How To Go Live On TikTok Without Any Restrictions?

TikTok can be used for all forms of things, from lip-syncing shenanigans to absurdist comedy. And, for a few, there’s also the choice to livestream video straight from your cellphone.

Currently, you’ll want to have at the least 1,000 fans to get right of entry to the function. And although the age minimum for TikTok in fashionable is 13, you need to be at the least 16 years vintage to livestream.

If you’re over 18, those who view your livestream also can ship you “virtual gifts.” These are a virtual currency that may be become real cash, although the alternate price is very low.

Assuming you meet all of the standards and have the function available, but, it’s honestly quite clean to begin a livestream. Here are the stairs you’ll want to take to get commenced using the TikTok app for each iPhone and Android.

Just follow these simple steps to go live on TIKTOK on both Android and iOS devices:-

  • First, download and install the TIKTOK app from the Play Store or App Store into your device. After opening the app, Log In to your account or make a new account.
  • Search for the Add Button Icon that should look like a Plus Sign (+) at the bottom of the screen and click on it. This will open up the video screen.
  • Add a Title for your Live Stream. Then press on the “LIVE” button present next to the recording button which will open up your Live Stream.
  • Add an interesting, eye-catching TITLE to your live stream which lets your fans and followers know about all crucial details of your live stream.
  • For the Title, avoid the use of words that are banned. Some of them being a duet, fan, drama, donation, follow drama queen, bff etc.
  • Lastly, tap on the “GO LIVE” button, and your live streaming will commence. These steps will help you to go live on TikTok on android devices. The steps to go live on TikTok on iOS devices are also the same. Click on “X” and then press on confirm to stop your live stream.

How can You Go Live On TikTok Without 1000 Fans?

Well, My Friends! Don’t you think that the requirement of having one thousand fanatics to head live on TikTok is a piece too old fashioned?

You all have to be considering how to cross stay on TikTok without having one thousand enthusiasts? Well, we’re right here to help you with the same.

There had been some widespread modifications made to the features and capability of the TikTok app and additionally had a substantial change and update made to the interface of the app. However, the reason of the app has nonetheless not modified.

The GO LIVE feature of TikTok has changed in the course of. Even after such extensive changes, GOING LIVE on TikTok is still very easy. Using the equal steps, you could move live on each Android and iOS devices.

You can go live in a few simple steps:-

  • These steps are the same for going live on both Android and iOS Devices.
  • Download and install the app and then go to the homepage of the TikTok app and press the plus (+) button present at the bottom of your screen. This will open up a video screen. Press on the Live button which will commence your streaming.
  • Add a title to your stream. Once you have started recording a video, press on the “GO LIVE” button present next to the recording button on your screen.

And there you go, YOU ARE LIVE!

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