How to Presave on Spotify and Get Early Access to New Music Releases

Acknowledging new music arrivals is certainly a fun part of being a passionate listener. Whether the latest album release is from your favorite artist or an up-and-coming artist, the thrill of discovering new music is priceless. Fans eager to get new releases now have the opportunity to presave upcoming albums on Spotify to have them automatically added to their library as soon as they are released. This article provides a detailed guide on how to presave on Spotify and get early access to new music releases.

I. What is Pre-Saving on Spotify?

People often have quick and easy access to their favorite music. To make things even better, many music streaming services have pre-saving as a feature. Pre-saving is a great way to get your music before it is even released. Here is what you need to know about pre-saving on Spotify.

What is Pre-Saving? Pre-saving is a new trend on streaming services that allows users to save an album, single or playlist to their library before it is released. This ensures that when it does become available, you can find it quickly and easily in your library. It can also help artists to get more attention from their potential listeners.

How Does it Work? Pre-saving is incredibly simple. All you have to do is head to the artist’s page and click the ‘Pre-Save’ button. Your music will then be saved straight away and added to your library when the album or single is officially released. It will also send you a notification on the day of the launch so that you can access it quickly.

Benefits of Pre-Saving There are lots of benefits that come with pre-saving music. Here are some of the top ones:

  • You can get instant access to your favorite music with just one click
  • It allows you to listen to music before it is released to the public
  • It helps to promote new music from your favorite artists
  • It makes it easier to find the new music on your library

Pre-saving is a great way to make sure you don’t miss out on your favorite artist’s new songs and albums. It’s easy to do and allows you to get instant access to the latest music.

II. Overview of Benefits of Pre-Saving

Pre-saving is a great way for any business to create a strong client base and secure repeat and returning business. Here is an overview of the benefits of pre-saving.

Organic Growth
Pre-saving gives a business the ability to grow organically. It enables the business to build and maintain a relationship with its customers over time, as they will return to the same business because of their investment. By creating a loyalty program within pre-saving, businesses can reward their customers for their ongoing commitment, placing value on their customers and their loyalty.

Marketing Automation
Marketing automation is another benefit of pre-saving. The business is able to set up automated emails and notifications that will prompt customers to return to the business over time. This is a great way to remind customers that they have invested in the business, and increase the likelihood of return customers.

Increased Revenue
Pre-saving is also great for businesses looking to increase their revenue. By offering pre-saving, businesses can start to generate additional revenue, as customers will be investing in future services or products from the business in advance. This is a great way to not only increase sales, but also ensure that customers will be returning to the business in the future.

  • Organic Growth
  • Marketing Automation
  • Increased Revenue

III. How to Pre-Save on Spotify

When it comes to pre-saving music in Spotify, the entire process is easy and straightforward.

  • The first step is to acquire the Spotify pre-save link for a particular release. This can be done by reaching out to the artist’s label or management, or even the artist themselves.
  • The second step is to share the pre-save URL with your fanbase so they can pre-save the track. You can do this on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others.
  • Finally, you will want to measure the success of the pre-save campaign. This can be done by monitoring the amount of followers you have before and after the campaign.

Collecting sophisticated data in order to obtain useful insights is an important step when preparing to launch a pre-save campaign.
Analytics such as unique listener counts and the frequency of streaming times can help artists understand how their music is being received by fans, and determine their level of engagement with the songs. With this data, artists can tweak their songs, or opt to pre-save another version if needed.

Including shorter pre-save campaigns or longer ones can also be dependent on the situation.
If there is increased urgency to release the song, a short pre-save campaign may be the best option, however longer campaigns will allow the artist to take more time to promote the track, build more buzz around it, and in turn increase the number of followers. Ultimately the artist should use their discretion when deciding the length of their campaign.

IV. Tips for Maximum Benefit from Pre-Saving

Track Your Expenses

To benefit from pre-saving, it is important to first track your expenses. You should log all of your income, investments and everyday expenses. To ensure that you are saving effectively, all this information should be entered into a budget tracking app or spreadsheet. This will allow you to visualize where most of your money is being spent and adjust your spending habits to ensure that you are reaching your pre-saving goals.

Set up Automatic Savings

Setting up automatic savings transfers from your pay-cheque to your pre-saving bank account is one of the best ways to maximize your pre-saving benefit. This allows you to build a habit of consistent pre-saving and will ensure that a percentage of your income is consistently being pre-saved each month.

Make Use of Savings Apps and Tools

There is a range of apps, tools and accounts available today to help you maximize your pre-saving potential. Apps like Digit or Qapital will help you automate your savings and offer account-level options like high-interest savings accounts, round-ups and rewards-based saving. Many of these tools have helpful visualization tools to help you track and view your savings progress.

  • Digit
  • Qapital
  • High-interest savings accounts
  • Round-ups
  • Rewards-based savings

V. Conclusion

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Presaving new music releases on Spotify can be a great way to support your favorite artists and be among the first to hear new music. In this article, we have gone over the benefits of presaving and how you can do it yourself in just a few simple steps. When a new release is available on Spotify, it will auto-play in your Library shortly after the official release date. With presaving, you can show your support to your favorite artists and listen to the music you want to hear first.

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