How to Fix Snapchat Message Disappeared Before Opening

Among the various uses for Snapchat, the messaging function is frequently the most crucial. Due to its distinctive features and user design, chatting on Snapchat is frequently a fascinating experience. Because all communications must be deleted instantly or within twenty-four hours (unless manually stored), communicating on Snapchat is an entirely different experience. Messages in a conversation disappear sooner or later, depending on your preference, making it more secure and engaging.

In rare cases, you may discover that a communication disappeared before you could read it. As intriguing as this may sound, it is not a secret function of the software. True, Snapchat contains several peculiar-appearing features. However, Snapchat has not considered having messages disappear before they are even viewed. Not that there is any logic to it.

So, what happens if you receive a notification about an incoming conversation from a buddy, but when you access the Chats tab, there is no message from that person? This is what we will be discussing in this blog. Learn what this problem might imply and how to resolve it on Snapchat by reading about it.

Why do Snapchat messages vanish before being opened?

“Delete is our default.” This is what Snapchat says regarding the platform’s user-to-user communications. The underlying policy of the platform remains that nothing lasts forever.

Consequently, Snapchat messages are destroyed sooner (right after reading) or later (24 hours after viewing). In addition, there are distinct criteria for snaps you get that are unopened.

While conversations are often erased after being read, pictures might vanish even before being viewed. In one-on-one discussions, if you do not open a snap within 31 days of receiving it, it is immediately erased. Likewise, unopened snaps in group conversations are deleted after seven days if they are not viewed.

Therefore, if you had an unopened snap that suddenly vanished from your Chats screen, it may have been removed automatically if the indicated time limit had passed.

However, what if a photo or message vanishes immediately after you receive it, even if you haven’t viewed it? According to user reports, this is certainly feasible and has occurred to numerous Snap chatters who are just as perplexed as you. So, what may be the cause?

If a Snapchat message vanished from your Chats immediately after you got it, but before you saw it, there are only two possible explanations:

  1. Before you read this message, the sender removed it.
  2. It is a brief Snapchat bug.

The solution to the problem of Snapchat messages disappearing before they can be viewed relies on the cause of the issue.

How to Repair Snapchat Messages That Disappear Before Opening

If a Snapchat message you got vanished before you could access it, it might have occurred for one of the following three reasons:

  1. The message became obsolete
  2. The sender removed the communication.
  3. It’s a flaw

Since each of the aforementioned causes is distinct from the others, we shall handle each circumstance independently. Find out how to repair this problem on Snapchat by reading on.

If the message’s expiration date has passed

If it has been more than 31 days since the message was sent to a one-on-one discussion or seven days after it was sent to a group chat, the message will expire and be wiped from Snapchat’s servers permanently.

What are your options? Regrettably, nothing.

If your Snapchat messages have expired, there is no way to retrieve them, regardless of your efforts. The simplest technique to restore an expired communication is to request that the sender resend the message.

The sender has erased the message

This is the most typical reason a message gets deleted before being read. And it is also the most straightforward. It is possible that someone sent you an email they did not intend to send. As soon as they realized their error, they removed the message before you could see it.

In this instance as well, there is nothing you can do to bring back the vanished message. You can simply ask the sender if the communication was erased and if it was crucial. They would explain what transpired.

A bug has eaten your message

Snapchat is quite trustworthy in terms of technological errors. However, this does not imply that the platform has no technological concerns. Occasionally, bugs may severely affect your experience by sneaking into an app in the most unexpected areas.

If your Snapchat messages have vanished before reading, and you have eliminated the first two possibilities, the only remaining alternative is a bug.

This does not occur frequently. Occasionally, though, you would hear the familiar Snapchat notification tone and see that a buddy had sent you a conversation. However, when you click the notification, the Chats screen will be empty.

If this occurs, you must do many actions.

First, log out of Snapchat and close the application. Follow the these steps:

  1. Navigate to your device’s Settings > Applications.
  2. Navigate through the application list to discover Snapchat. Tap on Snapchat.
  3. Navigate to the Storage area of the App details display.
  4. Displays two options: Clear data and Clear cache. Select Clear data.
  5. Open the Play Store and, if an update is available, upgrade Snapchat.
  6. Open Snapchat and sign in to your account again. See if the message is shown.

If your message still does not display after doing these steps, your only remaining option is to request that your buddy resend it.


Snapchat messages are deleted once they are seen. Occasionally, though, communications can vanish before being viewed, which can be rather peculiar.

This article discusses whether this issue is a mistake or a lesser-known Snapchat function that automatically deletes unread messages. If this issue is caused by a mistake, we have outlined how to resolve it.

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