How To Delete Instagram Messages From Both Sides ?

Instagram is an American photo and video sharing social media app which is owned by Facebook. It was previously created for the users as a platform for sharing photos and videos.

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Now, it allows users to upload all kinds of media, which can be edited with filters and organized with tags and location information of the user. Users can post anything that can be shared publicly or with pre-approved followers. Users can browse other user’s content by tags and locations and also view their trending contents like stories. They can like and react to their photos and follow other users, so they can view their contents in the feed.

Now, there might be new users on Instagram and like all the newcomers they don’t know much about the features of Instagram and want to learn about it. Since Instagram allows you to chat along with other activities, people want to know how they can delete their messages. The main thing is that they want their message to be deleted from both the side i.e. the sender and the receiver side.

Don’t worry users. You will learn how to do it here. There are two ways to delete a message from Instagram and you don’t need to use any other device or any application or tools do to it. It is an in-built feature of Instagram which will help you delete your messages. You just need to learn the steps to do it.

Ways to delete messages on Instagram

There are two ways to delete messages on Instagram and they are as follows:

1. By deleting the whole conversation

The steps to delete the whole conversation on Instagram is given below:

  • First, log in to your Instagram account.
  • After that open your messages.
  • Search for the message you want to delete.
  • Then, long-tap on the chat you want to delete.
  • You will see three options viz. Delete, Mute Messages, Mute Video Chats.
  •   Select the Delete option.
  • Your conversation will be deleted.

This method will delete the whole conversation from your account. But, remember that this method will only delete the messages in your account. The recipient will still have the messages in their chat. Their chat box will have a conversation between the two of you unless they have deleted the messages as well using this method. Otherwise, the message will still be there.

2. By unsending the messages

The steps to unsend messages on Instagram are given below:

  • First, log in to your account.
  • After that, open your messages.
  • Search for the chat you want to delete the messages from.
  • Open your chat box and search for the message you want to unsend.
  • After finding the message, simply long-press it.
  • You will be given options viz. Copy, Unsend.
  • Select Unsend from the options.
  • Your message will disappear from the conversation.

This method deletes your message from your conversation from both sides. The recipient will not be able to see your message as it will be deleted from both the accounts as you select the unsend option in the chats.

Third-Party Tool or Apps

There are many third-party app and tools developed for executing these kinds of actions. You just need to install these apps in your device, any device you want to use it on. This app is designed so that it helps you do this job. You need to fill up the required information and follow the instructions given. The link to the app is given here:


In this way, newcomers can learn the features of Instagram and know how it works. And, using the above methods you can delete your messages. You can delete it just from Instagram Direct by deleting the conversation which will delete the messages from your account but it will still appear on the recipient’s account. 

The other method will allow you to delete it from both the accounts. But, if the recipient has the notification turned on then they will receive a notification that says “Message has been unsent.”, though they won’t be able to see it as it has been deleted already. Another probability is that if the recipient has already seen the message before you unsend it then there is nothing you can do but regret if the message was not a suitable one.

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