How To Deal With Copyrighted Videos On Facebook

Does Posting On facebook Keep Videos To Be Muted Which I Dont Own Right

Videos on social media are getting more popular. Many YouTube stars have moved on to other social media platforms. Because of their high-performing films and quality material, it was just a matter of time until other social networks added a copyright-scanning function. Before it appears on your Timeline or Newsfeed, every video uploaded on social media is pre-scanned and verified for any illegal material. If the video you’re uploading includes copyrighted material, it won’t be published and you’ll be warned.

The audio portion of the video is the primary focus of the pre-scanning. That is, if your video includes music that belongs to someone for whom you did not get permission, your video will not be uploaded. In a nutshell, if your video includes a song that you did not write as background music, don’t bother uploading it.

Many content producers do not depend exclusively on the social network’s copyright-scanner. They watermark their movies to further secure their digital material, which may be a signal that you do not want to risk using their videos without authorization.

If you wish to secure your digital material, you may use Publer to automatically watermark your social media videos. There is no need for editing skills!

Back to the videos that may get you in hot water. Even if your video does not have any music, the story does not stop there. Anyone may report material that they think violates or infringes on their intellectual property rights. These complaints are taken extremely seriously by Facebook. Assume you discovered a hilarious video on the Internet and chose to share it on your Page. Assume it went viral. The person who created the video watches the film you posted without his consent and discovers that he is not given credit for it anywhere. He shares your video on Facebook.

If he can show Facebook that he owns all of the rights to the film, Facebook will remove it and issue you a warning. Unfortunately, unless you obtain legal counsel, there is no way to tell whether a film is copyright protected or not.

Aside from ensuring that the video you are uploading is not copyrighted, you must also ensure that it adheres to the Community Standards. If someone complains your video for violating the policies of the social networks, they will remove it and issue you a warning.

What If I’m Caught Posting a Copyrighted Video?

First and foremost, Facebook will delete the video you posted. They will also email you a notification. If you are caught for the first time, the warning will simply beg you not to do it again. If you frequently violate someone’s copyright or publish videos that violate the Facebook Community Standards, Facebook will suspend your account’s ability to post videos. The restriction may be temporary (up to 30 days) or permanent, depending on its severity. If you continue to post copyrighted films or videos that do not adhere to the Facebook Community Standards on a Fan Page, Facebook may deactivate that Page.

What Videos Should I Not Post?

NO to music videos and TV programs. They won’t even make it through Facebook’s pre-scan.

Pranks are a no-no. People that play practical jokes do it for a profession, and they will not allow you to utilize their work without their consent.

Celebrity videos are also a no-no. Celebrities get into arrangements with businesses that have permission to exploit their image.

Sadly, there are no films of food, recipes, or other arts and crafts. They do this for a living, after all.

Videos that do not adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards

So, what can I upload?

Home videos, adorable animal videos, films without watermarks, or just be creative and make your own video. If you decide to post a video that you believe is copyrighted or may cause you problems, consider citing the source or giving credit to the owner. Even if you do, there is no assurance that they will not report it.


You should follow these instructions at your own risk. We make no guarantees that these rules will keep you secure, and we accept no responsibility for anything that may occur since we are not connected with Facebook. Based on our study, these recommendations are merely intended to assist you in minimizing Facebook policies and copyright breaches.

Final Thoughts

You may also use Publer’s new Superpower, AutoDeletion of Posts. If you think a video is copyrighted or violates Facebook Community Standards, just use Publer to publish that video for a short period (i.e. 1 or 2 days).

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