How To Delete Thousands Of Unread Email From Gmail

It’s really very easy, and it takes a lot less time than going through each one and removing it. We will be learning about the ways of deleting thousands of unread email from Gmail at once

How to Delete All Gmail Unread Emails

Most Gmail users automatically sort their emails by when they were received, beginning with the most recent. If you check in the left sidebar where your email folders are stored, you’ll notice a number beside the Inbox folder that indicates the number of unread emails you have. This only applies to messages in your main inbox; it does not apply to messages on the Social or Promotions tabs, junk mail, or other folders.

You may use a filter to view all of your unread Gmail emails at a glance in your inbox. With a few clicks, you can delete all of your unread emails after you’ve sorted them. Here’s how to do it:

1. Type is:unread in the Search Mail bar.

2. Alternatively, in the Search Mail box, click the Down arrow.

3. Click the dropdown menu for the Search box at the bottom of the list.

4. Unread Mail should be selected.

5. Use the blue Search button to find what you’re looking for.

6. To select all messages in the list of Unread emails, click the checkbox at the top of the list.

7. To remove all selected messages, click the trashcan symbol and confirm.

Your unopened emails will be transferred to your trash bin for 30 days after you delete them altogether. To delete these messages instantly, go to your Trash folder and select the Empty Bin Now option in the upper right corner.

You may use this method to remove all promotions in Gmail if you just want to delete promotional messages (located in the Promotions tab).

Using Third-Party Cleaning Apps, Delete All Unread Emails in Gmail

It’s simple to keep your inbox clean once you know how to remove unopened emails in Gmail. The disadvantage of doing it manually is that it requires a few additional steps. Because there is no Delete All Unread option in Gmail, your inbox will remain crowded and inefficient until you put out the effort.

That’s why an email cleaning software like Clean Email can be such a useful time saver. It cleans up your inbox for you – just set the rules once and your app will take care of the rest.

Unread email deletion may be automated using third-party email cleaning applications. You may use rules and filters to ensure that none of your critical communications are lost. It’s simple to understand how much time automation may save you if you’re like the typical Gmail user, who receives 121+ emails each day.

How Can Clean Email Help You Keep Your Inbox Clean?

Clean Email is one of the most feature-rich and user-friendly Gmail email clients.

Its user-friendly features allow you to combine emails and perform mass actions. Create Smart Views by creating custom rules for how you want your messages in your inbox to be filtered (by category vs sender, for example), even the ones you don’t want to view! Smart Views allow you to quickly scan your email.

The Quick Clean function in Clean Email organizes the kinds of emails that are most often cleaned by the app’s users. Thousands of messages may be seen at once, and mass actions can be taken to delete them. You can also alter your labels and rules with a few clicks if you change your mind about how you want to arrange your inbox.

Let’s suppose you receive numerous promotional emails from your favorite clothes shop each week. Clean Email may apply a filter or rule that combines all of these emails together, rather than having them strewn across your inbox. This way, all of your store’s specials, discounts, and even shipping notifications are gathered and kept in one convenient place.

Or maybe you get a slew of unsolicited email newsletters on a daily basis. The Unsubscriber tool in Clean Email may help you automate your unsubscribe requests. You don’t have to read every email and go through their unsubscribe procedures, which may be lengthy, complicated, and unpleasant at times.

Furthermore, Clean Email complies with all Gmail API standards. It is just as concerned about your privacy and security as you are. In reality, Gmail significantly restricted the kinds of applications that could access Gmail in 2019. This software is one of the few of its type that complies with strict privacy standards and safeguards your email data.

Clean Email has you covered if you want to learn how to remove all unread emails in Gmail at once. Here’s an example of how simple it is:

1. Click the Unread Mail folder on the left sidebar after installing the Clean Email app.

2. All unread mail from all folders (excluding Spam) will be seen.

3. Bulk Select and delete your unread emails.

Clean Email is available to test for free to discover how it works and how it might change your email!

In Gmail, how can I remove thousand of emails?

The quickest method to remove thousands of messages in Gmail is to use an inbox cleaning software like Clean Email. It automates the filtering and grouping of emails based on your user history and any criteria you provide. Review the groups of messages that Clean Email has marked for deletion in a hurry, then delete all of them in one go.

How do you remove emails in bulk in Gmail?

To begin, filter your list of emails to be deleted. To find all the mails you wish to remove, use the Search Mail bar (by Unread status, by sender, etc.). When the list appears, check the box to select all emails, then delete them by clicking the trashcan symbol. Using an inbox cleansing application like Clean Email is a quicker option.

In Gmail, how can I select all unread emails?

In the Search Mail bar at the top of your inbox, type is:unread, then press Enter. The total number of unread emails will be shown. Click the checkbox at the top of the email list to choose them. You may now do mass actions on the messages you’ve chosen, such as archive, delete, or label as spam.

Final Words

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