How To Download Profile Picture Guard On Facebook

How Do I Bypass Facebook Profile Picture Guard And Download Profile Picture

Profile image guard is another Facebook security feature that was originally launched in India to protect individual Facebook account holders' profile pictures from theft. Other nations gradually adopted this supplementary security element. The function, which can be described as an anti-theft profile image feature, prohibits others from downloading guarded profile photos, thus increasing the privacy of your profile picture and limiting the abuse of Facebook profile pictures (which are secured by profile picture guard).

If you're a regular Facebook user, you're probably wondering how and why you utilize Facebook profile picture guard, and if there's any advantage to having this function associated with your profile. The answer is a resounding YES. It may cause you worry if a user views your Facebook profile with/without logging in to take your highly personal profile picture and post it outside of Facebook (similar to Facebook video outside of Facebook sharing). To avoid such rash conduct, you should activate the profile picture guard function, just like other security-conscious users.

At first glance, Facebook profile photo guard may seem to be an inconvenient app request. However, in order to get greater protection, you must allow Facebook. Simply click on your profile image to activate this option. To activate profile photo guard on your Facebook account, go to Options >> Turn on Profile Picture Guard and click Save. If the profile photo guard function isn't accessible in your country, you may use a Facebook web proxy or any decent vpn software to enable it in your account.

How to Download Facebook Profile Picture Guard Profile Pictures

There are, however, a few options for downloading a profile image from a profile picture guard account. The procedure is as follows:

Log in to your Facebook account and choose the appropriate profile from which you wish to save your profile image, which is protected by Facebook profile picture guard. If you are not a Facebook member, you may get the necessary person's Facebook id in order to obtain his or her profile image.

Copy and paste the URL below into your browser's URL box. Profile ID/picture?width=800

You must replace the 15-digit profile specific unique entity id or Facebook profile id with the 15-digit profile specific unique entity id or Facebook profile id.

To open the picture, use the Enter key. To download the Facebook profile photo guard protected image, right click on it and choose “save image as.”

Download the Facebook Profile Picture Privacy Guard Image as an alternative method.

Image-of is a software accessible on GitHub that allows you to grab any Facebook user's profile image. This is a command-line tool that needs your computer to have node.js installed. This utility may be downloaded from the URL shown below.

  1. To begin, download and install node.js from
  2. Then, to activate the Image-of utility, run npm install —global image-of.
  3. With administrator privileges, open the command prompt.
  4. Use the command image-of -u “FacebookUsername” to install anyone's profile picture from Facebook. Replace “FacebookUsername” with the user's real username.
  5. If you know the Facebook user profile id, use image-of -i “FacebookUserId” as the command. Instead of “FacebookUserId,” use the actual user profile id.

All of the profile photos (including the Facebook profile picture guard ) will be saved to C:UsersUsername of PC.

If you're a Windows user, go to Facebook-Images.

Final Thoughts:

This post will show you how to download the profile image of virtually any Facebook user, even if the profile picture guard is turned on or the account login is password protected. It's important to note that you don't use these techniques to abuse others. Do it just for the sake of learning or if you must get it at any costs?

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