How To Recover Photos From Old Google Account

It may happen sometimes that you forgot your password, but Google’s security settings were flawed because when you put in a google recovery email, they should send an automatic email confirmation to make sure it was correct due to human error.

But accidentally by forgotten password effects, lost many important documents and many years of Google Photos and some photos of loved ones you would never return.

Whenever you are going for two-factor authentication or any type of account recovery option (whether you enter an email or phone number to set it up or copy a valuable backup code), it is important to check this information.

That’s not because there is no way to change it. If you have access to your account, you can change details such as your email address or phone number. However, you are less likely to do this, because most people think that once they set up an account, everything will go down.

If this is not the case and you have left a typo in your key account recovery options, there will be some confusion when trying to restore access

Google made the whole situation particularly frustrating because they are a large search company that makes money and does not want to establish a customer service center so that Google users can call the service center when they encounter problems with Google services.

Normal (free) Google users get a help center and some community forums, and that’s it.

How to Recover Lost Photos by Forgotten Google Account Password?

Tip: 1 — Google is very good at providing users with a way to recover their data, and if you provide enough security information during account registration, Gmail password recovery will be very easy.

The first thing you want to try is Google’s Account Recovery page. Select the “I don’t know my password” option, then enter your Gmail address and click “Continue“.

If you link your phone number to your Gmail account, you can request a verification code as a text message or answer your security question under the “Verify Your Identity” section.

Tip: 2 — If you have forgotten your email address and have not set up any recovery information (such as a phone number or security question) in case you have recently used an email account in your web browser, you can still find your username.

Search Inbox or Gmail in your web browser history to see if it shows your address. Technically, your full email address or the first part before the character is your username.

Tip: 3 — If you don’t have access to a recovery email, phone or other options, you can still recover your Gmail password by manually verifying your identity.

The first thing you need to do is visit the Google Account Recovery page. There, enter your email address and click Continue. Click on the “I don’t know” option for your password and select the “Verify Your Identity” option, which is a small link under all the other options available.

Do your best to answer all your questions, and if you provide enough accurate information, you will successfully recover your Google Account.

Tip: 4 — With a working Google account, GSuite or GoogleApps, it may be easier to restore your account access, because you can always contact your domain administrator to reset your password and get your account back.

Tip: 5 — Protect your data now. Naturally, the best Google account recovery method will not lose any data. So how do you ensure 100% Gmail recovery? We recommend using a data protection and recovery solution that can track your file operations and recover accidentally deleted data.

Disk Drill is an excellent recovery application that provides free protection for all your password manager files, external and internal data storage. Disk Drill for Mac offers protection and recovery of protected data for free! Although Disk Drill cannot directly recover your Gmail password, it may help to recover password storage if you accidentally lose your password storage.


Please visit the “Personal Information” section of your Google Account settings and double-check that your actual contact information is correct: email and phone number. While here, you may also want to make sure you entered the correct birthday.

The best way to ensure that you never forget any password is to use a powerful password manager. Even if you spend a few dollars a month, it’s still worth the money. Not only does this make it easy to track passwords, but you can use stronger, more secure passwords that are hard to guess or crack

A good password manager will tell you if your saved account has been compromised by a data breach

If service is important to you, make sure you understand the process of how to reuse your account after you lock it. Then, check your data to make sure there aren’t any typos, and make sure you save any backup codes or any other information to regain access to your lost or locked account

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