How to Find Someone’s Birthday on Snapchat

Snapchat often places a birthday cake emoji next to a user’s username on their birthday. This might help us remember and deliver birthday greetings despite our hectic schedules. And it’s particularly helpful if you’re maintaining streaks!

But how do Snapchat users see forthcoming birthdays?

Android and iOS devices use slightly different techniques to get future birthdays, but the outcomes are the same!

Let’s examine how Snapchat helps us organize birthdays in advance.

How Do I View Future Birthdays on an iOS Device?

In addition to interactive antics, Snapchat provides a vast array of software functions. Keeping track of forthcoming birthdays may be quite helpful.

Let’s see how to explore it on an iOS device:

  1. Open the Snapchat application on your iOS device.
  2. Tap the chat icon in the navigation bar’s footer.
  3. To open a conversation, tap on its icon. If you tap on a friend’s Bitmoji, the profile will open.
  4. Tap the rocket icon in the lower right corner of the display.
  5. Click “Open” next to “Birthdays.”
  6. You may now view all forthcoming birthdays, beginning with the nearest one.

How to View an Android Device’s Upcoming Birthdays

Snapchat is comparable to use on both Android and iOS smartphones. However, because the interface is unique, the stages may vary significantly.

It is recommended that you have the latest version of Snapchat and that your device is up-to-date.

Let’s examine the procedures necessary to view the forthcoming birthdays of your Snapchat pals on your Android device:

  1. Start the Snapchat application on your Android device
  2. Click the chat icon in the navigation bar’s footer.
  3. Select a conversation to launch it.
  4. Tap the rocket-shaped symbol in the lower right corner of the screen after the conversation has launched.
  5. Select ‘Birthdays’.
  6. Now you may view the impending birthdays of all your pals in chronological order.

How Do You Schedule Your Birthday?

We suppose you want your birthday to be celebrated! For your friends to know your birthday in advance, you must also add it to your profile.

Here are the procedures necessary to establish your birthday:

  1. Launch the Snapchat mobile application on your smartphone.
  2. Tap your Bitmoji in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Tap the symbol for settings in the upper right corner.
  4. Select “Birthday” from the “My Account” menu.
  5. Set your birthdate or correct the date if it is incorrect.
  6. Click “Continues
  7. Tap “OK” to confirm the modifications.

Your friends will now be able to see your birthday in their ‘upcoming birthdays’ and receive an alert on your special day!


We inhabit a very digitalized world. And the irony is that we virtually always forget birthdays even when we have our phones in our hands!

Apps such as Snapchat provide polite reminders to spare us from shame. However, Snapchat is unique in that it displays a list of upcoming birthdays, which is quite useful given the app’s daily nature.


Q:Why isn’t one friend’s birthday displayed?
A:This often occurs when a Snapchat user has not granted permission for personal information to be shared. Or perhaps they have restricted access to confidential information.

Q:How can I view upcoming birthdays on the Snapchat iPad app?
A:You may use the same procedures as with any iOS device. Simply start Snapchat, navigate to your messages, click on a friend’s conversation, and choose the rocket emoji. You may browse all forthcoming birthdays by selecting the ‘Birthdays’ option.

Q:Will Snapchat alert me when someone’s birthday approaches?
A:No, Snapchat does not send birthday alerts to your friends, but you can know if they have a birthday cake emoji next to their username!