How To Delete All Your Facebook Activity Log At Once

How To Delete All of Your Facebook Activity Log At Once

If you’re here, I’m guessing Facebook knows a lot about you, which may be a little frightening when you consider all of Facebook’s recent privacy issues. From the well-known Cambridge Analytica incident to providing data access to companies warned by US intelligence to influencing one’s emotions, there is no shortage of examples. Isn’t it terrifying?

However, Facebook’s involvement in such crises is unsurprising given that the primary commodity Facebook sells is us. We are Facebook’s most important product. They sell advertisements and target us in the most effective manner possible in the hopes that we will click on them and purchase something. They also sell people’s personal information since they consented without reading Facebook’s terms and conditions.

How to Delete the Activity Log on Facebook

There are a few options for deleting your Facebook history (known as activity log). You may remove it manually, although this may take hours or days, or you can use the Google Chrome browser extension to do it automatically. If you don’t already have Chrome, you can get it here. There are a few extensions that may assist you with this, such as Social Book Post Manager and Plug Ex Toolkit For FB. I’m going to demonstrate how to utilize Social Book Post Manager.

  1. To install Social Book Post Manager, open your browser and go to the Google Chrome web store.
  2. Go to your Facebook account’s Activity Log once you’ve installed the plugin.
  3. Then, in the upper right corner, click the extension’s icon to bring up the menu. You may choose which year (or all of them) to remove, as well as the month of the year (or all of them). You may also opt to remove postings that include specific content, such as curse words. If you don’t want to see the potential results on screen, uncheck “Rescan on Page.”
  4. After you’ve completed all of the necessary settings, you’ll need to decide what you want to accomplish next. “Delete” will remove everything from your Activity Log, “Hide/Unhide” will make your postings invisible, and “Unlike” will make the posts and comments you like invisible.

Depending on your Facebook activity, it may take a few minutes, many hours, or even several days. It took me approximately two days to remove everything I liked, commented on, and posted since joining Facebook.

Why Should You Delete Your Facebook Account or History?

There are a number of reasons why you should erase your Facebook history or your whole account (keep in mind that you can delete your Facebook account but stay in Messenger to connect with your friends).

First and foremost, all of the privacy issues that surfaced as a result of the Cambridge Analytica incident. Facebook may sell your information to individuals with nefarious intentions. Its primary aim is to increase income. As a consequence, they’re making Facebook as addictive as possible, since more ad clicks and impressions equals more money for them.

Second, your Facebook likes and postings may hurt your chances of landing a job. Many businesses these days prefer to check out a person’s social media presence before hiring them. They look at their likes, comments, and postings. As a result, you may be denied if you have anything contentious or improper on your Facebook page. Keep in mind that if you work for a company and publish anything controversial, you may be fired.

Data from your account may be downloaded.

Let’s get started deleting your Facebook history. You may download your Facebook data if you have items on your account that you want to retain or if you want to see what sort of information Facebook has gathered about you over time.

You’ll be able to see all of your favorited sites, your friend list, as well as all of the chats and pictures you’ve shared via Messenger. Facebook will give you all of your personal information. When I attempted to download mine, I discovered that it included 4.13 GB of information on me, which is quite a lot.

  1. To begin, go to your account settings (everything you need to press is marked with a red square).
  2. Then, on the right side of “Download Your Information,” go to “Your Facebook Information” and click “View.”
  3. Then click “Create File,” and Facebook will begin collecting it. Facebook will inform you when the data is available to download.
  4. This window will open later when you click the notification button. Here, clicks the “Download” button.

How to Deactivate or Deactivate Your Facebook Account

Erase your Facebook account and establish a new one is the simplest method to delete your Facebook history. Here are some easy steps to follow.

  1. Go to the settings tab.
  2. Then, on the right side of “Delete Your Account and Information,” click to “Your Facebook Information” and hit “View.” After that, you’ll see a few more windows asking you to confirm your account cancellation.

Wrap Up

Here’s all you need to know about deleting your Facebook history properly. Keep in mind that the information you’re about to erase is irreversible. Unless you have already downloaded your data