How To Redeem My Xbox Live Rewards Points

Having an Xbox Live account not only gives you access to a huge variety of games and activities, but also offers its users the opportunity to reap rewards from their hard earned points. The Xbox Live Rewards scheme allows its members to redeem their points on great rewards and experiences like special in-game content, gaming accessories, gift cards and much more. If you are an Xbox Live account holder and want to know how to redeem your points for a reward, this article will show you the simple steps you need to take.

1. Understanding Xbox Live Rewards

Xbox Live Rewards is Microsoft’s flagship rewards program for loyal customers. It enables gamers to earn points for their purchases, and redeem those points for valuable prizes, such as discounted games, Xbox Live subscriptions, and even real-world prizes. Here is a brief guide to and making the most of it.

Earn Points

You can earn points by using Xbox consoles, Xbox Live, and related services. Points can be earned from a variety of activities, including:

  • Purchasing Xbox consoles, Xbox Live subscriptions, and Xbox games
  • Playing Xbox Live games
  • Making digital purchases of movies, music, and TV shows
  • Posting to Xbox community sites, including the Xbox forums
  • Taking part in special promotions and quizzes

Redeem Prizes

You can redeem points for prizes in the Xbox Live Rewards redemption catalog. Prizes include:

  • Discounts on select Xbox games
  • Xbox Live Gold subscriptions
  • Microsoft Rewards points for real-world rewards
  • Special offers from Xbox Live partners
  • Gift cards for select online retailers

Using Xbox Live Perks

In addition to earning and redeeming points, Xbox Live members may also receive “perks” from time to time. These are special offers, such as discounts on games, early access to new content, or free content. Perks are available exclusively to Xbox Live members, and can be accessed in the “Perks” section of the Xbox Live Rewards website.

2. Earning Points on Xbox Live

Earning points in Xbox Live is an integral part of playing the game, as points are required for successful completion of certain objectives and tasks. Here’s how you can start gaining points in your Xbox Live account.

Playing Games

Playing games is the most common way of earning points. You can try out newly released games, completing different levels and achieving milestones. These will get you some hefty points in your Xbox live account.

  • Winning matches
  • Completing daily tasks
  • Reaching new levels in achievement mode

Purchasing Items

You can purchase items, such as weapons, armor, skins and many more from the Microsoft store, to gain Xbox live points. Generally, such items are available at a reasonable price, with the amount of points ranging from 100-1000.

Watch Rewards

You can earn points by simply watching ads and videos. This feature is now available on Xbox Live, where you can watch ads and videos and earn some reward points in return. These rewards can help you in unlocking achievements and completing daily tasks.

3. Redeeming Xbox Live Rewards Points

Points Accumulation

First and foremost, you need to accumulate points. Xbox Live Rewards is a service that rewards Xbox console users with points that can be used to purchase games, movies, and more. You can gain points by playing Xbox games or participating in surveys or promoted content. It is also possible to receive bonus points if you participate in promotional activities or register for Xbox Live Gold.

Redeeming Your Points

  • Log into your Xbox Live account.
  • Navigate to your account profile and select the “Rewards” option.
  • Select the “Redeem” button.
  • Choose the item you want to redeem your points for.
  • Confirm the purchase.

Tips for Redeeming Your Points

  • Scour the offers for promotional events which will give you bonus points that can be applied to redeem rewards and purchases.
  • Try to get as many points as possible by playing Xbox games or completing surveys and promotional activities.
  • Track your rewards points in your account profile to ensure that you are using up all of your accumulated points.
  • Always check to make sure the content you want to redeem is worth the points and there are no additional costs.

4. Managing Your Rewards Balance

Redeeming rewards

Redeeming rewards is easy and straightforward. Once you have an eligible balance in your rewards account, you can redeem it on purchases made in-store (where applicable) or online. To use your rewards on an online purchase, simply enter the rewards code when checking out and the amount will be deducted from your total purchase price. To redeem in-store, you’ll need to present the rewards code to the cashier at the time of purchase.

Tracking Rewards

It’s important to keep track of your rewards, and we make it easy to do so. You can view and manage your rewards balance right in your account. Here you can view the details of rewards earned, such as when it was earned, the source, and when the rewards will expire. You can easily filter the list to view only active, expired, or all rewards.

Managing Rewards

Additionally, you can use the rewards management feature to better manage your rewards balance. With this feature, you can combine rewards into one larger redemption, split rewards across multiple transactions, or transfer rewards to another customer.

  • Combining rewards allows you to maximize your budget and redeem larger rewards on items that require more money.
  • Splitting rewards give you the flexibility to use rewards on different transactions, either at the same time or at different times.
  • Transfers are an efficient way of giving rewards away or using it to pay a friend back.

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In conclusion, it is easy to redeem your Xbox Live Rewards points. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can choose from options such as discounts on digital game downloads, Xbox Live Gold membership, and more. With just a few clicks, you can upgrade your gaming experience with the rewards that you have earned.

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