How To Delete My Xbox Live Account

The Xbox Live subscription service has become a major part of the gaming world, allowing gamers to play with each other, access applications and services, and make use of their downloaded games and content. But, if you no longer find the service useful and decide to end the subscription, you may be wondering how to delete your Xbox Live account. This article will explain the process of deleting an Xbox Live account, detailing the steps required and any additional information needed.

I. Introduction to Deleting Xbox Live Accounts

If you never use your Xbox Live account and would like to delete it, here is how you can permanently delete it. Xbox Live accounts can only be deleted online. Below you will find detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to delete your Xbox Live account:

Firstly, you must make sure that any accounts with Xbox Live are disconnected from the account you want to delete. To do this, sign into all extra profiles and go into their settings, selecting ‘Remove from Xbox’ under the ‘Manage children and family settings’ section. This will detach any extra profiles from the account you’ll be deleting.

Once that’s done, go to the Microsoft account website and select ‘Close Account’ from the ‘Your Account’ page. You’ll be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft credentials, then you’ll have to follow the on-screen instructions. Once you’ve completed the given steps, your account will be closed.

II. Reasons for Deleting an Xbox Live Account

Ownership Change

Microsoft’s Xbox Live service requires all users to log in with a unique gamertag, which is available to be used by only one person at a time. If the current user wishes to stop using the service, but wishes for the gamertag to remain in their possession, then it may be necessary to delete the Xbox Live account altogether.

Discontinued Service

Microsoft sometimes discontinues access to certain Xbox Live services that were previously available. If this is the case, then the user may opt to delete their Xbox Live account in order to stop spending money unnecessarily on a service that is no longer available.


Under certain circumstances, users may wish to delete their Xbox Live account in order to protect their personal information. This could include scenarios such as:

  • A user wishing to prevent their personal information from being shared with third parties.
  • A user wishing to prevent other players from gaining access to their private information.
  • A user wanting to prevent malicious users from using their gamertag for nefarious purposes.

III. Steps for Deleting Your Xbox Live Account

If you no longer wish to use your Xbox Live account, you can easily delete it by following these steps.

  • Go to the Privacy & Online Safety page on
  • Click on Manage Account Settings.
  • On the Settings Menu, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Close Account.

You will be asked to review the information on what closing your account entails. It is important you read this material to determine if deleting your account is the right option for your current situation. You may be required to enter your Microsoft account password as a means of confirmation after reviewing the relevant information.

Finally, click Close Account to delete your Xbox Live account. After a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation email that the account was successfully closed. Please note that once you delete your account, it cannot be recovered.

IV. After Deleting Your Xbox Live Account

Reactivating Your Account
Once you have decided to deactivate or delete your Xbox Live account, it would not be immediately available to use again. In order to access your content again or use the same credentials, you’ll be required to reactivate your account. To do this, sign back in with the same Microsoft account details you used to register your Xbox Live account. That will activate your account.

Reinstalling Content
There are several pieces of content such as games and add-on content associated with your Xbox Live account that will also need to be reinstalled. This can be done through the Xbox Live store on your console or using the Xbox App on your mobile device. Make sure to refer to the terms and conditions associated with the content you wish to download in order to understand any additional conditions that may apply.

If you have any active subscriptions associated with your account, such as Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass, you’ll need to be aware of any renewal dates or cancellation requirements. If the subscription was purchased through a third-party, you’ll be required to contact them for any questions, cancellations or requests for refunds. In some cases you may be able to have content subscriptions or other purchases transferred to another account. Refer to the FAQ of Microsoft’s website for more information.

V. Troubleshooting Solutions for Xbox Live Account Deletion

Xbox Live accounts can be deleted when a player no longer wishes to keep their profile or due to other circumstances. When an account is deleted, all information associated with the account is also deleted, including titles and game progress. There are several troubleshooting solutions available to those who wish to recover their deleted Xbox Live accounts, as outlined below:

  • Check for an Inactive Status: If the game progress from a deleted account can still be viewed online, it is likely that the account is still in an inactive status. To reactivate the account, players can log into their Microsoft account and select the “Confirm Deletion” option. It is possible that a player may have to wait up to 60 days before the account can be reactivated.
  • Submit a Service Request: Upon submitting a service request regarding an account deletion to Microsoft, the company will review whether the account can be recovered. Players will be asked to provide detailed information to Microsoft, including the Xbox Live account email address and other information related to the account.
  • Contact Xbox Support: If further assistance is required, players can contact an Xbox support team directly. Upon providing the same information given when submitting a service request, the support representative may be able to explain what happened and provide further steps for players to take to restore their profile.

It is important to note that if an account is deleted, the progress from that account can no longer be recovered. Also, any purchases made on the account will no longer be able to be used, and players will not be able to access any of the content purchased on the profile. Furthermore, if a player is using the same Microsoft account for multiple Xbox Live accounts, all profiles associated with the same Microsoft account will be affected by the account deactivation.

In conclusion, deleting your Xbox Live account is a simple and straightforward process, but it does require you to follow certain steps in order to complete it correctly. By following the information provided in this article, you will be able to delete your Xbox Live account easily and quickly. This will ensure that your personal details and gaming data remain secure and protected.

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