How To Track Who Visits Your Instagram Page

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are progressively turning into stalking sites where individuals may get to know about the locations of their coworkers, friends, exes, and so on. People used to be thrilled to find out who saw or stalked their Facebook page, but now that Instagram is progressively taking over Facebook, the question remains the same; the only difference is the social networking platform. People often ask me, as a technical blogger, whether we can see who sees your Instagram. And the answer is a resounding yes! How? Continue reading to find out.

Instagram, which was first released as an iPhone app in 2010, now has 1 billion monthly active users, making it one of the most popular social networking platforms today. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at how you can see who has seen your Instagram and if there are any applications that can help you figure out who is stalking you.

Is it possible to track who has visit your Instagram page?

This is the most often asked question these days: “Can I know who has visited my Instagram?” “Who stalks my Instagram?” and related inquiries. People use Instagram as a stalking tool because they are so curious about what the other person is up to these days or how they are doing in their lives.

As a result, Instagram does not inform its users who stalks or views their profile since it considers it a violation of privacy. Even so, you’ll discover several helpful applications mentioned ahead in the guide that may help you sort things out.

How can you know who is visiting at your Instagram?

To be honest, Instagram does not offer a way to find out who stalks you or visits your Instagram page since it would be deemed a violation of privacy. However, you can still see how many people have visited your profile. The official Instagram app has this feature.

If you want to see how many profile visits or watchers you have on Instagram, consider the following steps:

1. To begin, open the Instagram app on your phone and choose the menu symbol (three horizontal lines) at the top.

2. Then, at the bottom of the screen, select the ‘Settings’ option.

3. There are a few choices on the ‘Settings’ page; tap ‘Accounts.’

4. On the next page, choose the final option in the list, ‘Switch to Professional Account.’

5. Then, click ‘Continue,’ and Instagram will convert your account into a professional account, giving you access to your profile’s insights.

6. Also, for the following several prompts that appear on the screen, click ‘Continue.’

7. Then choose the category that best represents what you do; if you own a company, you may choose a category that will display on your profile; then press ‘Next.’

8. Select the ‘Creator’ option on the following screen and click ‘Next.’

9. By clicking the ‘X’ symbol at the top, you may skip the following few questions and return to your Instagram profile.

10. You’ll notice two additional choices on the first page of your Instagram profile: ‘Promotions’ and ‘Insights’; choose ‘Insights’.

11. On the next page, touch the ‘Activity’ tab, then ‘Profile Visits’ at the bottom of the screen to see the number of individuals who have visited your Instagram profile.

Apps to track  who is visiting  at your Instagram page:

If you’re still curious about how to check who sees your Instagram or who stalks your account, here are several applications to use on your phone to find out:

For Android users:

1. Instagram Follower Analyzer:

Follower Analyzer is an intriguing tool that allows you to see who sees your Instagram profile, posts, pictures, stories, and videos, as well as answer all of your queries. You just need to create an account on this app, and it will begin giving you with information about your account. It may serve as an Instagram View Tracker and be your go-to app. This software will also teach you how to see who has seen your Instagram post and who has viewed your Instagram story, among other things.

2. Instagram Followers Insight, tracker, and analyst:

Another helpful tool to discover who visits your Instagram profile often and stalks it is Followers Insight for Instagram, tracker, and analyzer. Also, anytime someone visits your Instagram profile or engages with your post, this app gives you push alerts. With this Instagram tracker software, you can also monitor who sees your Instagram highlights.

3. Instagram Unfollowers Analytics with FollowMeter:

FollowMeter – Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram is the next tool to utilize if you want to know who sees your Instagram story or profile. You can observe who views your Instagram profile with this app, even if they don’t follow you. So this software will monitor both stalker followers and unfollowers, you can even see who has followed or unfollowed you, and it has a discover area where you can acquire Instagram followers for your company.

For the iPhone and iPad:

1. Insta Tracker Analyzer Plus:

For iOS users who wish to keep track of their Instagram insights, Analyzer Plus – Insta Tracker is a helpful app. This app can be downloaded from the app store, and it will inform you of who has seen your Instagram profile as well as your most engaged Instagram followers. It just takes a few minutes using this software to see who has seen your Instagram profile. You’ll be able to see who visits and views your posts, articles, and other content.

Instagram’s SocialView:

Another excellent tool to use to keep track of stalkers is SocialView for Instagram. This app will satisfy your curiosity about who visits my Instagram account, and you’ll also be able to see whether they follow you. This software is the greatest method to see who watches your Instagram videos, and it has an easy-to-use design.

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