How To Send A Gif On Telegram

Telegrams are a great way to easily communication with friends, family, and acquaintances. In addition to sending text based messages and files, telegrams are now allowing users to send GIFs to each other. Sending a GIF on Telegram is a straightforward process, and this article will explain each step of how to do so in a detailed manner. With this article, you will learn how to send GIFs on Telegram with ease and in no time.

1. Introduction to Sending GIFs on Telegram

GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are short, usually looped videos that express emotion or create a context quickly. Sending one has become an almost commonplace feature of digital communication, allowing users to share images and videos without having to resort to a written message.

Telegram, a cloud-based messaging app, allows users to easily send GIFs via its built-in features. You can either choose from a large selection of GIFs or send your own.

When sending a GIF on Telegram, you can search through the app’s library or upload your own. You can also customize the GIF with text or stickers, helping you make it even more expressive. Additionally, you can access and send GIFs from third-party sources, such as Giphy. Finally, you have the option to save the GIFs you’ve sent for easy access later on.

Sending GIFs via Telegram is simple and provides you with a wide range of customizations. With its many options and features, you are sure to be able to find the perfect GIF for any occasion.

2. Steps for Sending GIFs on Desktop Telegram

Finding Suitable GIFs

The first step in sending GIFs on desktop Telegram is to find a suitable GIF. If you wish to use a GIF from the sticker section on Telegram, click on the emoji icon given in the bottom left corner of your conversation, and click on the GIF icon at the bottom of the menu. This will open up the built-in Telegram GIFs library and you can scroll through to find what suits you. If, however, you wish to use an external GIF, the best source for this purpose is Giphy. It has an extensive library of GIFs for virtually every occasion and allows you to send GIFs from its website.

Sending the GIF

To send a GIF from Telegram, click on the one you wish to send and hit the send icon. If you wish to send a GIF from Giphy, go to the Giphy website and search up the GIF you wish to send, copy a GIF link and send it to your recipient by pasting it in the chat window. The message you sent can be seen by your recipient as an animated GIF, which they can view within the chat window.

Sharing with other Users

Once you have sent the GIF to your recipient, you also have the option of sharing it with other users as well. To do this, tap and hold down on the message containing the GIF in your conversation and paste it in other conversations with your friends or groups, or you can also choose to publish the GIF with an attached caption in the hashtag chats.

3. Steps for Sending GIFs on Mobile Telegram

Adding GIFs to a Chat
Adding GIFs to a chat on Mobile Telegram is simple, as the mobile Telegram app includes an in-app GIF and Emoji search. To access this feature, simply select the Emoji and GIFs icon from the text input panel at the bottom of the chat window. For example, on an iPhone, the panel looks like a smiling face icon with an orange background.

From the GIF search panel, search the keyword in the search bar and browse the corresponding results. When the desired GIF is located, select it to add it to the chat.

Adding Own GIFs to a Chat
To add one’s own GIFs to a chat, use the attachment feature on Mobile Telegram. From the chat window, select the attachment icon on the text panel. On an iPhone, it is the small icon of a paper clip.

From the attachment window, select Photo & Video Library to open the device’s local photos and videos. Find a saved GIF and select it to add it to the chat. Press send to confirm the attachment.

Sending Saved GIFs to Another User
Sending a saved GIF to another user requires the GIF be placed in a chat to access the sending option. To do this, find and add the GIF as described in the two steps above.

When the GIF is added to the chat, a send icon will appear in the lower left corner of the image. Select the icon to access sending options. On an iPhone, a user will have the added options to send the GIF to contacts using messages, Whatsapp, Facebook etc. Select the desired service and add the recipient phone number or user ID to send the GIF.

4. Selecting a GIF from a Saved Library

Searching the Library

When , the first step is looking through the library to find an appropriate GIF. This can be done by using the search function to search by keywords and phrases, or by browsing the categories that the library may have. The library may also feature recently added, trending or popular GIFs.

If the library is a comprehensive resource, it may be wise to refine the search by other criteria such as size, resolution or duration.

Downloading a GIF

Once a GIF has been identified, it can be saved and downloaded to a computer or device. It is important to check any terms and conditions regarding the download of GIFs from a library, especially if the user plans to use it commercially.

Using the GIF

When the GIF is downloaded, the user can now decide how best to apply it in their project. Some of the ways a GIF can be used include:

  • In a web page.
  • In a banner ad.
  • In a PowerPoint presentation.
  • In a video.

Using a GIF in a creative way can enhance the user experience and make the project look more engaging.

5. Tips for Selecting the Best GIFs

Start With An Appropriate GIF

When selecting a GIF, it is important to start by picking a GIF that is appropriate for the topic of discussion. GIFs are visually appealing and entertaining, and can be an effective way to demonstrate a particular point or elicit an emotional response. However, it is important to ensure that the GIF is appropriate for the context in which it is being used.

Consider the Audience

The GIF should be appropriate for the intended audience. GIFs can be great fun, but keep in mind that some GIFs may have graphic language or cultural references that could be deemed offensive. If you are writing for a professional audience, it is important to avoid GIFs that are overly casual or frivolous.

Pay Attention to Quality

When selecting a GIF, it is important to pay attention to quality. Poor quality GIFs can be distracting and detract from the message being conveyed. Consider the size, resolution and speed of the GIF. Generally, smaller and shorter GIFs with higher resolution offer the most appealing results:

  • Choose the smallest allowable size to reduce download time and file size.
  • Choose high-resolution GIFs so they appear smooth and clear.
  • Choose shorter GIFs so they don’t distract the reader.

By completing the steps listed above, you should now be proficient in sending GIFs on Telegram. We hope this article was helpful in teaching you how to send GIFs to friends and family on the popular messaging platform. You can now share funny videos and entertaining images directly with those you communicate with on Telegram. Enjoy!

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