How To Migrate All My Google Drive To Different Account

Google Drive is a free online file storage service offered by Google for all Gmail users, with 15 GB of free storage space. You can save, share, create, and edit files on the cloud using Google Drive. Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive are the three services that share the free storage space.

As a result, once the storage limit is reached, you’ll have to either buy additional Google Drive space or transfer your stuff to another account. People prefer to transfer their data to another Google Drive account, despite the fact that paying for more storage is not a feasible choice for everyone.

We’ll go through how to transfer your data from one Google Drive account to another in this post.

What are the Benefits of Migrating Google Drive Data to a Different Account?

Migrating Google Drive data from one account to another may be for a variety of reasons, including:

The current account isn’t functioning correctly.

You’re using a professional email account with insufficient storage capacity.

You’d want to switch to a different account for personal or professional reasons.

You wish to transfer some important papers from a shared account to a personal account.

These are some of the most frequent reasons for moving data across Google Drive accounts. Let’s have a look at the several ways for transferring Google Drive data to another account.

To migrate all of your Google Drive data, including files, folders, and subfolders, as well as their metadata, hierarchy, and user rights, use the Kernel Google Drive Migration tool.

Methods for Migrating Data from Google Drive

There are relatively few choices accessible when it comes to manual procedures. We’ve gone through some of the most popular ways for transferring data from Google Drive.

Direct Transfer from One Account to Another is the first method.

Using the natural capabilities of your Gmail account to transfer data from Google Drive is the easiest method:

Go to Google Drive after logging into your Gmail account.

Select the documents or files that you wish to move to a different account.

Right-click the files and choose Share; a new wizard will open.

Click Advanced settings and provide the account information for another Gmail account. After that, make sure the modification to access permission is set to “To Owner” and click the Send button.

The data will be moved to an other Google Drive account, which you can use to verify your files.

The second method is to download and upload the file.

This technique is useful for those who have trouble transferring data from one disk to another. This technique, however, is simpler than the previous one.

Go to Gmail and sign in using your username and password.

Go to Google Drive and pick the files you wish to move to a different account.

Copy all of the files and place them in a new folder with the name Export. The folder will be created in your current directory.

You may now simply download the Export folder and save all of the files you want to your computer.

Right-click the folder and choose Download from the menu. The Google server will compress all of the files into a zip file for you.

You can simply extract all of the contents from the single zip file after it has been downloaded.

After extracting the data, create a new Google Drive account and click the “+” button to add the files and folders from the previous account.

Use Google Takeout as a third option.

Google Takeout is yet another Google tool that allows users to build an archive of their data that can then be simply moved to other accounts. It uses a convoluted method to transmit data and will convert your files into a different format. However, when transferring your data to the new account, you may alter the file types in the settings.

Manual Methods Have Limitations

Yes, of course! Everyone wants to utilize manual techniques, but don’t you think the ones listed above are a little too complex and need you to complete each step separately? It will also take a lot of time, and you won’t be able to perform these techniques quickly if you don’t know how to use Google Drive.

But don’t be concerned! Kernel Google Drive Migration is an alternative option for you. It’s a sophisticated piece of software with sophisticated algorithms for transferring data from one Google Drive to another.


In a variety of circumstances, we often need to transfer data from one Google Drive account to another. However, the majority of individuals are unaware of the migration procedure, which frequently leads to misunderstanding. To clear up any ambiguity, we’ve listed the most efficient ways for transferring data from one Google Drive account to another. We also offered a third-party option for individuals who were unable to manually transfer their Google Drive data.