How To Track The Exact Location Of Gmail Sender

You should be aware that every email that arrives in your inbox was sent by someone. There should be an IP address associated with the sender of such emails. Gmail’s spam filtering is excellent, but it doesn’t catch all spam emails right away. In this post, we’ll show you how to trace the originating location of a genuine sender’s IP address in Gmail.

In Gmail, find out who the real sender is.

When tracking someone’s IP address through email, keep in mind that the sender’s IP address is recorded in the email headers. The email headers are always sent to the recipient with the emails. Because this information is technical in nature, most contemporary email service providers, such as Gmail and others, hide the email header. As a result, you are unable to look at them directly. Stick to the path. In order to determine the sender’s IP address, perform the procedures outlined below:

Obtaining the IP Address of the Sender

To begin, go into your Gmail account and access your inbox.

 Open any email to find out who the actual sender is. When the email is open, go to the right-hand side of the email and click the downward arrow labeled “More.”

You’ll see a lot of choices, and you’ll want to choose the option to “Show Original.”

In Gmail, you can see the original option.

Then you’ll see that a new tab has opened with an original message put on it. ‘Message-Id,’ ‘Date & Time,’ ‘Sender’s Email,’ ‘Your Email,’ and many more choices are available in the original message section.

Original Message is being viewed

Now you must determine the sender’s IP address. Scroll down to view additional information, including encrypted Ids and IP addresses. To use the ‘Find’ feature, press ‘CTRL + F’ on your keyboard.

Find Function (CTRL + F)

In the search box, type ‘Received: from’ and look for the line that says ‘Received: from.’ The sender’s IP address may be found in that line, as illustrated below.

Receiving From IP Address Line Checking

Multiple ‘Received: from’ lines may appear in certain emails. Spammers may use these sentences in an attempt to mislead receivers. When an email is routed via several email servers, this may also happen. To get the IP address of the original sender, look at the ‘Received: from’ line, which contains the IP address in the last place.

It’s time to trace this IP address now that you know the sender’s email address.

Tracking the IP Address of the Sender

In a separate browser tab, go to the IP tracker website. This site will assist you in determining the location as well as other information such as the ISP, organization, time zone, and IP currency. You’ll notice the ‘Enter an IP address or domain’ bar if you scroll down a little. In this field, you must input the IP address that we discovered lately in the previous stages. Enter the IP address and then choose the ‘Trace IP with IP Tracker’ option.

IP address to be entered

You’ll see that the information has been presented to you in an easily comprehensible tabular style, as well as a map showing the country/state/city in which that IP is situated on the left-hand side.

Results of the IP Tracker

The table’s first part will include the whole IP locator as well as some basic information about the IP address. The IP address, reverse DNS, hostname, and nameservers may all be found here.

The Basics of Tracking

The second part is about the location of the lookup IP address, where you can view the geographical location. The continent, county, capital, state, city, postal code, region, ISP, organization, time zone, and so on will all be shown. This information will assist you in determining the true location of the person who sent you the email. You may reasonably conclude it was a spam email if the location is unfamiliar.

Location of IP Addresses

The third area is a bonus section that displays information such as longitude and latitude, among other things, and you don’t need to go too far into it.

What Can You Do Once You’ve Discovered the IP Address?

In Gmail, you can’t ban a sender based on their IP address. Basically, you may either block the sender’s email or set up a filter to automatically send the email to the trash folder. Remember that the technique described above is very helpful in instances when you get emails from well-known addresses but are dubious of the sender’s identity.

For instance, the email may claim to have been sent from one of your old friends’ names, but you may not recall the specific email address. In this instance, checking the IP address may assist determine if the message was received from a spam or legitimate source. In any event, never send financial or sensitive information to anybody through Gmail.

Using the Gmail Mobile App to Find the Real Email Address

Gmail’s mobile app, on both Android and iOS, does not display the email header information. So, if you want to trace the IP address of the actual sender, you need go to the desktop.


We’ve covered how to trace the actual sender in Gmail in the previous section. Make sure the IP address is put in the final position of the ‘Received: from’ line when searching for it. Once you know the sender’s IP address, you can determine if the sender is a genuine person or a false one.

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