How to Delete Multiple Messages On Facebook Messenger?

If you are a ordinary user of Facebook Messenger, you’ll understand that Facebook doesn’t make deleting conversations a primary part of its messaging function. They simply clearly slide to the bottom because the chats fall into disuse, and the integrated delete function is painfully sluggish.

Unfortunately, due to the fact you’re not the most effective player in these conversations, deleting your aspect means very little. The different celebration still has it on their Facebook account, and even if everyone worried deletes the communication, the facts may additionally nevertheless be residing someplace on Facebook’s servers. Because Facebook isn’t always cease-to-give up encrypted by using default (although you may allow this feature), messages you convert on it could probably stick round in simple textual content for the lifetime of both accounts.

The Best Way To Delete Multiple Messages

You can use third party tools that are available to easily delete multiple messages on Facebook messenger. Use this tool available here and have a see.

If your fundamental goal is simply to make sure no one who receives get right of entry to to your Facebook can pry into your message records, complete deletion is simply the nice alternative. However, if you’re just seeking to clear up your cluttered inbox, you may want to bear in mind the “Archive” option. You can attain this by means of hitting the tools icon that appears while you hover over a verbal exchange and clicking “Archive.” This actions it to a separate folder where your antique messages can stay, adequately tucked far from your new ones.

Other Methods

  1. Open Facebook messages through or through Either way, the “slow” way will work. In order to delete individual messages, you need to hover over each conversation on the left side bar where the three dots are located.
  2. Once you click on the three dots, go ahead and click on delete. You don’t have to open up any conversations. You just need to be able to see the chat you wish to delete.
  3. Unfortunately, this method still only allows you to delete one chat at a time, and it is not removed permanently. Should the person you were messaging respond back to you, the entire conversation will resurface. Can you consider this method a true bulk deletion option? Sure, as you can delete multiple messages, just not all at once. It’s time consuming but does work just as well as the faster way.


The precise news is that no matter which of the two methods you pick, you could easy up your Messenger inbox. The bad information is that the whole lot stays one sided, and Facebook can also maintain your conversations saved on their servers. The most effective real “everlasting” answer is to conform to delete the communication with the alternative celebration (or parties) who also are a part of the verbal exchange. That “deletion percent” is in all likelihood the high-quality danger you have to maintain things off your Facebook messages app for accurate.

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