How To Recover Banned Instagram Account

As a result, your Instagram account has been suspended. It makes no difference if you did it yourself by violating one or more of Instagram’s Terms of Service. If your Instagram account was hacked in your name, the outcome would be the same.

Use This tool:

The account appears to have vanished without a trace, and there appears to be no way to recover it. That may be true, but it does not imply that all hope is lost. You might be able to reclaim your license depending on the severity of the offense, your specific circumstances, and a little luck. Let’s look at how to reclaim an Instagram account that has been suspended.

How to Recover an Instagram Account That Has Been Banned

It shouldn’t be too difficult to show your innocence if you weren’t the one who committed the crime. You can recover an Instagram account that has been disabled or reported by following the instructions below. These are compatible with both Android and iOS.

1. Make a statement on Instagram.

We recommend that you utilize an Instagram-created tool for this. Keep in mind that the outcome will be greatly influenced by the nature of the offense and whether or not it is your first time committing it.

2. Go to the page for My Instagram Account Was Deactivated.

3. Fill in your first and last names under Full name.

Obviously, if you used a different one when you created your Instagram account, you should use it. Unfortunately, you may be sabotaging yourself by doing so, as you will soon discover.

Enter the last-known Instagram username under Your Instagram username. If you can’t recall it or the hacker changed it, use an older one you’re confident in.

Enter the e-mail address associated with the account, even if it was hacked, under Your email. It will be used for verification, and you can mention that it has been hacked afterwards.

Enter the phone number associated with the account under Your mobile number.

You should be able to use all of the possibilities. For the United States, for example, you can use +1, 001, or just 1.

Finally, in the huge textbox, describe your situation. Make certain you include all pertinent information.

If your e-mail account has been compromised, include the new e-mail address you use on a regular basis.

Being contacted by Instagram’s customer service staff

Prepare to authenticate your identification when they respond via e-mail. They may request any or all of the following:

Confirm your identification by taking a photo of yourself with your face in focus while holding a piece of paper with the code they provided written on it.

Take a picture of your real-life ID next to your face, both in focus, to confirm your identification.

Provide them with more account information. This includes your former e-mail addresses, passwords, usernames, devices, locations, and log-in dates.

All you can do now is wait for them to cross your information with the data they have access to, and hope for the best.


You now know how to unblock an Instagram account that has been blocked. If you receive it back, follow the Terms of Service and create a stronger password. Should your account be banned again, the chances of it being unbanned again are nil.

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