ask you to enter reasons for deactivating your account. Write some reasons and click “Deactivate”.

Following the above steps, you can deactivate your Facebook account. Now for using the Messenger App, you simply install the Messenger App and Log in by using the same username and password as your Facebook account.

You can use your Messenger as you used to and it will not reactivate your Facebook account. So feel free to use it and chat with your friends, family, and colleagues like usual.

Using Third-Party Application

You can also do this by simply using an thord party application that allows you to deactivate your facebook account and still you can be using your messenger at the same time.

You can get the application here:

In this way, users can use Messenger without having to use their Facebook account. But, users should know that they can't delete their Facebook account and use Messenger because they are both connected. One cannot use Messenger unless they have a Facebook account. They need to make a Facebook account and then they can use the Messenger App for texting or any other activity related to the App.

If someone has a Facebook account but they don’t have a Messenger and want to deactivate their Facebook account. They can simply deactivate their account. After that, they can install Messenger and sign in using the Username and Password of their Facebook account. This doesn't reactivate their Facebook and allow them to use Messenger.

Facebook also has added new features these days where they have made an option when the users deactivate their account, asking them if they want to use Messenger while keeping their Facebook account deactivated. This option makes it easier for users who want to use Messenger only. They should remember that they can't delete their Facebook account if they want to keep on using the Messenger App.

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