How To Recover Facebook Account When It Is Temporarily Blocked

How To Recover Facebook Account When It Is Temporarily Blocked

Everyone knows that Facebook is a handy way to transmit and share information, but Facebook security is becoming more important these days.

Facebook has created a system that can identify even the most subtle cases, such as Facebook accounts that transmit spam on a regular basis. When this occurs, Facebook instantly disables access to the account.

Hacker or spammer are punished as a consequence of the aforementioned process, but Facebook takes a strong stance against naive individuals (like us!) whose only goal is to use Facebook for social networking.

However, Facebook does this only for security reasons!! One of my friends recently had the same thing, with the phrase “Facebook Account Temporarily Locked” appearing on his screen one morning.

Remember that various situations need different procedures and approaches.

When you attempt to log in to your Facebook account after it has been locked, you will receive a disabled notice.

If you don’t see any disabled messages, you’re probably experiencing a log-in problem (Which is totally different). In such scenario, you may use this as a resource.

I’ve come across a list of potential causes for a suddenly deactivated Facebook account.

Updating the Database or Performing a Cleanup Procedure

Facebook improves its database on a regular basis, or cleans up false or duplicate Facebook profiles. Your Facebook account will be locked if you fall victim to this process.

You won’t be able to access the account during this period. It’s possible that it won’t last more than an hour.

Illegal activities were reported to the authorities.

Someone may have reported your account as a fraudulent account or asked that Facebook ban it. Remember that it never occurs from the perspective of a single individual, but rather from the perspective of a group.

It’s possible that you’ll be reported if you’re using a false account with a phony name, or if you’re irritating someone by posting material that violates Facebook’s rules of service, or by sending constant friend requests.


Facebook has issued several warnings.

You may have received a Facebook warning, but after getting several warnings, you continued to engage in illegal activity.

The most important aspect of your Facebook account use is your conduct. Any kind of advertising, promoting unlawful material, unwanted dating contact, harassment incidents, or other improper behavior may result in your account being temporarily or permanently deleted.

Suspicious Behavior

Perhaps Facebook has identified suspicious behavior and has temporarily stopped it as a precautionary measure.

Adding Facebook pals you don’t know

You may have been engaged in adding a big number of friends at random and sending messages to your friend list on a regular basis.

As a result, an unidentified buddy flagged it as spam or reported abuse. Even if a significant number of people report abuse or spam, your Facebook account may be temporarily disabled as a result.

Creating a fictitious and random profile

It’s possible that you’re randomly opening a Facebook account on various devices.

Maybe you’re making a fake Facebook account under a different name (by using name, profession etc.)

Solution for a Temporarily Locked Facebook Account. How do you get back on your feet?

When your Facebook account is temporarily restricted, you will get a notice that says “For security reasons, your account is temporarily locked.”

If you find yourself in this position, Facebook will you a list of options for “how to unlock your Facebook account.”

To verify and unlock your temporarily restricted Facebook account, use the methods listed below.

Security Verification and Clearing the Cache

Keep your Facebook account closed for at least 96 hours. Clear the cache and history, among other things. It’s possible that everything will return to normal.

If you still can’t, go through the security verification procedure that is automated. It’s conceivable that your Facebook account was restricted because Facebook identified some questionable behavior. In such circumstances,

You may double-check by verifying your phone number. You will get a code from Facebook, which you must input and validate your Facebook account. You may be able to unlock your Facebook account once you have authenticated.

Facebook will allow you to authenticate your account’s validity by recognizing pictures of your friends. To unlock your Facebook account, you must recognize at least five pictures. In the event that you are unable to identify your tagged buddy in one try, you will be given two lifelines.

A welcome message will appear after you’ve finished recognizing your friend’s tagged photo: “Account confirmed congratulation!”

To go to the next stage, click continue, and they will ask for your existing email address or your new email address.

You’ll be asked to answer a new security question. Enter your chosen security question, and your Facebook account will be unlocked at the conclusion of the process. Logging in using an unlocked Facebook account is also an option.

By accident, your Facebook account was locked or deactivated.

By accident, your Facebook account may have been locked or deactivated. Don’t worry, you can file a complaint with Facebook by going here. You must prove your identification by presenting an ID card that includes your name and birth date.

You will be given the opportunity to identify yourself on Facebook. To begin, you may use any government-issued photo ID that includes your name and date of birth.

Option 1 contains the following documents: birth certificate, driving license, passport, marriage certificate, voter ID card, green card, and more.

You must give two alternative IDs if the above choice does not fit you for any reason or if you do not have the above-mentioned ID. Your ID’s name and your ID’s name must be same. A picture or date of birth must also be included on one of your ID proofs.

Option 2 contains the following items: bank statement, bus card, credit card, library card, school card, utility card, and more. Remember to conceal sensitive information before providing paperwork such as a credit card or social security number.

If you’re worried about what Facebook will do with your ID evidence, think again. They just use it to verify your identity, so don’t be concerned. They then erase your identification information.

An answer may take up to a week. So be patient; if you’re honest and haven’t broken any rules, your Facebook account will be automatically unlocked.

Your deactivated or temporarily restricted Facebook account may never be restored in certain circumstances. This is Facebook’s resounding message. It’s preferable to create a fresh Facebook account. These are serious instances in which you have repeatedly broken the Facebook Community Standards.

Temporarily Locked Facebook Account Preventive Measure

Nobody wants to lose their friends in the long term since they are too precious and essential to them.

It would be terrible if you awoke one beautiful morning to discover that your Facebook account has been temporarily banned or disabled.

One thing is certain: Facebook has grown more smarter in recent years. As a result, never engage in any behavior that might get you into trouble.

The preventative actions mentioned below will assist you in running your Facebook account securely and safely.

Terms & Conditions on Facebook

You must carefully read and adhere to the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities in order for your account to be safe and secure in the future. Please read the Facebook rules and regulations before attempting to engage in any such activity.

Proxy Servers Should Be Avoided

Don’t use proxy servers – Proxy servers, as we all know, utilize anonymous IP addresses to get access to restricted websites. It is possible that this may have a negative effect on your Facebook account.

Actually, Facebook is unaware of proxies, which may compromise the security network. As a result, it’s best not to utilize them.

Too many devices are being used to log in.

Limit the number of devices you utilize – Avoid utilizing too many devices to access your Facebook account. This was not always the case.

It enabled you to access your account from a variety of devices. However, Facebook’s security level has improved recently, so avoid using several devices.




Bottom Line

Based on my assumptions, I believe these are the most frequent problems that Facebook users are now experiencing. There is no simple answer from Facebook, and some processes take a long time to complete without yielding any results.

I hope this information may assist any Facebook user in regaining access to their “Temporarily Locked Facebook Account.”