How To Hide Your Phone Number On WhatsApp

When you initially join up for WhatsApp, you use your current phone number, which gives you access to your phone’s contacts. However, not everyone will want to link their phone number to WhatsApp, particularly if they wish to communicate discreetly with new people online.

So, is there a method to conceal your WhatsApp phone number?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to hide your phone number from WhatsApp—you must join up for the program using a legitimate phone number. However, this does not imply that you must use your actual phone number.

Let’s look at how to join up for WhatsApp without providing your primary phone number.

A phone number is required to establish a WhatsApp account, as previously stated. If you wish to conceal your actual phone number, you may obtain a burner number via one of many internet providers.

Let’s have a look at some of the services that may help you with this.

Changing Your Phone Number

There are more than a dozen providers available online to get a secondary phone number.

Our preferred choice is Google Voice, which is ideal for our needs. It provides personal and commercial services and is updated regularly on both the web and mobile platforms. You may even use your phone number to route calls, make free calls inside the United States, and text your relatives and friends.Calls and messages may be made and received using your phone number. It’s a fantastic service, particularly for the price, and it’s our top recommendation for anybody searching for a new WhatsApp phone number.

Talkatone, like Google Voice, makes it simple to obtain a free phone number. The service provides you with a new phone number for calling and messaging that includes the US or Canadian area code.

Talkatone even allows you to modify this number if necessary. Ads are present on Talkatone, but if you’re just using the phone number to authenticate your account, this shouldn’t be an issue.

While Voice and Talkatone are our top two choices for our needs, if you’re searching for an app that offers more than just calls and texts, or one that allows you to establish several numbers, check out these apps:

We’ll use a Google Voice number and screenshots from Voice to set up a new WhatsApp account for the purposes of this post.

The procedure of setting up Google Voice is pretty simple. To get started, you’ll need a Google account, and the app and website will guide new users through selecting a new phone number. You’re ready to go on to the next stage in the process after you have your new Google Voice number.

How to Create a New WhatsApp Account

Okay, now that you have your new phone number from one of the providers listed above, you can start creating a new WhatsApp account.

Begin by fully logging out of your WhatsApp account. WhatsApp will ask for your phone number after you’ve reached the login page in order to register your account and authenticate your device. Enter the secondary phone number you established via Google Voice instead of your existing phone number (or the alternative you chose).

When you click “Next,” WhatsApp will ask you to verify your phone number. To go to the next step, double-check that you entered your number properly and click “OK.”

After that, WhatsApp will ask you to see your SMS messages so it can identify the verification code automatically. Allowing WhatsApp to do this is usually extremely handy, but do not enable it.

WhatsApp won’t be able to identify the code from your phone since the text is sent to your Google Voice or Talkatone number rather than your device’s SMS inbox. Instead, select “Not Now” to manually input the verification code.

Enter the six numbers into the field on your smartphone after you’ve received your code. After that, you’ll be prompted to give your WhatsApp account a name (which you may change later), and you’ll be sent to your new inbox.

You can still see your contacts from your main mobile even if you use your alternate number; however, they won’t see your name in your account until you offer them your alternate number or start texting them via the service.

What Is the Best Way to Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number?

If you’ve been using WhatsApp for a long time and don’t want to establish a new account, you may change your phone number in your account’s settings.

The methods following are based on the Android version of the program, but iOS users should be able to follow identical instructions on their own platform.

1. Launch WhatsApp.

2. To change your phone number, go to More choices > Settings > Account > Change number.

3 . In the top box, type your current account phone number.

4. In the bottom box, enter your Google Voice number.

5. Next should be tapped.

6. If you wish to notify your contacts about your new phone number, choose Notify Contacts.

7. To store and verify the new phone number, tap DONE.

WhatsApp will update your account to add your Google Voice phone number once you complete these instructions.

Last Thoughts

While signing up for WhatsApp needs your phone number, there’s nothing stopping you from using a fake or burner number to successfully “hide” your actual number.

When you use an alternative number on WhatsApp, you may offer it to your friends, family, and colleagues while keeping your main phone number safe from strangers.