How To Export Your Twitter Followers Into CSV Or Excel File

How Can You Export Your Twitter Followers Into CSV Or Excel File

It should be simple to export your Twitter followers. It’s the same as asking a bank for your financials.

Twitter does allow you to export Twitter followers from your account in JSON format. Reading data in JSON format is a little more difficult since you must first unzip the downloaded folder and then open the individual JSON files in a text editor.

When it comes to the followers list, we simply get a profile link and the Twitter account ID of each individual follower.

However, it is a simple method, and I will go through the procedures required in exporting your Twitter following list from your account. I’ll also suggest a premium technique, Followers Analysis, that allows you to export Twitter followers from any public Twitter account.

These instructions will walk you through the process of exporting your Twitter followers from the Twitter desktop website.

  1. Sign in to Twitter.
  2. Click the ‘More’ button.
  3. Select ‘Settings and Privacy.’
  4. Click on ‘Your Account’ in the box that displays.
  5. Then, choose ‘Download an archive of your data.’
  6. When asked, enter your Twitter password.

Please follow these instructions if you are using a mobile device:

  1. Log in to the Twitter app and go to the menu.
  2. Click on ‘Settings and Privacy,’ then on ‘Account.’
  3. Click ‘Your Twitter Data,’ then ‘Download Archive.’

After inputting your password, you will get an archive link to download your Twitter data through the email address linked with your Twitter account.

The data is not created quickly, and Twitter needs a few days to aggregate your data. Once this procedure is done, you will get a download link at your Twitter registered e-mail ID.

Once the data has been downloaded, you will see a list of numerous metrics under which you must separately examine the information.

This is an example of data obtained from Twitter’s website. As you can see, the information is in plain text format, with merely the account ID and link.

Although this is a nice start, it does not achieve your goal. To identify followers, you must still manually enter each user ID, which I feel is inefficient.

Followers Analysis exports the Twitter followers list for any public account.

These are the methods for downloading a list of followers from Followers Analysis.

  1. Navigate to and choose ‘Followers Analysis & Data.’
  2. Enter the Twitter handle of your choosing and press the ‘Submit’ button.
  3. You will get a pricing estimate for the data shortly. The fee varies depending on the account details.
  4. Then, click “Add to Cart” and then “View Cart.”
  5. Select “Place Order.” Log in to your current account or register for a new one.
  6. After you pay, your report will begin to generate and will be available to download in seconds.

Following these procedures, you will be able to obtain follower data in CSV (Excel) format, as well as several other important analytical insights (in PDF).

An examination of the analytical report

We can see from the data from Followers Analysis that the data acquired from Twitter pales in contrast to the enormous quantity of information we receive from Followers Analysis. The quantity of indicators supplied by the Followers Analysis report is as impressive as the quality of the information. Let’s have a look at the report that was downloaded.

User Id: A Twitter account’s unique identifier.

Name: The Twitter account’s name.

Username: The Twitter account’s username.

Twitter Joined Date (UTC): The date on which the Twitter account was created.

Verified or unverified: Whether or not the Twitter account has been verified.

Bio: The Twitter account’s bio, as indicated in its Twitter profile.

Location: The location provided by the Twitter account.

URL of the webpage reported by the Twitter user

Tweets Count: The total number of tweets sent by the Twitter account.

Following Count: The number of people who follow the Twitter account.

Followers Count: The number of people who follow the Twitter account.

Count of Lists: The number of lists to which the Twitter account has been added by other Twitter users.

Likes Count: The number of tweets liked by the Twitter account.

Profile URL: The URL to the profile of a Twitter account.

Profile Image URL: The URL of the Twitter account’s profile picture.

Protected or unprotected: Whether or not the Twitter account is protected.

Last Tweet Date (UTC): The date and time of the Twitter account’s most recent tweet.

The metrics offered by the Followers Analysis report are as follows. When compared to the information supplied by Twitter, the Followers Analysis report is a treasure of knowledge! It’s like striking the jackpot of Twitter data.




Analytical findings extracted from the report

The report is made up of attractively presented data. Let’s go a little more into the CSV report’s analytics:

1: The number of followers and the date of the latest tweet

This is a critical metric produced from the report. The last tweet date confirms that the account has been dormant since that time. Based on their degree of activity, this indicator tells us which of your followers are phony.

2: Follower account age

The Twitter account age of followers displays the proportion of your followers who launched their Twitter account in any given year. This might assist you in distinguishing between a large number of new accounts. The older the story, the more credible it is.

  1. The number of tweets sent by a Twitter account’s followers.

The graph depicts the number of followers of the Twitter account split by the number of tweets they have sent. It is located on the “Tweets Count” tab of the exported raw CSV list. Accounts with no tweets are considered inactive and may be spam or fraudulent.

4: The number of followers on a Twitter account.

This metric displays the number of people who follow your Twitter account. Accounts with no followers are regarded as fraudulent.

5: Verified and protected followers %

The profile verification status certifies the authenticity of a Twitter account. It demonstrates that the account is authentic. Protected accounts engage in covert activities such as postings that may not be accessible to those outside the group.

6: Top followers and followers list

We can locate the most popular and active followers of a Twitter account, as well as the followers with the most likes and followers list.

The analytical report’s applications

The report created by Followers Analysis may be used in a variety of ways. Everything from analyzing your Twitter following base to reading interaction trends may be accomplished by just reading the report. I plan to develop a couple more apps for this report.

  1. Audience Insights:

 You may discover who your Twitter followers are if you export your followers list. You may look up information such as your age, language, geographical area, bio, and more. This will allow you to create more tailored marketing techniques to capture their interest. This way, rather than experimenting with different tactics and hoping for the best, you can develop educated plans that succeed.

  1. Analyze Followers:

 By exporting your followers list, you have access to a variety of information that may assist you in analyzing the quality of your following base. You can find the most engaged followers, who will help your post get attention and drive trending discussions about your company. You may also locate ghost followers that don’t interact with you and unfollow them. This might assist you in increasing your interaction rate while also removing bogus followers.


  1. Find Influencers:

 Influencer marketing is the most popular paid marketing channel among brands. Customers’ purchasing choices may be swayed in your favor. You can find influencers with a significant and engaged following by studying your followers. You may further investigate their followers to find the best brand supporter for your company.

  1. Make the Most of Your Posting Time:

 Twitter is a fast-paced social media site where thousands of individuals may interact with your post. A tweet, on the other hand, has a lifetime of around 15-20 minutes. If you do not publish while people are online, your tweet will be relegated to the bottom of their timeline. You can find the time window when individuals are online and engaged with your tweet by studying your followers.

  1. Gain Competitor Information: By exporting and analyzing your rivals’ Twitter followers, you may gain a variety of insights. You can evaluate their effective marketing methods, assess the quality of their audience, find influencers who connect with them, and much more. The insights may also be used to compare your social media performance to that of your rivals.


We can observe from the above data that the analytical reports include a large quantity of information when compared to the Twitter report. The created report is comprehensive and informative, allowing you to make useful conclusions.

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