How To Find Out What Is My Whatsapp Number?

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging programs in the world. It is seen for both the youth and the elderly. Although tech-savvy and young trained users would have little trouble finding their WhatsApp username (a name that is recognizable to everyone as they dial the phone number) and number, the job could be daunting for the elderly and technologically impaired.

When you factor in the fact that most Android phones already accept dual SIMs, you're staring at a lot of puzzled looks. Don't worry if this describes you. For all Android and iOS devices, here's a step-by-step guide to finding WhatsApp's number and user name.

Let's get started.

  1. On Android, locate my WhatsApp number and user name

    On your Android handset, open WhatsApp and tap the three-dot menu. From here, pick Settings.

Your name should appear at the top of the page, along with your profile photo. If you tap it, your name and registered mobile number will appear in WhatsApp.

On WhatsApp, you may only get one phone number. About the fact that most phones already accept two SIMs, the software does not enable users to build and maintain two accounts from the same handset. However, there are ways to get around this restriction by installing another WhatsApp case. You can then open a second WhatsApp account on the same phone and use it at the same time.

Xiaomi smartphone users may use the built-in Dual Apps function to quickly clone WhatsApp on their devices. There's still no need to download and practice how to use a third-party program.

Click on the appropriate attribute if you wish to adjust your name or phone number. If you tap on your name, for example, your keyboard app should open automatically. Tap Save after you've entered your preferred term.

When you try to update your WhatsApp number, the measures are a bit more involved. The number is used to validate your account, and you would verify it again if you alter it. Then tap Next after selecting the figure. You'll get a reminder that your account, along with all of its records, will be transitioning to this new number. The phone number must be active, and the SIM card must be installed on your mobile.

WhatsApp can immediately detect your country code, but double-check it for any errors. You'll start by entering your current WhatsApp number, then your new desired WhatsApp number. Next should be tapped.

To check possession, you will now receive an OTP on your latest WhatsApp number. If the app is unable to find the OTP automatically, manually enter it and proceed. You can now see three ways to alert your friends about your latest WhatsApp number.

Note: Your talk history would not be erased if you are using the same phone to update your WhatsApp number. That is possible on a dual SIM Android phone where you are merely modifying the figure, but not the handset itself. While you are moving phones too, take a copy.

  1. Find My WhatsApp Number and User name on iOS

    Android and iOS devices work differently, but WhatsApp stays more or less the same. Here is a full rundown on how to locate and update your user name and number in WhatsApp.

Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad, and under Settings, tap on your name next to the profile photo.

You can notice your name and mobile number displayed here. Tap on the name to modify it. Your regular or preferred keyboard app will open automatically upon choosing the word.

To adjust your cell number to a new SIM number, go back and tap on Account and pick Change Number.

You can see a warning screen where they will clarify what happens if you update your WhatsApp phone. Just as in Android, all your account files, including settings, classes, and other stuff will be moved to this new amount. The mechanism is permanent. Tap on Next when ready. You can now enter your old or existing WhatsApp telephone number and then your latest or desired mobile number.

An OTP will be sent to the new number to validate the operation. Enter the OTP whether the SIM is on a separate iPhone or not identified automatically.

Depending on your internet speed, the transfer phase can take some time. You can now display all your WhatsApp data on the new number. Much as in Android, you can see three ways to update your contacts on your cell number upgrade. Choose one as per your needs.

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I hope the article helped you recognise and update your WhatsApp name and number. If you are still not aware, lost anywhere, or have any questions do communicate with us in the comments section below. The method is pretty straightforward, and measures are quick to follow but not for everyone. That's when we fall in. That's our work, our goal. Help all the way we can.

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